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If you need more cargo-carrying capacity for your Volvo, then you need to install a roof cargo box on your car’s roof. It is important to figure out the kind of cargo you’re going to be carrying when looking for a suitable roof cargo box for your Volvo.

Here is a Volvo roof box review we’ve put together to guide you as you look for the best Volvo roof cargo box for your car.

1. Malone Profile 18S Rooftop Cargo Box


The Malone Profile 18S Rooftop Cargo box has a carrying capacity of 18 cubic feet. It has a dual side opening functionality that allows it to be accessible from either side of your vehicle. This Volvo roof cargo box has in-built gas strut that assists with opening the lid and holds it open while loading and unloading items.

The roof box has built-in secures to secure your items in the box and has a key that can only be removed when the box is closed and locked. It has an aerodynamic design for optimal air resistance and wind noise whenever you’re on the move. It is made of double-shelled, vacuum forms ABS plastic that makes it stable, durable and easy to handle.

This roof box has a gloss black finish with a matte black base which gives it a sporty look. The Profile 18S has quick-grip mountings to enable you to mount it quickly and easily on your Volvo. It is a very ideal Volvo XC 90 roof box.

2. Yakima Rocket Box Pro11 Rooftop Cargo Box


The Rocket Box Pro11 is great for multi-sport adventurers. The roof box is great for your Volvo XC 90 for the following reasons. It has a long and skinny design leaving you plenty of room on your crossbars for other gear mounts.

It has push-button security that ensures your lid is secure to its base and your items are safe and secure. This roof box has dual side functionality for easy access from either side of your Volvo when loading or unloading items from the box.  It requires no tools when installing or removing it from the roof racks of your Volvo.

3. Yakima SkyBox 21 Roof top Cargo Box


The Yakima Skybox has a sleek aerodynamic shape to reduce air resistance and wind noise when moving. It has a carrying capacity of 21 cubic feet with a maximum load limit of 75lbs. Its large capacity makes it suitable for your Volvo XC 90. The cargo roof box has a dual side opening allowing access from either side of your vehicle. This Volvo suitable roof box has a metal super latch for easy opening and secure closing. An exciting feature about this roof box is that you can never lock your keys in the box since the keys won’t release until the lid is properly closed. The Skybox 21 offers a tool free installation and removal from your vehicle.

4. Thule Pulse Alpine Roof Box


The Thule Pulse Alpine roof box is made of ABS plastic that makes it stable, durable and easy to handle. It has a secure lock feature that ensures your items in the box are closed securely. The roof box opens from the passenger side proving easy access to your items. It is very easy to mount to your car and easily attaches to the car rack making it a suitable Volvo roof cargo box. It has a large carrying capacity of up to 6pairs of skis.

5. Thule Sidekick Roof Mounted Cargo Box


If you’re looking for a compact roof box then this is the best choice for your Volvo. It has a carrying capacity of 8 cubic feet and a weighing capacity of 75 pounds. The lid opens from the side and locks in the open position for easy loading and unloading. It also has a sleek aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance. The Thule Sidekick mounts to most removable and factory-installed roof racks making it compatible with any Volvo including the Volvo XC 90. It also has an impact-resistant and weather-resistant, polythene construction that ensures durability and keeps your items dry in the rainy weather.

6. Yakima Skybox 16 Roof Cargo Box


The Skybox 16 is a versatile yet sleek and aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and wind noise.  It requires no tools when mounting to your car roof hence very easy to install and remove and makes it ideal for any Volvo. It is designed with internal lid stiffener for durability and makes it easy to open and close. It has a carrying capacity of 12cubic feet. The cargo roof box has super latch security which makes your lid secure to its base and ensures your items are safe. It has a tapered design that reduces hatch interference. It is perfect for hauling gear of up to 2 campers and can carry snowboards and skis of up to 180cm.

7. Yakima Rocket Box Pro 14 Rooftop Cargo Box


Just over 6 feet long, the Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 is a great box for extra storage space in your Volvo. It has a dual side opening to ease access to your items in the box. The roof box opens with a push-button for ultimate ease of use. It has an aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance and a flat bottom to fit both narrow and wide crossbar spreads. It is made up of ABS plastic which enhances its durability and makes it stable. To keep your gear secure, it has an easy handling central locking system built-in Same Key System lock cores. The roof cargo box requires absolutely no assembly and no tools for installation and removal from your vehicle. It can fit snowboards and skis up to 170 cm and with a 14cubic feet carrying capacity it will surely give you that extra space you need for your gear.

How To Install a Roof Box on a Volvo

Now that you’ve seen information about the best roof boxes, it’s time to learn how to place one of these items on your car’s roof. While it might look complicated, installing a roof box is actually quite simple. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve got step-by-step instructions for a roof box installation.

Getting Started

Before you can set your Volvo roof box on your vehicle, you’ll need something to secure it to. Fortunately, this information is easy to find out. In most cases, vehicles either have a bare roof, roof rails, or a roof rack. If you have a bare roof, we recommend checking out the Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack. This item is great for Volvo owners with bare roofs. You’re in luck if you have either roof rails or a roof rack.

Will I Need Crossbars?

Depending on what type of Volvo automobile you drive, it’s possible to need crossbars. In certain situations, you’ll need crossbars if your vehicle has a bare roof. Some cars with roof rails also need these bars to provide adequate stability for a roof box.

If you do need crossbars, we have a few recommendations based on positive customer reviews on Amazon. One of our first recommendations is the Roof Rack Cross Bars from JDMON. These roof rack bars are compatible with most of the recent Volvo XC60 automobiles. They also feature a sleek black and silver color combination.

If you’re looking for something for a Volvo XC90, consider checking out the SnailAuto Fit crossbars. These bars work well for Volvo XC90 automobiles from 2015 to 2021. Made from aluminum alloy, these crossbars provide durability for whatever roof box you choose.

Step 1: Whether you have a bare roof cross rail rack or pre-installed roof rails, you’re now ready to start installing the mount of your roof box. To do this properly, make sure you properly line up the mount with your vehicle’s roof rails.

 Step 2: It’s now time to pick up your Volvo roof box and place it on top of your mount. Considering the size and weight of most roof boxes, it’s wise to have a friend help you out with this step. Depending on the size of your car, this step might also require getting on a step stool or small ladder. Since every roof box is slightly different, make sure to follow the instruction manual that came with your roof box.

Step 3: Before getting on the highway or a busy street with your newly installed roof box, we recommend checking the stability of your roof box by hand. If you don’t feel anything wobbling, it’s time to get in your car for a quick drive around your street or neighborhood. By doing this, you can make sure that your roof box isn’t moving while you’re driving.

Tips for Using a Volvo Roof Box

To wrap things up, we wanted to include some tips that every roof box owner should find useful. These tips are great for anyone who owns a roof box, especially if you purchased this item for the first time. By following the tips you’re about to see, you’ll help reduce the odds of damaging your roof box. Here are four important safety tips for Volvo roof box owners.

Always Close Your Roof Box Before Driving

While this tip might seem obvious, it’s sometimes easy to forget such things. With that in mind, before you start driving your vehicle, always make sure its roof box is properly secured and closed. If you don’t do this step, it’s easy for an open roof box to start scattering things along the road. This situation can lead to your items getting damaged beyond repair. It also creates a potentially dangerous situation for other drivers on the road.

Try to Avoid Sudden Stops or Turns

It’s understandable to want to reach your destination as fast as possible. With that said, it’s important to utilize a little extra caution while traveling with a roof box on your vehicle. Making a stop that’s too sudden or taking a turn too sharply might result in your roof box sustaining damage.

Don’t Overpack Your Roof Box

Another important tip is to avoid overpacking your roof box. It’s easy to confuse overpacking with placing items that are too heavy in your roof cargo box. Overpacking can mean placing items that are too heavy in your roof box. However, we’re talking about trying to pack too many things inside of this item. If you’re struggling to safely close your roof box, or it flies open from pressure, you’re probably overpacking.

Follow the Weight Limits of Your Roof Box

Lastly, make sure to always follow the weight limits of your roof box. These limits are put in place to ensure that your roof box will perform properly. If you try to place too many heavy items in your roof box and go over the weight limit, it can lead to disastrous results. Roof boxes that are too weighed down can also damage the roof of your Volvo.

We hope that you enjoyed this Volvo roof box review. It will take a little time and effort to find the perfect roof box for your Volvo. However, the extra space and peace of mind these items provide make them well worth it. For more information about roof boxes, including reviews, tips, and much more, visit

We hope that the Volvo roof box review we have provided will make your work easier in selecting the perfect choice for your Volvo.

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