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If you’re looking for a car roof cargo box, then your choices will more than likely come down to two brands: Thule vs Yakima. These two brands dominate the market and are so popular in many parts of the world.

To compare the two brands, we have picked a couple of the best roof boxes from each manufacturer and looked at them in a variety of categories.

Thule Rooftop Cargo Boxes

Thule cargo boxes are built in Sweden and very popular in many parts of the world. Their cargo boxes have a sleek and elegant design. They are also well-engineered. Some models of this brand seem more like car upgrades and accessories. All this comes at a price; their products tend to be more expensive compared to the other brand.

We shall review some of the best Thule cargo boxes for a better understanding of the brand.

1. Thule Force XT Cargo Box

The Thule Force XT roof box provides a lot of space for your belongings with 165-pound weight carriage capacity. It has long length making it easy to accommodate your skis and snowboards. It also has safety features to ensure your roof box is well secured while on the road. This box is very easy to mount as it makes use of the Thule Quick Mount System, a system that allows you to attach or detach the box with absolutely no tools required.

It has supporting lid lifters that prevent the lid from bending when you are trying to access items from the box which can be quite frustrating as well as dangerous. This roof cargo box offers full trunk access and sits in a forward position to ensure that you can easily get into the trunk. It is designed in a manner that ensures it doesn’t hang down in front of the car whenever you’re on the move.

The exterior of the box is waterproof and has a reflective surface that ensures the items in the trunk don’t heat up in hot conditions and that your items remain dry whenever it rains. The roof top box has a dual side opening functionality which allows access from either side of your Subaru enabling you to easily load and offload your items. see full review

2. Thule Pulse Roof Box

The box is made of durable and rugged ABS thermoplastic material that is long-lasting and helps protect your cargo from rain or too much heat when in transit. The box also has an aerodynamic shape which reduces drag and wind noise whenever you’re on the move.

The roof top box attaches easily to roof racks. It requires no tools when mounting because of its Easy-Grip hardware. The length of the box’s floor grooves make the installation process very easy, no struggling at all. It offers a single-side opening, allowing access to your items from the passenger side. It also has lid lifters from the interior which hold the lid open giving you hands-free access.

The built-in Thule Secure Lock technology ensures all edges are closed before the key can be removed. The roof box is compatible with Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks giving you extreme rack compatibility. see full review

Yakima Roof Boxes

Produced in Washington, the Yakima roof boxes are generally more focused on rugged functionality than aesthetics and advanced features. They’re a bit lacking on a sleek finish design compared to the other brand. However, they’re more affordable compared to Thule products and way easier to install.

Here is a review of a couple of the best roof boxes from Yakima to give you a better understanding of the brand.

3. Yakima RocketBox Pro 11 Roof Box

The Yakima Rocketbox has an aerodynamic design to reduce drag and wind noise when in transit. It has quick-release mounting hardware that is compatible with Yakima round, square, factory and aerodynamic crossbars.

The RocketBox includes Same Key System (SKS) Locks and integrated push-button security to ensure the lid is secure to its base and your gear is safe. It is designed with front-mounted hardware for better hatchback clearance. The cargo box is ideal for smaller cars, wagons and SUVs. It has dual side opening making access to your gear very easy and even easier with a push button to open the box.

It has a carrying capacity of 11 cubic feet so it can easily carry all your gear for a camping trip, skis and snowboards with ease. No tools are required to assemble making it very easy to assemble. The RocketBox Pro 11 is reinforced with bracings in the nose of the lid and along the bottom of the box which adds strength to the box.

4. Yakima Skybox Rooftop Cargo Box

The Yakima SkyBox is made of ABS plastic material which makes it durable, stable and easy to handle. It is designed with internal lid stiffeners that make it rigid and keep the lid open when accessing your gear in the box.

This roof box has a SuperLatch security system that ensures your lid is secure to the base and your items are secure in the box. It has a dual side opening functionality to allow you to easily access your items from either side of your vehicle. This roof box has a Carbonite dimpled texture surface that slices through the air and gives it a great look.

It has a sleek aerodynamic design to reduce drag when you’re on the move. It makes use of quick-release mounting hardware that fits round, square, factory and aerodynamic crossbars. The Skybox has a carrying capacity of 12 cubic feet and is also available in 16, 18, 21 and Lo sizes. It also has SKS lock cores included. This box requires no assembly.

Both manufacturers make high-quality roof cargo boxes. They are both easy to install and have pretty much same safety features. Yakima cargo boxes are cheaper but lack the sophisticated look of Thule boxes. But ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

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