Subaru cargo box Vs Thule

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Cargo boxes themselves might not be the most exciting things in the world, but it’s what they imply adventure, vacation, all sorts of fun, and mischief. Choosing the right one isn’t always as easy as you might think.

We often see comparisons between the Subaru cargo box range and Thule’s.

so which is better? Here’s what I think:

Both have their own unique advantages, and either could be right for you. The Subaru cargo box selection is a solid choice for those on a budget. On the other hand, Thule’s range gives greater variety and premium quality. Which is best will depend on your needs.

So, what’s clear is that neither choice will be a bad one. Both of these brands boast quality across the board, and you won’t be left feeling out of pocket whichever option you go for.

That said, there is much more to consider than you might think when looking at the Subaru cargo box vs. Thule debate. So, let’s get into some detail in our guide below.

Subaru Cargo Box vs Thule? The Face-off

With so many options on the market, choosing a cargo carrier for your car can often be more time-consuming than you’d first think. Hopefully, our extensive comparison below will give you a good idea of what you need to look for and help you decide between these two products.

Company overview

With all comparison guides, they should start with a company overview. Therefore, let’s consider the companies that manufacture and sell these products. Thule AB Group is the single largest brand of car accessories globally, dominating the market worldwide.

They’re a well-established company that has been doing business for more than 75 years, and in that time, environmentally friendly, premium quality products have always been their goal. For the best cargo boxes on the market, Thule is and has been the go-to for many years.

Subaru, though, is no less well known as a company. They’re the 21st largest automaker globally by production and have been manufacturing cars since 1953. Though accessories have always been peripheral to that, you can still rest assured you are buying from a trustworthy company.

It’s worth mentioning here that though they’re sold exclusively by Subaru, the cargo carriers available through Subaru are actually manufactured by Thule. So, let’s look at the comparable product ranges.

Product Range

You can always be sure that you are buying from a trusted company. Both Thule and Subaru have been doing business in this sector for decades. One of the best ways to start seeing which one might be better for you is to look at their product range. Thule certainly has the advantage at this point in the Subaru cargo box vs. Thule debate:

 On the other hand, it may be that you only need something affordable that will, nonetheless, act as a high-quality storage solution for you—in this case, you should opt for the Subaru options. Otherwise, Thule may be the one for you.

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)

Thule Vector

360L – 430 L

Thule Motion XT

300L – 610 L

Thule Force XT

300L - 500L

Thule Ranger

260L – 280L

Thule offers cargo boxes in four different primary ranges. Each of those ranges boasts a further two to five options, meaning that you have plenty of choices if you opt for Thule. Subaru’s range is more limited:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)

Subaru Cargo Carrier


Subaru Cargo Carrier Extended


Subaru’s options are few, but if either one suits your needs, this isn’t a problem. As mentioned previously, Thule makes Subaru’s cargo boxes. Therefore, the quality will remain somewhat similar. Let’s look at the quality of the products themselves.

Product Quality

Again, it’s worth reiterating that though Subaru sells the Subaru options, Thule manufactures them. Between these two particular choices, those sold directly by Thule are superior in terms of quality. Generally speaking, Thule is considered the number one premium brand in car accessories.

So, of course, this is also reflected in the cargo carriers they have produced for Subaru. That said, these cargo carriers are a high-end option that is fine quality if you don’t need the best on the market.


You may well be leaning more towards one option or the other by this point. But that choice won’t mean a lot if you find you’d struggle to get the cargo carrier you’ve chosen. So, let’s look at availability.

Purchasing Options for Thule

Purchasing Options for Subaru

Online retailers

Subaru website

Many third-party retail sellers online/offline (Global)

Subaru retail dealerships

Online marketplaces (Amazon)

As you can see, getting hold of the Thule cargo carriers is a walk in the park compared to the alternative. You can get them virtually anywhere. You’ll have to go direct to Subaru for the other option, which isn’t necessarily bad!

Pros and Cons of Subaru and Thule

So, we’ve looked at many specifics, but now let’s try to break down the pros and cons of both of these product ranges. Doing this will undoubtedly help you a little more when deciding to opt for a Thule or Subaru rooftop cargo box.

Subaru cargo boxes



The cheaper option for those on a budget

Highly limited range of products, only two options

Easy to use and convenient product

Limited availability, only through Subaru

Not the same premium quality as Thule’s own product

Thule cargo boxes



Largest roof rack brand in the world

Are considered an expensive option for cargo carrier

It comes with various options ranging from 260L to 610L

Can be purchased from practically anywhere worldwide from themselves or a third-party seller

Our conclusion 

You should have a good idea of which cargo box solution is right for you. Clearly, both companies produce quality gear and sell it at a reasonable price. The fact is, though, that everyone’s needs are different.

It may be that what you want is the best of the best, and money is no object to you.

On the other hand, it may be that you only need something affordable that will, nonetheless, act as a high-quality storage solution for you—in this case, you should opt for the Subaru options. Otherwise, Thule may be the one for you

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