What can you do with a truck bed?

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A truck bed can be used for all sorts of different things, more than just hauling stuff from place to place. If you buy a pick up, then maybe there are more things available from your truck bed than you think.

There are many different things that you can do with a truck bed aside from just hauling heavy objects. Some of these things include camping, making a pool and creating a portable lounge. With a little DIY, it can become a very versatile space.

So, what kind of useful things can it do and how much work does it take to get there? Well, below are some of our favorite things you can do with your truck bed.

Camp With It

Most of us enjoy a good camping trip every now and again – getting out into the wild to enjoy a little adventure – but very few of us actually enjoy a lot of things that can come with camping. That is

  • No lights
  • Trouble cooking
  • No charging our gadgets
  •  Cold
  • Wet

Well, if any of that list doesn’t appeal to you and you happen to have a truck – why not camp in that? No need to set up a tent – just grab your necessities, drive off to the wild, park the car, throw the sleeping bag and air mattress in and you’re sleeping under the stars, baby!

If it seems a little cold and wet, that’s more reason to use a truck. You can set up a tent in the truck bed, or you can get a canopy that attaches more firmly if you’d like. You can use the truck’s battery (or bring a spare one if you’re going for a longer period of time) to bring something which will keep you warm!

Set Up A Hammock

Kind of along the same lines but setting up a hammock in your truck is an awesome way to do it. Again, you can relax or even sleep under the stars whilst being able to choose where you lay your head down. If you thought you didn’t have a good place for a hammock, you might be wrong about that.

Create A Portable Lounge

Do you hate going to big outdoor events and having no where to sit? Do you want to drive out with your friends and family and set up a barbecue somewhere, but maybe having so many chairs will be a hassle? Maybe you just want a new view as you drink a beer – whatever it is, turning your truck bed into a portable lounge would be perfect.

Don’t settle for sitting on the open tailgate, just add:

  • Couch
  • Cooler
  • Big Screen TV
  • Grill

Or anything else that tickles your fancy and turn your truck into a portable living room.

Pool In The Back

If you want to turn your truck bed into a summer delight, it’s actually a lot easier than it seems. In fact, you can do it in about three steps:

  • One: Get a huge tarp or a custom made pool liner
  • Two: Line it firmly over the truck bed
  • Three: Fill ‘er up!

It’s surprisingly simple, and you’ll have a great place to cool off. Plus, provided your truck bed is cleaned before you put it in, then it’s less likely to have jagged stones underneath which could either tear the tarp or stick into you when you try to relax in your pool.

Just keep in mind that water is extremely heavy, and you might want to check how much weight your truck can carry so the combined water and people doesn’t cause it any damage. Oh, and if you’re going to bathe in it, do us all a favor and drive the truck somewhere we can’t see you.

Mega Cooler

Again, this is similar to the logic of the last one, but instead of water, it’s ice! Line your truck with a tarp, and fill ‘er up with ice instead of water. You can keep an entire house party’s worth of drinks chilled in the bed of a truck, and if it melts, that house party’s suddenly a pool party.

Truck Drawers

This definitely takes a lot more effort, but if you:

  • Do a lot of handiwork, and need space for small tools
  • Camp frequently and need to carry small things
  • Have run out of space in the front of the truck for your small bits

Then these could be an absolute life saver for you!

Essentially, you can build long drawers which span the length of your truck bed. These drawers (if built sturdy enough) can make up the new floor of your truck bed, and these drawers can have little compartments built into them so you can now carry the small things in the back of your pick up without them rolling around!

Make A Stage!

If you are the kind of person who enjoys the limelight – sing, play an instrument, do comedy – then you might not need to hire a stage. Just turn up to a party, put some lights in the back of the truck, plug in an amp to a spare battery and rock on! No need to hire a stage when you have one in the back of your truck.

Horse Free Hayride

Here’s a simple one: pack the back with haystacks, get your friends in there and let loose down bumpy rural tracks. If you have no horses, but you do have a truck, then it’s an elegant solution.

Portable Picnic Table

Ever get to a lovely picnic area to find that there are people taking up every single bench? (How dare they!) Well, if you have a truck, you can have your own – and again, you can have your picnic bench wherever you want.

Here’s how:

  • Take some plywood, about 2 feet wide
  • Cut to the length of your truck bed
  • Attach two support pieces under the wood as legs
  • Hook inside the truck bed


So, what can you do with a truck bed? Almost anything you want is the answer – if you have the imagination and some DIY knowhow, then you have a perfect, portable space for almost anything. You can turn it into an easily transportable camping  if the weather’s wet and cold, you can turn it into a pool if it’s summery and hot, and it can serve any purpose from lounge to stage in between.

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