Rooftop Cargo Box Under $1000

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A strong and sturdy rooftop cargo box under $1000 is vital when you go on adventures often. In my experience, I have found that a good cargo box makes your journey safe and free of worries. Meanwhile, accidents with the cargo box had sometimes even made me cancel the whole trip mid-way.

In my experience, the best rooftop carrier is the Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier. The nicest thing about this cargo box is its aerodynamic design and huge holding capacity. The box is very strong and resistant to strikes, water, wind, or other natural forces.

However, there isn’t only one best cargo box in the market. A box that I might find convenient might not feel the same to you. It depends on the type of cargo you carry, the length of your trips, the roads you travel, etc. Plus, budget is another factor. So, read on to find which suits you best

Best 05 Roof Top Cargo Box Under $1000

This list of rooftop cargo boxes under $1000 is in no way an exhaustive one. This is based on my own first-hand experience with different cargo carrier boxes over the years. I have never spent more than 1000 dollars on a cargo box. And I think that’s a reasonable financial decision.

When compiling this list I took account of the expenses along with the storage capacity. Factors like the quality of the material, resistance to different kinds of impact, and the installation process also came into play.

1. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Thule Motion XT Rooftop cargo is the best rooftop cargo box under $1000. It fits well with most cars. So, you don’t have to purchase extra materials for installation. This cargo box has a huge holding capacity.

The design is very appealing and looks great on any car. I have used this cargo box for countless family trips and long road trips. When you are traveling with a lot of gear and equipment, this one gives the most awesome service.

You can fly along the highways without a hitch. No matter how much the rain or sun batters on the lid, your cargo inside will remain intact. Moreover, you can load a lot of luggage into the Thule Motion XT Rooftop cargo. It can hold up to 165 pounds.

Several pairs of skis and snowboards can fit into the box. Plus, other sports accessories. The installation is very easy and secure. There is access from both sides. As a result, loading and unloading are very convenient.


Color: Black, Titan

Company: Thule

Compatible with: Most passengers cars

Cargo Capacity: 22 cubic feet space, 165 pounds

Installation: Quick mount system


Space efficiency: The Thule Motion XT design is highly space-efficient. It boasts a huge volume of 22 cubic feet. You carry up to seven snowboards with this box. Five to six pairs of skis can easily find room in this cargo carrier.

Aerodynamically enhanced: The Thule motion is in fine tune with the rules of aerodynamics. This means, when you speed up and fly along the highway, you won’t find your cargo box pulling back on your car. The box and the speeding car will be in perfect sync.

Easy to handle: The box comes with a grip-friendly handle. Plus, it has supporting lid lifters. This makes it easy to put things in and out. Moreover, the cargo box is accessible from both sides. This cuts down your loading or unloading time in half. And can be of great help in tricky situations.

Quick and secured mount: The cargo box uses a quick-mount system to fit on the car. When the box has perfectly attached to the roof there will be a ‘click’. This will ensure you the box is firmly and securely in its place. This is a great safety measure and can save you from unwanted situations.

Safety: The Thule Motion XT is great for your luggage security. The lid locks automatically into place. Moreover, it is a one-key-compatible system. So, you have full control over your luggage’s security. see the review


Can carry a lot of luggage

Aerodynamically enhanced

Easy access and handling

Fits with most car


Not many color options

Take up quite some room in your garage.

It’s kind of a heavy box (55 pounds)

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2. SportsRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

For small-size trips the SportsRack Vista XL Rear opening cargo box is the ultimate choice. Don’t understand me wrong when I say ‘small size trips’. I have done two thousand miles road trips with this cargo box. I just had a lesser amount of luggage with me. Although the eighteen cubic feet volume is anything but less.

The SportsRack Vista XL Rear opening is ideal for small families. You can travel in any weather with this cargo carrier. Journey through heavy rain, sun, or wind. The cargo box will not scratch on your luggage. The material is very durable and radiation-resistant.

The box is lightweight. So, a single person can mount it on a car with minimum effort. It is very easy to install. It fits SportRack Rack Systems, Square bars, Round bars. Usually, most factory racks are compatible with this cargo box.


Color: Black

Company: Sportsrack

Compatible with: Most passenger cars

Cargo Capacity: 18 cubic feet space, 100 pounds

Installation: Tool-free mounting hardware


Waterproof and U-V resistant: The SportRack Vista XL is made from ABS plastic. This material is very effective against violent strikes, Ultraviolet rays, and heavy rainfall. The storage space is perfectly waterproof. Your car speeding through gushing water and nothing is happening to your stuff inside.

Tool-free installation: You can easily attach the cargo box to a rack system using U-bolts. First, you need to mount the box atop the rack load bars. Then insert the U-bolts from below. The bolts go into the interior of the box. So that, you can secure them from within. The vinyl hole covers will prevent any water from seeping into the interior.

Rear opening: The rear opening is an interesting feature of this cargo box. It lets you open and take things out of the box in the middle of the road without worrying about adjacent traffic. Moreover, you can use your bumper as a step when you load or unload something. see full review


A lot of space compared to the low price

Heat, impact, radiation, and water-resistant

Rear opening

Takes less garage space


Maximum capacity of weight is only 45 kg

Not adequate for larger families

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3. Goplus Cargo Box

The Goplus Cargo Box is one of the best and most easy cargo carriers I have used so far. The material is very thick and the weight of the box is satisfying. The durability is excellent. I have gone on long trips with all my valuable luggage in this box. Never have I experienced any damage.

Among all the rooftop cargo boxes under $1000 this one looks marvelous. The box is available in three colors. Black, white, and titanium gray. I got a Black one and it went great with my Subaru Crosstrek. It looked as if the box was a part of my car from the beginning.

Installation was easy too. The connecting anchors secure the cargo box perfectly on the roof. You can easily travel on rough bumpy roads without worrying about the safety of your luggage. Moreover, you can open the cargo from either side. This gives quick and easy access to your stuff.

The box itself is lightweight. So, it is easy on the gas. The material is high-quality ABC and PC material. This ensures that you can travel to almost any kind of terrain and weather with this cargo box. In addition, the lightweight and secured connectors let you speed up on the highway without any worries. see full review


Color: Black, White, Titanium Gray

Company: Goplus

Compatible with: Cars, Vans, SUV

Cargo Capacity: 14 cubic feet space, 165 pounds

Installation: Connecting anchors


Superior Capacity: The Goplus cargo box has superior cargo capacity. The cargo space is around 14 cubic feet. This gives you a large amount of space to store all your valuable luggage. Moreover, the box can hold up to 165 pounds of load. Therefore you can travel really heavy with this box.

Easy access: You can open the box from both sides. This is a wonderful feature for adventurers. You might need to instantly bring out an important piece of equipment from the cargo box. But just being on the wrong side of the box can make you lose the moment. With Goplus Cargo Box, incidences like these are less likely.

Best for adventure: The superior holding capacity, easy access, and durable material of the box make it the ideal cargo box for long and adventurous road trips. If you are going camping, carrying photography equipment, this is the perfect cargo box for your trip.


Excellent holding capacity

Easy to install

Ease of access to your luggage

Durable high-quality material


The packaging doesn’t come with any kind of padding

Some cars have non-compatible racks

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4. SportsRack Horizon Cargo Box

The SportsRack Horizon cargo is the best sports equipment carrying rooftop cargo boxes under $1000. The cargo box is specially designed to carry snowboards and skis. But you can carry other sports equipment in this box too.

I have successfully carried various sports bats, surfboards, and other materials over the years in this box. Aside from sports equipment, the box is great for carrying normal luggage too.

The material is tough. It is specially designed to resist common road impacts and scratches. Therefore, you can easily use this box for trips through rough terrains. The box latches perfectly to your roof.

The installation is easy too. The box weighs like thirty-three pounds. So, you can easily mount it on your car. Moreover, the quick release attachment kit makes removing and installing the box very easy. The lightweight of the box makes it easy on the fuel.


Color: Black

Company: Sportsrack

Compatible with: Most passenger cars

Cargo Capacity: 11 cubic feet space, 110 pounds

Installation: Quick release attachment kit


Ideal for skis and snowboards: This SportsRack cargo box has a narrow and elongated built. The unique design makes it ideal for carrying skis or snowboards. Plus, there will be sufficient space left to load other skiing or snowboarding-related accessories to load on.

Carry multiple pieces of equipment: This cargo box is not only built to carry skis and snowboards but also you can a lot of them. The box permits up to three to six pairs of skis to carry at a time. The length of the skis can be up to 210cm. And you can carry two to three snowboards at a time.

Passenger-side opening: Though it does not give two-way access like Goplus, this cargo box gives convenient access to your cargo, by opening on the passenger side. This makes the cargo box easy to load and unload on the other side of the traffic. see full review


Long and narrow design ideal for sports equipment

Quick release attachment kit makes installation easy

Passenger side opening

Adequate space and loading capacity


SportsRack mounting rack may be required in some cases

The Locking mechanism is less satisfactory

Check Price On Amazon 

5. TOOLGUARDS Car Top Carrier Roof Bag

This is the cheapest rooftop cargo box on this list. Although it will cost you less than three hundred dollars, still Toolguards Car Top Carrier grants you twenty cubic feet of volume. Plus, it comes with a protective mat.

At the lowest price, this is the best waterproof carrier. The zippers also have a protective coating. I have used this carrier in all kinds of weather and climates. There was never any leakage or other damage to my cargo.

The box weighs only eleven pounds. So mounting is easy. And of course, it saves on the gas too. The Toolguard rooftop cargo box is made from lost lasting material. So, it will survive for a pretty long time despite rough use.


Color: Black with yellow markings

Company: Toolguard

Compatible with: Cars with or without racks

Cargo Capacity: 20 cubic feet of space

Installation: Straps


A lot of storage at a cheap price: If you are not ready to spend much on a cargo box right this one is right for you. At a cheap price, you can securely carry around a large family's worth of luggage. The lightweight box helps you make some extra money going easy on the fuel.

Fits on Cars regardless of roof racks: This cargo box does not require a roof rack. It has four strong straps for doors and four for the roof. With those, you can secure your cargo box firmly on the roof of just any car.

Military-grade tarpaulin: Toolgear’s cargo box is made from this extremely trauma-resistant material. Which makes the carrier survive through all kinds of natural conditions without any leaking or breaking.


Good capacity at an affordable rate

Universal attachment

Long-lasting built


Doesn’t have an appealing design like the pricier ones

Strap look old-fashioned and clumsy

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Things You Should Consider When Buying A Rooftop Cargo Box

When you are thinking about buying a rooftop cargo box for your car, considering a few things before hand can help you in the long term. Don’t buy a box just because it looks cool or nice. Spend your money on something that will serve your purpose.

Your Car 

Consider your car when you are buying a rooftop cargo box. The model of your, the color, the roof racks, and the overall design.

The cargo boxes mentioned in this list are compatible with most cars. However, there is always the possibility of exceptions. So, check with the manufacturer before you buy anything.

The Places You Are Visiting 

When you buy a cargo carrier, it is very important to be mindful of the place you are visiting. You are going to a place of heavy rain, focus more on the water resistance.

When you are going somewhere the wind flows wild, make sure the box is tightly secured to your roof. On mountain tracks, your carrier needs to be impact-resistant.

Using Hole Covers Where Necessary 

No matter how much of a water-resistant material your cargo carrier is made of, the holes for the securing bolts can always permit some water entry.

So, make sure you are using hole covers to seal them completely.

Things You Will Most Likely Carry 

You should buy a cargo box according to your lifestyle and the stuff you are going to carry. Do you go snowboarding or skiing often?

If not, then do not buy one that is specifically designed for that purpose. Do you have a small family? Then don’t bother buying a gigantic cargo box.

Bestselling Vehicle Rooftop Cargo Box Under $1000 on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box, Large
Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box, Large
A versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use; Provides 16 cubic feet of additional packing space
Bestseller No. 2
Thule 614 Pulse Rack, Medium, Black
Thule 614 Pulse Rack, Medium, Black
Functional rooftop cargo box provides 14 cubic feet of additional packing space; Rugged and durable design keep contents protected
Bestseller No. 3
SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box,Black
SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box,Black
18 cubic foot (510 L) internal cargo capacity; Made from durable UV-resistant ABS material


A rooftop cargo box under $1000 can be your companion in thousand mile road trips and many more. All you gotta do is to know which kind of box is best for you. Install it right, ensure locks and safety, and don’t put more stuff than it can handle.

Wish you many happy adventures.

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