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Winter sports provide thrills that you can't find anywhere else. It's no wonder that skiing and snowboarding are so popular. Yet, the hobbies come with some cumbersome gear that you need to transport.

Even if you have a spacious SUV, sometimes you need a little extra storage space.

That way, you can take several large suitcases as well as your skis and snowboards.

That's where ski and snowboard racks come into the picture. They will give your vehicle that much-needed boost in storage capacity. But which type of ski rack should you buy? Which snowboard racks are of the highest quality? These are the questions that we're here to answer today.

Yakima manufactures the best ski and snowboard racks on the market today. We'll be counting down our picks for the top 6 Yakima ski and snowboard racks, so stay tuned.

#6: EXO Snowbank System Snow Mount

EXO Snowbank System Snow Mount

First on our list is the EXO SnowBank model. It's a hitch-style snowboard rack, meaning that it attaches to the back of your vehicle.

That's advantageous for a few reasons. First, it won't affect the wind resistance or fuel economy of your car.

Next, the racks are low enough that they won't obscure your view when you're on the road.

With this excellent snow mount, you can carry up to five pairs of skis and four snowboards. With this mount, you can easily take a large group of friends or family to the slopes.

Since it attaches to your hitch, you can save your trunk space for luggage and other items. Also, the roof is still free to carry additional items as well. This rack is compact, discrete, and a perfect way to transport your winter toys.

It features a sleek design with stealthy black colors. It will add class and sophistication to your vehicle. At $299.00, it's affordably priced considering its quality. If you want a cost-effective yet premium quality snowboard rack, you'll love this model.

The technicians at Yakima predicted that you'd have gloves on when opening this rack. That's why there's an extra-large button to open it. That way, you can quickly load and unload this rack while wearing thick gloves or mittens.

You'll need the EXO SwingBase or TopShelf installed on your car to use this item. Luckily, both are relatively inexpensive. Once you have them, this rack will connect to them in seconds. That makes for a hassle-free installation.

Its essential features include:

  • DoubleJoint hinge for effortless use with thicker skis and snowboards
  • An extra-large opening button
  • Can carry up to 5 pairs of skis and four snowboards
  • SKS locks for added protection and security for your gear
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Tool-free installation
  • Effortless to install and remove
  • Easy to store at home

#5: FatCat EVO 4 Premium Ski & Snowboard Mount

Next up, we have the FatCat EVO 4 model of snowboard rack. It mounts to your roof instead of the back. So this is a great model for skiers looking for a roof-mount snowboard rack. If you don't like the thought of a rack jetting out the backside of your vehicle, you'll prefer the roof instead. Luckily, this rack features a compact and aerodynamic design. You won't have any trouble when driving on the road with it attached.

As you may know, other roof racks are notorious for making lots of wind noise.

That's especially true if you have a bag with straps on top.

The FatCat EVO 4 is different. In fact, it's the quietest snowboard rack that Yakima has designed to date. You won't encounter any road noise at all. It rests at a low profile, too, so that it won't affect your aerodynamics. As a result, you won't see any negative impact on your fuel economy.

It has a sleek black mirror finish that will look fantastic on any roof. There's an integrated ski lift to accommodate any tall bindings. You'll also enjoy the same security system (SKS) with locks included.

If you're worried about transporting your precious and expensive winter gear, this rack will put your mind at ease.

It features excellent security due to the included locks. Not only that, but roof mounts are superior to hitch mounts when it comes to safety. You see, hitch racks are far easier to steal from, sadly.

It's harder for someone to tamper with a rack that's way up on the roof of your vehicle. Not only is it cumbersome to reach, but it also places them in plain view. If they can get to your rack, they'll quickly discover that it's tightly locked.

You'll love the tool-free installation. Forget having to fiddle with drills and screwdrivers. This rack securely installs in a few seconds without the use of any tools. If you'd rather have a ski cargo box instead, here's our complete guide.

It's also wide enough to fit four pairs of powder skis up to 136mm at the tip. So if you have wider skis than usual, you won't run into any issues here.

Does your vehicle have T-slot crossbars? Then you need the SmarT-Slot Kit 2 adapter. It's very inexpensive, at only $20. It installs within a few seconds, and it will allow you to use the rack with your T-slot crossbars. If you have a Ford Transit and are looking for a roof rack, check out this guide.

Its features include:

  • Effortlessly carries four pairs of skis or two snowboards
  • Integrated ski lift for tall bindings
  • SKS system included with locks and keys
  • Compatible with T-slot crossbars with a cost-effective adapter (SmarT-Slot Kit 2)
  • Slick design that looks great on any roof
  • Aerodynamic design with a low profile
  • No road noise
  • Easy to store at home

#4: FreshTrack 6 Ski & Snowboard Mount

Next on our list of Yakima ski and snowboard racks is the FreshTrack 6 rack. It's another roof-mounted rack that has a very low profile. That translates into good aerodynamics and no road noise.

It's also an enormous rack that can carry six pairs of skis or four snowboards.

That's a lot of outdoor fun that you can transport with this high-quality offering from Yakima.

It can fit skis that are up to 120 mm at the tip. There's a universal mounting system for this rack, which is a huge plus. It can easily fit any round, square, factory, or aerodynamic roof rack.

There's a ski lift attachment included in case you have any tall bindings. You won't have any trouble hoisting it onto your roof and installing it. Like the other models on this list, no tools are required for installation.

You won't have to spend 20 minutes rummaging through your toolbox to find the right screwdriver head.

Instead, you can attach it to your crossbars within seconds. The universal fit ensures that you won't have any trouble at all during installation.

It's another affordable option, at only $249.00. That's a great deal, considering how much gear you can haul with this rack.

If you're about to embark on an extended trip with your closest friends, you need a lot of storage. After all, you want to make sure that all your friends are equipped to join in on the fun. With this high-quality ski rack, you can pack everyone's skis on top of the car. That way, you can save the trunk for luggage and other valuables.

The SKS system will prevent break-ins, so you can rest easy when using this rack. The large button will help you open and close this rack with ease if you're wearing thick gloves. You won't have to take your gloves off to unload your rack, which will save your hands from the harsh cold.

At less than 10 pounds, it's a highly lightweight rack. You'll love how easy it is to lift onto the roof of your car. Conversely, it's straightforward to remove, and it's small enough to store anywhere at home.

Its essential features include:

  • Minimum crossbar spread of 12.00 inches
  • Maximum crossbars spread of 36.00 inches
  • Dimensions: L 35 X W 5.75 X H 7.25
  • Weight: 9.90 pounds
  • Can effortlessly carry six pairs of skis or four snowboards
  • Carries skis up to 120 mm wide at the tip
  • The affordable price of $249.00
  • Tool-free installation process
  • Universal mounting system
  • Sleek black color and design
  • SKS system for security

#3: EasyTop Temporary Roof Rack

Do you need a temporary roof rack that you can install in a pinch? Then this is the ideal model for you. Yakima's EasyTop Temporary Roof Rack is a fantastic instant roof rack that fits any vehicle. You can carry up to 80 pounds worth of winter gear. You can transport skis, snowboards, surfboards, and more.

To install, all you have to do is loop it through your door frames and then buckle it up. From there, you're free to store your skis and snowboards up top without any worries.

So if your big winter trip is coming up in a few days, this is the roof rack to order. You don't need crossbars or a roof rack for this type of rack. That's an additional time and money saver.

As soon as the EasyTop arrives in the mail, you're ready to use it. You can install it in less than five minutes so that you can hit the road in no time.

If you made a scheduling error or had to reschedule your trip, this rack can save your life.

It can mean the difference between going on your trip like normal and having to cancel.

It has thick padding to protect your skis and the roof of your car. That way, you won't see any scratches show up on your roof or your precious skis/snowboards. There's also a double-latching buckle to add extra security. Once your gear is strapped in, it won't go anywhere.

Its essential features include:

  • Double-latching buckle
  • Heavy-duty straps and tie-down ropes
  • Carries up to 80 pounds of gear

#2: FatCat EVO 6 Premium Ski and Snowboard Mount

The next of the Yakima ski and snowboard racks we're looking at is the FatCat EVO 6. Another FatCat model, it's a larger version of the FatCat EVO 4. If you liked that model, but it was too small, then you'll love the EVO 6.

Much like the EVO 4, it's extremely quiet and aerodynamic. It's the perfect rack to transport your skis and snowboards. You won't have to put up with any unwanted road noise either.

It can carry four snowboards or six pairs of skis. It's able to carry skis that are up to 136 mm wide at the tip. As such, it's the perfect rack for thicker skis.

This model has the OverHang clamp attachment point. That makes it far easier to reach your skis and snowboards. Of course, there's an SKS system onboard, complete with locks and keys. You'll always know that your winter gear is locked up safe and sound with this rack.

Once again, if you have T-slot crossbars, you'll need the adapter. The SmarT-Slot Kit 2 is an affordable $20 adapter that will allow you to use this fantastic rack with your vehicle.

Essential features include:

  • Can carry six pairs of skis or four snowboards
  • Integrated SkiLift and SKS locking system
  • Sleek silver finish
  • DoubleJoint hinge that expands for thicker skis and boards
  • A universal mounting system
  • Aerodynamic design for a fast and quiet ride
  • Large opening button to accommodate gloves and mittens
  • OverHang mounting clip for easier access to your skis and boards

#1: FreshTrack 4 Ski & Snowboard Mount

The final model that we'll look at is the FreshTrack 4. As the name implies, it can carry four pairs of skis or two snowboards. It's simple to mount onto any vehicle without the use of any tools. It's a compact rack that's easy to install and store at home.

It comes with all the usual Yakima features. There's an SKS locking system, one-button access, and more. It's a roof-mounted rack that won't make noise or affect your performance on the road.

Also, if you enjoy cycling as much as you do skiing, there's an accessory that you need. The HitchSki Conversion Mount allows you to transport either skis, snowboards, or bicycles. At $249.00, it's also relatively inexpensive. So if you love to cycle and ski, then you'll get a lot of value out of this fantastic hitch rack.

It's very affordable at only $219.00. If you plan to snowboard with your wife this winter, this rack will perfectly meet all your needs.

Its essential features include:

  • Carries four pairs of skis or two snowboards
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • SKS locking system
  • Universal mounting system
  • A tool-free clamp design for easy installation

Bestselling Yakima Ski and Snowboard Racks on Amazon

SaleBestseller No. 2
SaleBestseller No. 3
Thule 91725B Universal Ski & Snowboard Rack Black
Thule 91725B Universal Ski & Snowboard Rack Black
Includes universal factory mounting hardware; One Key System - Includes two lock cylinders and keys
Bestseller No. 4
Rhino-Rack 20' Multi-Purpose Carrier for Skis, Snowboards, Fishing...
Rhino-Rack 20" Multi-Purpose Carrier for Skis, Snowboards, Fishing...
TAKE THAT TRIP - The Large Capacity Makes it Perfect for a Trip with Family or Friends.; EASY INSTALLATION - Simple Installation with Universal Mounting Brackets Included.

Closing Thoughts

Those are the six best Yakima ski and snowboard racks. Any one of these racks will do a fantastic job for you. The technicians at Yakima are committed to creating the absolute best racks available today. To learn more, check us out at The Roof Boxes.

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