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The likelihood of you coming across Thule within the cargo-carrying community is remarkably high. Since their establishment, they’ve become prominent players in the booming industry across several markets and regions worldwide. But, even though they’re popular, sometimes it can be challenging to purchase one. Therefore, where can you buy a Thule cargo box?

There are several different ways to buy a Thule cargo box. You can purchase directly from their website, on marketplaces like Amazon, or search for a local Thule dealer through their locator feature on their site.

Unquestionably, whichever option you choose will provide the same outcome; the ability to purchase a Thule cargo box. To understand how each of these buying methods works and which Thule cargo box is the most valuable option for you, consider reading the below post.

Where can I purchase a Thule Cargo Box? 

The car rack market is expected to approach a valuation of almost 1.7 billion in 2027, meaning it’s registering a CAGR of 5.46 percent from 2021 and onwards.  

In the industry, various companies participate. But one major player is the Thule Group AB. The reasoning behind this is that they offer considerably high-quality and reliable additional storage solutions in many sub-sectors.

An area in which they do exceptionally well is cargo rooftop boxes. However, despite their global brand, sometimes it’s challenging to locate these superb devices. But not all hope is lost, as you can consider either of the below purchasing methods from all over the world.

1. Thule Website 

The first and most apparent is the official Thule website. On here, you’ll find all their new cargo box models and the necessary information about features, technical specifications, instructions, etc. Undoubtedly, it’s the most knowledge-packed option to learn more about their cargo boxes, so it’s more than worth checking this out before purchasing from any method.

Although it’s a self-explanatory way of ordering Thule, people love or hate ordering direct from brands. Those within the community that like purchasing direct from brands are because the after-sale customer support is usually better. However, you encounter extra prices such as shipping (minimum $175 for oversized orders) and no dealer discount.

Therefore, although you might receive additional reinsurance if something goes wrong after the sale, be ready to pay extra for the same goods. Many businesses across the globe have similar pricing methods, as they’ll rather you purchase from a third-party dealer than from their website.

2. Online (Amazon)

Including the above, another available option is through the trusty marketplace of Amazon. On here, various third-party sellers and Amazon themselves list Thule products. Although either seller provides similar pricing, the costing structure might differ - for example, the price can include or exclude shipping.

The only downside to this is that you could pay upwards of 20% extra (depending on the seller’s dealer discount). That’s because Amazon takes 20% from the seller per sale. Therefore, they need to work this within their pricing.

Although that’s enough to steer people away, there are various benefits from ordering on this marketplace. The primary is quick delivery (sometimes next day) and superior customer service. Amazon is well-known for handling order discrepancies, which provides a stress-free ordering and after-sale process.

3. Approved Thule Dealer

The last purchasing method is utilizing the deal locator on Thule’s official website. After reviewing their retailer finding tool, we believe it’ll probably be one of the more preferred ordering methods. With this tool, you can choose between various pieces of Thule equipment ranging from bike racks, cargo carriers, and strollers, which will then show where dealers that sell these goods are located.

Undoubtedly, Thule’s dealer locator tool is probably one of the better finders we’ve seen online. It’ll provide you information about the dealer’s location, contact deals, ratings, opening times, and even whether they have your desired product in stock.

It also isn’t restricted to the United States only. As mentioned, Thule is a globalized brand. Therefore, it’ll showcase dealers worldwide ranging from the US, Europe, Asia, and more, making it an excellent purchasing option.

In addition, it’s probably one of the cheaper possibilities. By collecting a cargo box, you’ll potentially save hundreds of dollars on shipping, have access to dealer discounts, and they might even include installation.

After reading the above, you should better understand where to purchase a Thule cargo box. Either option works tremendously, and it depends on how you’d like to buy the product.  

Which Thule Cargo Box Is the Best?

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the purchasing methods available for those wanting to buy a Thule cargo box, let’s determine the best option for your application. The primary three many consider are price, performance, and size, so let’s showcase the best Thule cargo boxes within these categories.

  • Size – Searching for a cargo carrier that offers the most storage capacity? Then the most recommended option is the Thule Force XT XXL. With a load limit of 165 lbs, 22 cu ft in capacity, and an external length of 90.5”, it’s the largest option of rooftop box that Thule offers. In addition, it comes in three different pricing points, each more durable than one another.  
  • Price – Thule’s Outbound is the most inexpensive for a cost-effective rooftop cargo box. However, although they categorize this as a box, it’s more like a bag. The opposite of cheap is expensive, where their Vector Alpine box comes into play. It’s a top-of-the-range product that looks sleek, withholds masses amounts of cargo, and is lightweight.
  • Performance – When considering performance, the most favorable option from Thule is the Motion XT Alpine. It’s designed with a low profile, minimizing the adverse effects of aerodynamics and the vehicle’s performance. However, a downside to this is that there isn’t a remarkable amount of storage.

The three primary considerations that buyers focus on within the community are size, price, and performance. In Thule’s range, they have a cargo box suited for all applications, which is why they’ve been so successful.


Now you’ve become knowledgeable on the most favorable options based on three significant categories and where to purchase a Thule cargo box, you’re now ready to make the initial purchase for additional storage. 

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