Best Roof Box On A Budget

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Roof Box On A Budget – Reviews and Comparison

Roof Box On A Budget – Reviews and Comparison

This guide will give you a detailed overview of the Best Roof box On A Budget, plus it includes pros and cons for each one.

In addition to that, we'll be looking at different features including size, weight capacity, locking mechanisms, and more!

There are many roof boxes on the market today but this article will help you find the best one without having to spend hours doing your own research.

The first thing to consider is the size of your vehicle. A roof box needs to be able to fit on top of the car, so if you have a small hatchback or an SUV, then you will need a different type of roof box than someone with a sedan.

If you just want something for extra storage then it's also worth considering how many people are in your family and how much luggage they bring when planning which size roof box is best for you.

Best Roof box On A Budget: A Review

1.Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier:

Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier offers a versatile storage solution for vehicles, and will accommodate most drinks. The roof carrier features heavy duty construction with a robust zipper that is also water resistant.

Give your goods the ultimate protection when it matters most with a new cargo carrier. The roof-top design allows for extra storage on top of your vehicle and provides endless possibilities in how to pack, transport, stack and secure larger loads.

Thanks to an easy-to-operate zipper closure system and high quality material construction, this budget friendly Amazon Basics rooftop cargo carrier guarantees 100% satisfaction at only $61.49! 

What I like

easy for storage.
waterproof and very sturdy.

what I don't like

Stitches are not strong enough.

2. The Rightline Gear Range 3 Car Top Carrier 

The Rightline Gear Range 3 Car Top Carrier securely and safely stores up to full-size suitcases, duffle bags, four large totes, and more!

This is not just a roof bag but you can also use it without rails. You might be skeptical at first but once you start packing this bad boy up with all of your luggage on a long trip - it will change your mind.

It clings snugly around the car top and has both Velcro straps which hold well under any condition while driving between 60-85 mph. The padded mat helps to reduce noise!

If you're not using a roof rack on your car, this is the top carrying bag for you. There's no more struggling to get stranded with your goods.

The weather stripping hooks will keep your belongings safe and clung securely in place while you use it as a simple trunk cover. Even without any roof rails, this bag can accommodate all of your needs!

this budget friendly Rightline Gear Range 3 Car Top Carrier at only $89.95! 

What I like

easy for storage.
sturdy design. 

quality straps

what I don't like

wind noise.

3. The Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier

The Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier is a great accessory for anyone who needs to travel in their car. This handy, lightweight bag provides airtight protection from rain and elements, no matter which season it may be.

The zipper can withstand any type of weather as well making loading and unloading your items easy! There's room on the inside to store nearly anything you need when traveling. Did we mention that this carrier is adjustable? Great for short or tall passengers alike!

This roof bag is perfect for emergency. It's a lifesaver! You can use it to carry anything from camping gear and food, to safety gear during floods or storms. Make sure your ready for anything with this bag that will protect you and all of the things you want to take with you no matter what may happen

What I like

It is plenty big.
Easy to install. 

Easy to store.

what I don't like

Straps stitching.

4. The ROOFMASTER rooftop cargo carrier

The ROOFMASTER offers a rooftop cargo carrier that's perfect for transporting luggage while also leaving space in the back seat or rear row for the kids.

The high-quality waterproof fabric and all-metal frame offer protection from even the heaviest of rainstorms, dry roads are just as safe with less surface area for water to seep through onto your belongings.

The simple installation process makes this product one of our favorite travel friends! Spend more time enjoying your family vacation and less making sure everything is strapped down tight - we promise that items contained in this carrier will be here when you stop driving at your final destination.

This softcover rooftop cargo carrier is designed with a zipper that makes it easy to seal up for travel whether it's down bumpy city streets or semi-rundown rural roads.

The pouches hold all kinds of things: clothes, blankets, pillows, books and snacks. You will forget where you packed them until they come in handy again - guaranteed!

What I like


and quiet.

what I don't like

Does not come with door straps.

5. ToolGuards Store Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The ToolGuards Store Rooftop Cargo Carrier is the king of all bags and can fit anything from clothes, to camping gear, to sports equipment.

 It easily gets any job done with its massive space and tough construction materials for stability on the roof of your vehicle (or in your truck bed).

With 24 straps that hook down and around objects inside, there’s no chance it will shift during those bumpy city streets or outdoors trekking through rough terrain.

The ToolGuards Store Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a 100% amazing and fully exceeded our expectations. It was easy to install with no hassle what so ever!

We definitely recommend this product for anyone who does not want their belongings to be taking around our of their car on the road or hiking through random parking lots looking for your vehicle.

What I like

Easy to setup
Holds a lot
great warranty

what I don't like

make noise while driving when is windy.
hard to fold back up

6. The Vetoos Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier:

With this solid design Roof Top Cargo Carrier/Rooftop Storage, the Vetoos Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier will never fail you on your endless adventures. The product is made with durable material that takes all of Mother Nature's wrath without breaking a sweat.

Easy to use and fastens to any type of vehicle, it will work well for adapting to your journey no matter what kind of terrain you may be crossing.

Innovative two piece design uses clips to attach underneath the door's weather lining, allowing it to fit onto nearly any car with ease and without tools.

Weighing just under 18 pounds yet carrying up to 110 lbs of weight capacity makes this crusie ideal for you and your family! Combined with its water resistant cover, the Roof Top Cargo Carrier is perfect for anything from sporting goods, or luggage on an extended trip by land or sea.

The Vetoos Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier ensures that regardless what form adventure awaits your vehicle in life; long travel at break neck speeds (okay maybe not quite but still fast) will be

What I like

Heavy duty material
Different straps for different mounting
Suitable for all sorts of vehicles/ mounting styles
Weather resistant material, and flaps over the zippers
Heavy duty zippers
Folds up small enough to store in the back of your car

what I don't like

make noise when is windy.

7. The RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a sturdy, lightweight carrier that mounts to the roof of your car. The design of the RoofBag ensures you can have all sorts of baggage and gear in one convenient location without worry about it taking up space in your trunk or causing visibility issues as well as other problems.

With this U-shaped mounting system, you won't need tow straps to secure it to your car--simply attach the straps around the top rails with their plastic clip closure hooks and Velcro seatbelt fasteners.

 The bolts tighten quickly and firmly so there's no wobble whatsoever; fully assembled construction includes end caps for extra security when traveling at high speeds or swirling winds.

The RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier is an excellent way to haul gear on top of your vehicle with a strong, secure design. Bring multiple items up to the rooftop without restricting or moving around too much.

What I like

high quality materials.
sturdy design.
Easy to use.
Easy install.
great price.

what I don't like

Straps limit head room inside car or truck.

8. BMW Roof Box 350

the Wild Xplorer Rooftop Cargo Carrier will be an incredible purchase for any family. This rooftop bag is extremely convenient when traveling from state to state and can withstand all weather conditions so you know your belongings are safe! Even if it does get stuck, simply scoot it back up and use the melt-away adhesive to stick it back down with 10lbs of polyurethane coating that ensures a soft grip.

the Wild Xplorer Rooftop Cargo Carrier is the solution to all your worries for traveling across the country in a car. You'll be able to carry just about anything you want and get where ever you need without worry of slipping or sliding, even on black ice snow

Even when the road gets bumpy and you need to break hard, this bag stays put. It has a sticky mat underneath that keeps it from slipping even if it's heavy as hell (ours was probably around 40 pounds)!

What I like

extremely sturdy.
Easy setup.
Easy install.
Great quality.

what I don't like

zippers broke Easy.

9. JEGS rooftop cargo carrier

JEGS rooftop cargo carrier is the go-to choice for the millions of drivers who need cargo space in a pinch. It's mounting kit is easy to install and will hold up when you are hauling brick or stone from your new home!

The roof box stays put with two metal safety clips included, and it can be installed by yourself thanks to its lighter weight than other brands.

This vehicle roof rack cargo carrier it the perfect way to pack more gear. It mounts quickly and fits easily, not to mention that it's easy on your budget, too!

With strengthened design in place, this rooftop cargo carrier is durable and heavy-duty enough to hold up well without direction from locks. Mounting hardware sold separately.

What I like

Great price.
Very easy to assemble.
made it easy to overload.
Great quality.

what I don't like

 the brackets to hold it open can be a bit tricky

10. MIDABAO Car Roof Top Carrier

The cargo bag is designed to fit up to six-foot long objects, giving you the ability to haul virtually anything from a 55-gallon drum of paint all the way up to a full length welding rod.

The MidaBao Car Roof Top Carrier installation and removal process takes just minutes after having installed it once.

 Best of all, with its removable shoulder straps and storage bag, this carrier can be transported anywhere from your house to your car without even involving yourself in additional breathable fabric because our smart design eliminates bulky air space that traps heat like a greenhouse effect.

The material is thick and durable, no problem with sagging or ripped zippers. And it's all lightweight and neatly packed away in its carrying case- so space saving! Best part? No rain issues like other models experienced.

What I like

Easy to install it.
easy to pack it.
completely waterproof.
Great quality.

what I don't like

NOT designed to fit all roof racks.

How do you secure a cargo bag to the roof?

The roof bag has become a staple for campers, travelers, and movers. It allows you to pack more than your suitcase would allow while still having the ability to store it in your vehicle. However, many people are unsure of how to install this piece of equipment onto their car's roof.

In order to make sure that you do not take up too much space on the road or cause any damage by installing it incorrectly, I have provided a few helpful steps below! 

1) clean your car's rooftop of any oils, dirt, or other debris before placing the roof bag on it. the easy pop-on set up will let you quickly and easily stash all in your luggage while still being wheel to roll as necessary!

2) Insert the Top Strap On Roof Bag Car Top Carrier, Slide the strap onto either side of your carrier at top where you see 2 front straps on each side (The one closest to you should be folded up against its guide.) Make sure that there are no twists or kinks in any part of this process - we recommend double-checking for them before tightening down all four clips so they don't undo themselves later when carrying heavier items!

3) Place Roof Bag Carrier on the Car with the Logo Facing Backwards
The side of the carrier without zipper should be facing forward in order to keep aerodynamic shape.

4) When placing your carrier on top of a car's roof, make sure the front edge is at least 8 inches behind the front end of the roof. This will minimize wind noise and improve gas mileage by preventing air from being caught in between or under it.

5) Open Zipper and Fill the Carrier While Sitting on the Car
Flip up the corners of your zipper flap to make it easier to open and turn corners while you fill up your carrier with items from inside a car.
Make sure that once it's full, though, not only will carrying be too heavy but so will filling if every time you want something out of this bag--you have to take everything else in there off first!

6) Load the carrier as full as possible to provide a smoother ride for your pet and place more items towards the rear of the bag so that it maintains its wedge shape while still being comfortable. Cushion hard or sharp objects to avoid any fabric damage on this area, which is often overlooked in haste!

7) Make sure the zipper is closed completely, otherwise you risk rain getting in!

8) The straps should always be pulled snugly, but never too tightly. Make sure to tuck the ends of the straps in, so that they don't flap around too much and disturb you while driving or riding your bike with them on!

Here’s a video generalized installation guideline:

Things to consider when traveling with a roof cargo:

When you're carrying a roof cargo bag, it's important to be aware of certain things that could happen. For instance, some parking garages might not accommodate your car if the carrier is up on top.

It is durable material but someone could easily break into your roof if they wanted too so make sure what you put up there isn't valuable or important stuff! And lastly, thieves can cut all six straps on your backpack which leaves them free of any worries when traveling overnights - so just go somewhere safe at night time.


The MIDABAO Car Roof Top Carrier is the best roof box on a budget because it has a low price, and does not sacrifice durability or quality. It also came in second place for storage space capacity.

This means that you can get an affordable roof box with just as much functionality and roominess as other more expensive models.

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect solution to your need of extra storage space so that you don't have to keep packing up all of your belongings every time you want to go out!

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