10+ Advantages of a Rooftop Tent

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Rooftop tents, usually set on car roofs, were popular in other locations like Australia long before they became popular in North America.

However, despite their growing popularity, not many people know how good they are for camping, road trips, etc. Most people wonder if the tents are a novelty or an excellent product to invest in.

So, what are the advantages of a rooftop tent? If you are on this page, you're searching for more details to make an informed purchasing decision.

Some of the factors include the advantages of owning a rooftop tent.

This page contains 10+ advantages you need to know before purchasing a rooftop tent and a few rooftop tent brands you may want to check out first. 

Read on to find out more.

What are the advantages of a rooftop tent?

1. You'll have a place to sleep no matter where you are. With

With these portable tents, you can easily set up camp. Whether you're road-tripping through the countryside or camping in remote locations, a rooftop tent will give you a comfortable place to sleep and rest your head at night.

They are easy to set up and takedown, but they also provide extra storage space to keep all of your gear within reach. And best of all, they come with built-in mosquito netting, so you never have to worry about getting bitten as soon as it gets dark outside.

So if you want a safe, reliable way to experience the great outdoors, get yourself a rooftop tent and explore!

2 They're perfect for camping and road trips

Another key benefit of a rooftop tent is perfect for camping and road trips. With their easy-to-set-up design, lightweight construction, and compact size, these tents can be easily transported to your campsite or other travel destination.

Additionally, many rooftop tents come with additional features like hammock attachments and built-in solar panels, making them even more versatile and convenient for road-trippers and campers.

So if you're planning your next big adventure, be sure to bring along a rooftop tent to make it even more enjoyable!

3 Rooftop tents are easy to set up and takedown

As we mentioned before, one of the best things about rooftop tents is that they are easy to set up and take down. Most models can be assembled in just a few minutes, and they come with all the necessary hardware and instructions.

Additionally, many tents include an integrated ladder system, so you can access your tent without climbing onto the roof of your vehicle. And when it's time to pack up and head home, these tents can be easily disassembled and stored until your next adventure.

4 They're lightweight and compact, so they're easy to transport

In addition to being easy to set up and take down, rooftop tents are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport.

They are constructed with light and durable materials, so they can easily be thrown in the back of your vehicle or carried by hand. 

In addition, many models are designed to fold down into a smaller size, making them ideal for road-trippers on the go.

5 They provide shelter from the elements

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Whether you're planning on camping in wet and windy conditions or if you want some extra protection while driving through harsh weather, a rooftop tent provides excellent shelter from the elements.

With their waterproof and UV-resistant construction, these tents will keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather outside. Additionally, many models come equipped with an integrated rainfly, which provides even more protection from the elements.

6 They keep you off the ground, away from insects and other critters

Another significant advantage of a rooftop tent is that they keep you off the ground, away from insects and other critters. You can avoid dealing with pesky mosquitoes and bugs by sleeping in a tent elevated off the ground.

Additionally, many tents come equipped with mosquito netting, so you can sleep peacefully without worrying about getting bitten. And if you're camping in an area with dangerous wildlife, a rooftop tent can provide an extra layer of protection between you and the ground.

7 They keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Rooftop tents are also great for regulating temperature, whether hot or cold outside. Their elevated position and ventilation panels help keep the tent's inside relaxed and comfortable in the summer.

And in the winter, you can enjoy the heat rising from your vehicle and stay warm and cozy inside your tent.

8. They're perfect for adventurers of all kinds.

Many conventional tents tend to lose their effectiveness when the weather gets extreme. For instance, traditional tents can often get uncomfortably hot inside in the summertime, with temperatures soaring well above the outside temperature. However, rooftop tents are designed with these conditions in mind.

Their elevated position provides excellent ventilation and helps to prevent your tent from getting too stiflingly hot. And when it's cold outside, rooftop tents can help you stay cozy and warm by allowing breezes and heat generated by your vehicle to rise into the tent.

In short, rooftop tents make outdoor camping safer and more enjoyable no matter the season or weather.

9. They're great for stargazing.

Many models include an integrated skylight, allowing you to gaze at the stars while lying in your tent. And with no obstructions blocking your view, you can get lost in the wonders of the night sky without ever leaving your sleeping bag.

So Whether you're camping in the mountains or enjoying a quiet night at home, rooftop tents are perfect for stargazers! They're also great for better viewing any fireworks displays on clear nights.

So if you're looking for a unique and enjoyable way to spend a night under the stars, consider investing in a rooftop tent.

10. They offer added security while you're on the road.

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Another significant advantage of a rooftop tent is that they provide extra security while you're on the road. Unlike traditional campgrounds and hotels, which can often be located in remote and dangerous areas, a rooftop tent can be set upright in your vehicle.

This gives you the peace of mind to know that you and your belongings are a safe and secure while away from home. Additionally, many models come equipped with locking mechanisms, so you can rest assured that your tent will stay put even while driving on rough terrain.

11. They're an investment that will last for years.

Rooftop tents are a significant investment, but they're also an investment for years. However, your tent can provide you with years of enjoyment and adventure with proper care.

Additionally, many manufacturers offer replacement parts and accessories, so you can easily maintain and update your tent as needed.

So if you're looking for a long-lasting, versatile piece of outdoor gear, it's hard to beat the benefits of a rooftop tent.

12. You can use them as a home base for exploring new areas.

Rooftop tents are also perfect for use as a home base when exploring new areas. Whether you're hiking, biking, or kayaking, a rooftop tent can provide you with a safe and comfortable place to rest and relax after a long day of adventure.

And since they're so easy to set up and takedown, you can move your tent with you from one location to the next without any hassle or stress. Plus, many models come equipped with storage pockets and waterproof fabric, providing even more space for your gear and belongings.

13. Safety

Rooftop tents are safer than regular tents because they are raised with the car acting as a barrier. This prevents animals like crocodiles, snakes, wolves, bears, etc., from making their way into the tent and harming you.

This is more comfortable than sleeping on the ground since it helps you have a good night's sleep knowing that you'll be safer.

Additionally, using a rooftop tent acts as a deterrent for people looking to score some camping gear.

For instance, it's comparatively more difficult for such people to uninstall your rooftop tent without hurting themselves or making some noise than they would with ground tents.

14. Cleanliness

If you have ever camped in ground tents, you are probably aware of how quickly the tents tend to become dirty.

The tent gets covered in dirt as soon as you lay it down and gets dirtier the more you walk in and out, especially if it rains. Rooftop tents are better since they don't sit on the ground.

When using a rooftop tent, it's easier to remove your shoes and place them in a waterproof container before getting into the tent.

They are even preferable if you are camping on the beach since they reduce your chances of dragging sand in.

Additionally, you don't have to clean your tent each time you camp in wet and muddy terrain.

15. Durability

Advantages of a Rooftop Tent

If you've ever camped in a hail/ rain/ wind/ snow storm using a ground tent, you may likely have been kept awake from the noise of your tent material's flapping for most of the night.

Additionally, there is the possibility of your tent getting damaged beyond repair or leaking and leaving you in a pool of water.

Rooftop tents are designed from a denier canvas that is specially coated to withstand the elements. For instance, rooftop tents are waterproof, mold, and UV resistant.

Denier canvas that's cared for properly and supported with a reliable aluminum support structure provides decades of use.

16. All-season use

Having the proper equipment and a reliable, well-equipped tent provides campers with the convenience of camping all year round.

There are lots of all-season rooftop tents fitted with insulated floors, anti-condensation mats, thick fabrics, and various add-ons that make them extremely reliable for all-season campers.

With quality construction, hardshell and soft-shell tents can handle all four seasons; however, hard shells have an edge that sets them apart and gives them an advantage.

If you find yourself camping in snow or rain, you'll be better off in a hardtop rooftop tent that can handle the accumulated weight of snow or rain and keep you dry.

17. Quick and convenient setup

Most rooftop tents have an extremely quick setup that all you have to do is park your vehicle on a flat surface, undo the latches, and your tent pops up on its own (or you can unfold it quickly).

Some tents like the Thule Tepui Autana Roof Top Tent in amazon are designed with annexes that can take you more time to set up.

However, the setup is still quicker than ground tents requiring you to join poles and drive stakes into the ground.

Also, when using most rooftop tents, you can leave your beddings in place when you take the tent down. This way, you can unlatch the tent and get into the tent and get comfortable quicker than if you'd be using a ground tent.

18. Super mobile

Advantages of a Rooftop Tent

Most people use their rooftop tents on their 4x4s or offroad vehicles, which opens up many possibilities since the tent can go whenever the vehicle goes.

You can use blocks to level your vehicle even when you visit locations that aren't wide enough to set up your tent. Additionally, you'll have a much smaller footprint.

They are also convenient for people moving through various locations daily since they can be taken down and set up quickly and easily.

This also makes them cheaper than owning an RV. If you have a relatively small family (or are camping by yourself), rooftop tents on your 4x4 like the 3-person Yakima Skyrise Medium on amazon are cheaper than purchasing an RV.

19. Additional storage

Additional storage is a feature that's common to hardshell rooftop tents. For example, many hardshell tents have a gear mounting system placed on the hard, upper surface, where you can store about 75 pounds of gear.

This storage space is perfect for individuals that want to store skis or other gear that they don't have to access daily.

Additionally, you could mount solar panels that you could use to charge your electronics and power your lights. Even when the gear is stored on top, the feature can remain functional and useable in most rooftop tents.

Additionally, you could store all essential items in the vehicle while sleeping on the roof tent.

They are also more convenient since you don't have to store the tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, etc., in your vehicle, which leaves you with enough space to store other toys and supplies.

You could also buy the Campoint Rooftop Tent Annex on amazon if you need an extra, removable, tented ground space.

How to Choose the Right Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. They offer a variety of advantages, from being able to sleep anywhere to added security while you're on the road. So how do you choose the right rooftop tent? Here are some tips to help you make your selection:

  • Consider your needs: What do you intend to use your rooftop tent for? Do you need a large model that can accommodate multiple people, or will a smaller model suffice?
  • Consider your vehicle: Make sure you choose a rooftop tent compatible with your vehicle. You'll also want to make sure the tent's weight is within the limit of your vehicle's roof rack.
  • Think about features and amenities: Some rooftop tents offer additional features like integrated lighting, awnings, and built-in furniture. Consider what you would find helpful or convenient, and make your selection accordingly.
  • Research different brands and models: to find the best fit for your needs and budget. There are many other options available, so take the time to do your research and find the right rooftop tent for you. With the proper selection, you can enjoy all of the benefits that this versatile camping solution offers.

How to Set Up a Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents are easy to set up and provide plenty of space for sleeping and storage, and many people keep you off the ground to stay dry and comfortable even if it rains. In addition, many rooftop tents come with built-in mosquito nets, so you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without worrying about being bitten. If you're looking for a more comfortable camping experience, a rooftop tent is worth considering. Here's how to set one up:

  • First: choose a spot on your vehicle's roof where the tent will sit. It's essential to ensure that the spot is level and free of any obstacles that could puncture the tent floor. Once you've found the perfect spot, use a measuring tape to mark the tent's footprint.
  • Second: use a drill to create pilot holes at each footprint corner. These holes will make it easier to drive in the stakes to secure the tent to the roof.
  • Third: Now it's time to attach the brackets that will hold the tent: Most rooftop tents come with four brackets, two of which are designed to fit over the vehicle's rain gutters. If your vehicle doesn't have rain gutters, you can use the included straps to secure the brackets to your vehicle's roof rack.
  • Finally: attach the tent to the brackets using a ratchet strap. Most tents come with straps with quick-release buckles, so setup is quick and easy.


Overall, most campers who have purchased rooftop tents are happier and more satisfied with the product than before, which has legitimate advantages.

Whether you're an experienced camper or just getting started, a rooftop tent will make your next outdoor adventure more straightforward and enjoyable.

It's easy to see why these unique tents are becoming so popular. 

So if you're ready to take your camping to the next level, consider investing in a rooftop tent of your own. You won't be disappointed.

This article is meant to help you discover how you could use a rooftop tent and whether they are a good fit. Have fun camping!

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