Sportrack VS Thule: Which Cargo Box is Right for You?

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When you’re looking for storage solutions and vehicle cargo boxes, one thing is clear: there’s a tremendous amount of choice. As a consumer, it’s becoming harder and harder to make a decision quickly.

I always hear requests to compare the sports brand giant Thule to SportRack and see how their cargo box offerings stack up. 

Here’s my verdict:

Thule and SportRack offer a great selection of quality cargo boxes. Overall, Thule boasts the more premium product—but SportRack provides a great range of options for those on more of a budget. Thule may be the clear option if the quality is the only goal, but SportRack has many advantages also.

I can say for sure that in the SportRack vs Thule cargo box debate, both offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Choosing which is suitable for you will depend a lot on your circumstances and needs. They share many standard features and advantages, so let’s now get into a more detailed comparison.

SportRack vs Thule Cargo Box? The Face-off

The above provides a brief overview of the questionable battle between SportsRack vs. Thule cargo boxes. However, it doesn’t go entirely into depth about why you should choose one over the other. To become knowledgeable on this, see the below guide:

Company overview

When you look at the two companies as a whole, there are a lot of interesting comparisons to be made. What’s clear, though, is that Thule is the most significant player in the market—indeed, it’s the biggest of all. Globally, Thule Group AB is the single largest brand for this hardware.

For close to a century, Thule has been providing premium quality sports hardware and cargo box solutions to customers worldwide. Claiming a straightforward goal—to make life’s adventures simpler—they have been committed to providing high-quality, robust products and environmentally conscious ones.

SportRack is a newer company, having got its start in the last 25 years. But they’re still clearly a big player in the market, especially after being acquired by the Thule group in 2006. But SportRack still boasts a unique company culture and high-quality products.

Product Range

One of the most important things to look at when making your decision is the product range. In the battle of SportRack vs. Thule cargo boxes, it’s essential to know if both brands will offer a solution that fits your needs. At a glance, it’s pretty clear that Thule is the brand of choice as they boast an impressively wide range:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)

Thule Vector

360L – 430 L

Thule Motion XT

300L – 610 L

Thule Force XT

300L - 500L

Thule Ranger

260L – 280L

Within each of Thule’s four main ranges, you have a further selection of two to five options depending on your needs. Although Thule owns Sportsrack, their variety doesn’t pass on. Instead, they have very limited choices. Some of the cargo boxes they offer can be found below:  

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)







SportRack is by no means without choice. However, you are limited to around five options, with more range in shape rather than capacity. If you’re thinking of a Thule or SportRack cargo box, but want a lot of choices, then Thule could be the one for you.

Product Quality

Now, let’s turn to the quality of the products themselves. Both SportRack and Thule can boast high-quality, robust products that will last you a long time. Thule are the world leaders in the market for a reason. Their product is superior in quality and build, which will be reflected in the use you get out of it.

SportRack, when you compare by price, is the budget option. They’re sometimes half the price of their Thule counterparts and are certainly the choice for those on more of a budget. But the budget doesn’t mean poor quality or cheaply made. It is still a high-quality product—although not the same as Thule.


It’s all well and good to have the best product on the market, but that will not do you any good if you can’t get your hands on one. So, let’s consider, in my SportRack vs. Thule cargo box debate, the availability of their products.

Purchasing Options for Thule

Purchasing Options for SportRack

Online retailers

Online store

Many third-party retail sellers online/offline (Global)

Third-party retailers (U.S. and Canada)

Online marketplaces (Amazon)

Online marketplaces (Amazon)

The Thule brand has a much greater reach, then. Your options for purchasing SportRack cargo boxes are pretty limited outside the U.S.

Pros and Cons of SportRack and Thule

There’s a lot to think about when deciding to buy a Thule or SportRack cargo box. We’ve looked at many peripheral matters about how the company that makes them is doing, where you can buy them, and the broad-brush quality of the products. Let’s break it down into pros and cons now.

SportRack cargo box



Highly affordable, excellent price for the quality

Overall lower quality build than Thule

Good range of options for different sizes

Limited availability

All the features you would want or need out of a cargo box

Cannot boast the market share of Thule

Thule cargo box



Largest roof rack brand in the world

Are considered an expensive option for cargo carrier

It comes with various options ranging from 260L to 610L

Can be purchased from practically anywhere worldwide from themselves or a third-party seller

Our conclusion 

So, if you’ve been paying close attention, we don’t think there is a single answer that doesn’t depend on your needs and circumstances. It’s clear that Thule is the brand promising the highest quality in the business—you can never go wrong with them.

That said, their products will set you back a cent or two. SportRack offers premium quality cargo boxes without the hefty price tag. Therefore, SportRack might be the more favorable option than Thule if you’re on a budget.

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