The Roof Box on a car

A roof box is a structure that has the purpose of storing multiple objects, without comprising other car spaces. It improves the storage capacity of a car. A roof box will go a long way in ensuring you have adequate space in your car especially when you are traveling with your family.

Are you looking for a roof box to buy? The type of roof box you choose should be the one that suits your preference and your needs.

Comparison of different roof boxes 

This comparison is to help pick out the best roof box to buy. It will help get a roof box that will suit your preference and needs.

1. GoPlus Cargo Box

This is a roof box that is manufactured from high-quality material (PS and ABS). This material makes it strong and helps it to protect your luggage from corrosive elements. It has 14 cubic feet of storage capacity thus enabling you to tag your extra luggage along.

It has a streamlined shape that significantly reduces the drag effect and noise as you drive along the highway. It weighs 25 pounds and has a dual side opening mechanism thus can be centrally placed on your roof rack.

This roof cargo box is easy to install as it is compatible with most aerodynamic crossbars and racks. It also has an advanced security system making sure your stuff is protected.

2. Thule Pulse Roof Cargo Box

It is a budget-friendly car roof box, its offers extra storage at an affordable price. It is made using ABS plastic for a durable, lightweight box frame. It has a 14 cubic storage capacity enabling you to tag along with your extra valuables.

It also has a central locking system with a key. The best part about this roof cargo box, it only locks after all the edges of the lid have closed together thus making sure your roof box is properly locked.

The car roof box can only be accessed from one side that is the passenger side, it has lifters that hold the lid open automatically thus offering free hand access to your valuables. It is also very easy to install especially after reading the manufacturer’s instructions. see full review

3. Thule Motion XT Roof Cargo Box

This is a high-quality product from Malmo, Sweden based giant manufacturers. It is a 16 cubic feet capacity providing the extra storage you need to carry extra luggage for your is aerodynamically shaped to reduce the drag effect thus reducing gas consumption.

It has a dual side access mechanism and an automatic lid lifter that enables you to easily access your luggage hands-free. Its security system is top-notch as it has a SideLock system that enables separate opening and closing functions.

It locks the lid automatically and gives a clear indicator that the lid has been locked. With this car roof box, it is advisable to keep the height of the crossbars to 15.5 inches or less. see full review

4. Yakima RocketBox Pro roof Cargo Box

This roof box is the best for short roofs or larger-vehicle owners that have extra stuff they don’t want to carry in their car trunks. This box is compact and very spacious at the same time.

It has a dual side opening system for easier access to your luggage from both sides by just pressing a push-button. It has a load capacity of 120lbs and its weight is 60lbs, it is 12 cubic feet.

The car roof box is made out of ABS plastic to make it lightweight and ensure that your value is free from corrosive elements. The security system is also top-notch with locks to ensure your luggage is very secure.

there are some factors—or rather questions—you need to ask yourself before getting a roof box.

QUESTION 1: Are roof boxes safe?

Most buyers get to ask this question before purchasing the car roof box. The answer to this question is yes, manufacturers design them to specifically handle high speeds and rough terrains. But under certain conditions, cargo boxes could be unsafe, so it is important to consider all the important variables before settling for one.

You should ensure your cargo roof box or car roof box is properly installed, this should be the first step in ensuring the safety of your roof box. The roof rack should properly be secured to also hold the roof cargo box properly.

It is important to keep in mind that you have a cargo roof box on your car to avoid taking the low bridges and also parking in low garages this could result in fatal accidents.

Taking the necessary precautions will help improve the safety of your roof cargo box especially in the number of situations where your roof box could be unsafe.

Getting yourself a light, safe, durable, and well-priced roof box is such a priceless thing.

QUESTION 2: What can you put in a roof box?

It is important to first note that all roof boxes have specific load limits that should not be exceeded. Also, your car’s roof can only hold a certain weight which should not be exceeded as well. Exceeding both weight limits could end up damaging your car and your roof cargo box.

There are many things you can load up in your car roof boxes such as suitcases, sporting equipment, camping gear, and many other things pitting in mind the weight limit.

Having a car roof box does not mean that you have to forget about your car trunk. When packing up your stuff in the carload the heavy luggage inside your car trunk and the less heavy luggage in your car roof box. It is advisable to load the heavy things in the car trunk.

QUESTION 3: Do roof boxes fit any car?

Not all roof boxes will fit your car, there are very important factors to consider when purchasing a car roof box. There roof boxes that would best fit in certain car models than it is important to ensure that your roof box is well-suited with your car model. Some of the factors include:

  • Length: The length of the roof box may be too long for your car thus this should be a consideration when going out to buy a car roof box.
  • Gear capacity: The other aspects such as the length, height, and width combine to equal the overall gear capacity. The gear capacity varies from one car model to the other.

The above are just a few of the factors that you should consider when deciding on the right size of a roof box to get for your type of car.


The roof boxes listed above are among the best the market could offer. They help satisfy your needs and preferences not forgetting that they add the extra space you need to carry your extra luggage.

They are budget-friendly especially the Yakima one, they are of low prices but still provide you with the extra space you are looking for. Also, the other roof box has reasonable prices.

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