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Thule Motion XT roof box review:

Looking for a roof box? A Thule Motion XT roof box should be your first is one of the best the market can offer so far with all the advantages and extra space it comes with.

This one of the most popular roof boxes in the world, known for its sleek and elegant design. This article will discuss the various specs of a Thule Motion XT roof box. This is your go-to roof box as it even allows you to carry skis and other gear as you go for that weekend getaway or family outing.

With this roof box, you get to carry all the luggage you need for your trip without having to worry about space. Go get your Thule Motion XT roof box!

Below is a Thule Motion XT roof box review:

1. Cargo box material

Thule Motion XT roof box is made up of over 80% recycled material thus making it environmentally friendly. It is made from thermoformed ABS plastic which makes it very lightweight and durable. The plastic material makes it very easy to lift and install the roof box thus taking less time and effort.

The roof box is also waterproof and water-resistant, thus you can use it in both heavy and light rain without worrying that your luggage may become wet.

Thule Motion XT roof box also has a heavy-duty steel reinforcement to help reduce the rate of wear and tear.

2. Opening and closing of the roof box

The Thule Motion XT roof box is fitted with advanced hinges and opening mechanisms. Thus making it easy for you to access your valuables. Loading and unloading the roof box is now easy thanks to the advanced opening system.

It has a dual side opening system thus you can access the box from either the driver or the passenger’s side.

3. Big handle and Slidelock

This is the best feature of the Thule Motion XT roof box, securing and closing any other roof box is not an easy task. With this roof box, the locking process is very easy this is because it has a big handle and Slidelock that has an indicator and makes a loud click when you properly lock the lid.

The roof box doesn’t use any key thus saving the worry of guessing where you have locked the roof box or not.

4. Size

Thule Motion XT roof box comes in four different sizes. This allows you to settle for a roof box that will properly fit your gods and also is compatible with your car model. The sizes are stated in the table below:

Roof box

Load capacity


Product weight

Thule Motion XT Alpine


14 cubic feet


Thule Motion XT-L


16 cubic feet


Thule Motion XT-XL


18 cubic feet


Thule Motion XT-XXL


22 cubic feet


Generally, the Thule Motion XT roof box can accommodate most of your luggage but you should ensure that you do not exceed the weight limit. This is to avoid damaging your car and gear.

Thule motion XT large
Thule motion XT XL
Thule motion XT XXL

5. Aerodynamic system

The roof box has been designed in a streamlined shape, this will able you to get a quiet and comfortable ride when using this roof reduces the wind noise and allows you to enjoy your ride.

Thule Motion XT roof box is one of the best if you decide to go for long trips since you won't have to deal with the annoying noises produced by other roof boxes. It is also important to note that more air resistance leads to higher fuel consumption thus you have to incur an extra gasoline cost.

6. Basic installation 

It is important to note that when purchasing a roof box you should ensure you purchase the roof rack from the same manufacturers. This is especially with your car model doesn’t come with a roof rack.

The Thule Motion roof box is also accompanied by a manufactures guide to enable you to install it with ease. In case you do not understand you can always reach out to a mechanic for help with the proper installing of the roof box.

Once your roof box is properly installed you will get a sound to signal that. This is a plus for you if you purchase the Thule Motion XT roof box. Therefore there is no guesswork involved as to whether the roof box has properly been installed.

Here’s a video generalized installation guideline:

7. Look

The Thule motion roof comes in either titan glossy or black glossy. Thule Motion XT roof box titan glossy specifically the Thule Motion XT which is suited for being used on medium sixes or any other time of a car.

It has a specular titan gloss making it look posh and can hold up to 75kgs as mentioned in the table above. The roof boxes also come in black glossy colors, so you have a choice between the two.

Can the Thule Motion XT roof box fit on mini countryman?

This is a question every mini countryman owner asks themselves before purchasing the Thule Motion XT roof box. The answer to these questions is a big yes, this roof box can be fitted on mini countryman with a factory roof rack.

Before purchasing any of these roof boxes, it is important to the car's roof ratings noted in your car’s manual. The total combined weight of the roof box plus the items loaded in it should not exceed the car roof’s weighting ratings.

It is time to get the Thule Motion XT roof box on your mini countryman car!

Bottom Line 

In summary, a Thule Motion XT roof box is one of the best roof boxes in the market today. With all the specs discussed above, it should fit your needs and preferences.

Getting this roof box will go a long way in not only adding you the extra space you need but also it comes with a  long-lasting solution. It is a very stylish and spacious roof-mounted roof box, optimized for ease of use.

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