Best Roof Box for a Subaru Outback

Are you looking for a roof box? Your choice should be anything to do with Thule. This is a company that has over the years dominated the market with its roof boxes which have been ranked among the best.

Thule roof boxes are so popular in many parts of the world. The roof boxes are not only elegantly sleek but also well designed to provide the extra space you need. Though these products tend to be significantly more expensive than any other products they are worth the price.

         Comparison of different Thule roof boxes

1. Thule Motion XT roof box

This is a big box that can accommodate all your gear when you going out for your vacation or family road trip, it is very to use and install. The Thule Motion XT comes in fours size:

Thule motion roof box  


 load capacity   

product weight

Thule Motion XT Alpine

 16 cubic feet 



Thule Motion XT-L    

16 cubic feet   



Thule Motion XT-XL   

18 cubic feet    



Thule Motion XT-XXL

22 cubic feet 



It can carry a lot of stuff but the load limit should not be exceeded. This may be lead to damage to your car. These boxes have a dual-sided opening mechanism thus it is easy for you to access your valuable from both sides and thus they can be centrally placed on the roof rack.

The Thule Motion XT has a top-notch security system, the SideLock system makes closing and securing the lid very easy. It also has a lock indicator and makes a loud click when locked. Thus confirming that the box is safely locked.

2. Thule Pulse roof box

This also one of the best roof boxes from Thule. It gives you the extra space to tag along with your extra luggage for that road trip or a vacation. It is very easy to install as it has a guide on how to properly secure it, they come in for different sizes:

Thule pulse roof box capacity


load capacity     


Thule Pulse Alpine 

 12 cubic feet      



Thule Pulse L    

13 cubic feet    



Thule Pulse XL 

17 cubic feet 



Thule Pulse XXL       

22 cubic feet



The outer frame of the Thule Pulse roof box is a black textured finish. It has a dual side access mechanism thus allowing you to access your luggage from either the passenger’s side or the driver’s side.

It is has a streamlined shape that helps reduce the drag effect and ensure minim noise as you drive down the highway.

3. Thule Force roof box

The Thule Force roof box comes in three sizes, it is also important to note that the roof box does not have an XXL size. It also has a lower capacity in terms of volume than the other Thule roof boxes. The sizes include:

Thule Force roof box capacity


load capacity


Thule Force Alpine       

11 cubic feet        


Feature 1

Thule Force L    

Thule Force L    



Thule Force XL   

 16 cubic feet   



The roof box has a one-sided access mechanism thus you can only access your luggage from the passenger’s side. It has a SlideLock system with separate locking and opening functions that automatically locks the lid in place and indicates that the box is closed securely.

4. Thule Ocean roof box

This is the type of roof box where quality and budget go hand in hand. It can carry a load of 50 kg, has a black stylish gloss finish that adds up to its good quality. It has a central locking system and unrestricted left-hand side opening. It is easily installed and comes with U-bolts for direct fixation onto your pair of roof bars.

5. Thule Ranger 90

It provides the extra space you need, when not in use you can fold it and store it in the car trunk. It has an Easy-Snap quick-mount system that enables an easy and quick installation of this box.

It has a load capacity of 50 kg and its weight is 7kg thus it is very light. It has a volume of 280L, since it has a Thule wing bar you will require to purchase Thule t-track adapter for it to be properly secured.

This is a roof box of high quality at a very affordable price and comes in two colors that are black and silver grey.

6. Thule Vector roof box

This roof box has swooping lines that mimic the designs of expensive sports cars. It looks very classy and posh. It is very easy to install as few procedures are involved. It has a premium interior with integrated lighting and a lined base for increased gear protection.

It has a SlideLock system to ensure your luggage is safely kept, the lock system performs the opening and closing functions automatically and shows when the box is closed securely.

It also has a dual-sided opening system thus you can access your valuables from both has a volume of 360l, a load capacity of 75kg, and a weight of 29kg.

There a few questions to get answers to before settling for the best Thule roof box and also a comparison of the different Thule roof boxes. The following are answers to some of these questions:

What is the largest Thule Roof box?

Two Thule models could fit the description of the largest roof box available. This would be depending on the length, width, capacity, and one that can accommodate the longest and bulkiest equipment such as a ski board.

The Motion XT XXL is uniquely designed for large capacity and aerodynamics, thus will fit a wide range of vehicles. It is also quiet as you travel thus very comfortable when you travel. The lid has lid lifters and grip-friendly handles that allow you to access your stuff hands-free.

The Thule box with the highest weight rating is the Thule Motion XT XXL. It holds up to 165 pounds of your luggage and a capacity of 22 cubic feet.

Do Thule roof boxes fit any roof bars?

Roof boxes with u bolt mounting system will fit all types of roof bars however for the Thule wing bars then you will have to purchase a t-track adapter to ensure it fits these roof bars.

Not all roof boxes will fit any roof backs depending on the connecting system you settle for. It is better to go for a connector that is universal such as the U-bolt.

In conclusion 

The roof boxes are just a few from Thule. They are of high quality and at affordable prices especially if you focus on the high quality and type of materials they are made from. They fit every need whether you are living an active lifestyle going on vacations and road trips or you just extra space.

Thule roof boxes are the best, simple!

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