The 9 Best Roof Rack for Pickup Truck full Guide

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Pickup truck owners are people who carry things on a regular basis for work, recreation, or both. While pickups usually have some additional space for carrying cargo, some cargo is best carried from the roof. What's more, it doesn't hurt to maximize cargo space or create additional space if you carry things regularly. That's where roof racks for pickup trucks come into play.

Besides holding cargo containers that can carry suitcases and other large or bulky cargo, roof racks also provide stress-free space for carrying things like ladders, snowboards, bicycles, skis, surfboards, etc., that would take up too much space inside a truck.

Given the countless roof racks on sale today, we've researched based on many factors from price to quality, application, design and customer reviews and listed the best roof racks for pickup trucks you should consider buying.

i. Vantech Universal Pickup M1000 Roof Rack

The Vantech Universal Topper M1000 pickup roof rack on Amazon stands out as a highly sought-after pickup roof rack for individuals interested in a strong rack that can be mounted on a topper to carry a ladder and offer other cargo carrying functionalities. This roof rack is universal and made of aluminum and steel. It can fit on any pickup and is capable of handling up to 500 lbs. of cargo weight.

  • Main Features/Specification
  • Dimensions: 61 by 7 by 6 inches 
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Max cargo weight: 500 lbs.
  • Rack material: Made of Aluminum. Has a steel mounting base
  • Mounting: Universal

Roof rack for pickup truck reviews online for the Vantech Universal Topper M1000 are overwhelmingly positive (4.6/5 rating on Amazon after 560 reviews). People who have bought this pickup truck roof rack love its cargo weight capacity vs weight. At just 15 pounds in weight, this rack can handle 500 lbs. of cargo. The rack can also fit on any pickup track topper firmly thanks to the 3mm steel mounting base. If you are looking to buy a rack that will carry a ladder and other cargo up to 500 lb. with ease, the Vantech M1000 is highly recommended.

ii. TMS 800 lb. Universal Pickup Roof Rack

If you need to carry heavier cargo on your pickup roof, this rack can handle up to 800 lb. comfortably. The TMS 800 lb. Universal Pickup Roof Rack on Amazon is the perfect roof rack for contractors who own pickups. The rack's multifunctional design allows you to haul bigger, longer, and flatter items that the average pickup bed can't handle. The TMS 800 lb. Universal Pickup Roof Rack can handle everything from ladders to lumber, planks, mattresses, building tools/equipment, etc.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 30.98 by 15.98 by 10.51 inches
  • Weight: 55.6 pounds
  • Max cargo weight: 800 lbs.
  • Mounting: Universal

The TMS 800 lb. Universal Pickup Roof Rack comes highly rated for many reasons. First and foremost, individuals who need to haul heavy and long ladders among other bulky cargo love the 800 lb. cargo carrying capacity. The roof rack has also been praised for its universal utility and easy-to-install features. The rack will fit on most pickups and is reasonably priced as per reviews. Contractors and outdoor enthusiasts who carry heavy cargo often will love everything about this roof rack, including the price.

iii. Yakima Heavy-Duty Adjustable-Height Roof Rack

Searching for a pickup roof rack that can double up as a bed rack? The Yakima Heavy-Duty Adjustable-Height Roof Rack on Amazon is highly rated. Pickup truck owners may want a bed rack for camping applications or carrying cargo that require flatbed racks. Most importantly, this roof rack is adjustable.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 27 by 19.25 by 15 inches 
  • Weight: 60 pounds 
  • Max cargo weight: 500 lbs. 
  • Rack material: Made of Aluminum
  • Mounting: Universal

People who have bought and used this roof rack for pickup truck love the bed rack design capable of handling a variety of heavy load ranging from kayaks and surfboards to lumber, rooftop tents, etc. The roof rack is also praised for fitting most pickup truck beds.

The durability is also notable, with customers loving the engineered aluminum construction, which isn't just strong but looks great thanks to the durable powder-coat finishing. The rack's height can also be adjusted with ease between 19 and 30 inches to allow more cargo-hauling freedom.

The cargo security features are also impressive, according to reviews. The Yakima Heavy-Duty Adjustable-Height Roof Rack comes with tied-down points that make securing cargo easy. The rack can also be locked using an integrated same key system. Customers also love how easy it is to load cargo with the T-slot attachments.

iv. AA-Racks Model X31 Pickup Roof Rack

The AA-Racks X31 on Amazon is a heavy-duty and convenient roof rack that holds cargo or gear up over the cab's height providing unmatched front-to-back clearance while leaving the bed empty for storing more cargo. Add 800 lb. of cargo capacity without compromising existing storage.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 31 by 16 by 8.8 inches
  • Weight: 40.9 pounds
  • Max cargo weight: 800 lbs.
  • Rack material: Made of Alloy Steel
  • Mounting: Universal. Comes with a hardware package with bolts, nuts & washers.

The AA-Racks X31 has a great over-cab design allowing maximum pickup cargo carrying capacity. The design can accommodate large ladders and other heavy/ bulky load up to 800 lb. without compromising existing carrying capacity.

The rack is also extremely strong. Customers love the T-sleeve bars and mid crossbar that make it extremely hard to dent or bend the rack. This rack is definitely stronger than one-barred racks. The durability is also impressive. The rack has a powder coat paint that is resistant to scratching and rusting. What's more, customers love that they can adjust the rack width and height to accommodate a variety of cargo shapes and sizes.

v. TMS 800 lb. Extendable Rack

If you want a heavy-duty rack for your pickup truck that doesn't require drilling or cutting and offers many other benefits like adjustability and stylish design, consider the TMS 800 lb. Extendable Rack on Amazon.

The extendable top crossbar is adjustable (5 feet to 7 feet) which provides a perfect fit for your application. The 18-inches off a truck's bed makes this rack extend the length of your pickup roof for heavy-duty carrying applications without compromising anything.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 33 by 9.3 by 5.8 inches.
  • Weight: 50 pounds.
  • Max cargo weight: 800 lbs.
  • Rack material: Made of Alloy Steel.
  • Mounting: Universal&lrm.

The TMS brand used heavy-duty steel to make an adjustable multifunctional pickup rack capable of hauling longer, bigger, and heavier items that the typical truck bed or roof won't handle. Customers love that there is nothing this rack can't handle, from heavy ladders to cargo boxes, rooftop tents, bikes, skis, and more.

Most importantly, customers are elated that they don't need to drill or cut their trucks to install this rack. The height-adjustability also stands out in customer reviews. Owners of this rack love that they can extend top crossbars to meet unique cargo-hauling applications. if you want to see more options for Pickup Truck Bed racks check out this blog post.

vi. AA-Racks Model-DX36 Rack

The AA-Racks Model-DX36 Rack on Amazon is the ideal roof rack for pickup truck owners searching for universal fit on toppers and truck caps as well as adequate load capacity. At 500 lb. The AA-Racks Model-DX36 can handle ladders and other cargo regardless of shape, size, or length.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 37.17 by 11.42 by 10.79 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Max cargo weight: 500 lbs.
  • Roof Rack material: Made of Alloy Steel
  • Mounting: Universal‎ fitting on toppers.

If your pickup has a topper, the AA-Racks Model-DX36 and Vantech M1000 are definitely among the best roof racks for you. Most racks on sale won't fit toppers. The AA-Racks Model-DX36 is designed to fit toppers with some slight drilling required.

The roof rack also stands out for having a strong steel construction (made of 17-gauge steel) with a high-strength steel mounting base and crossbars capable of handling up to 500 lb. The rack is also adjustable in length (35 to 57 inches) for custom cargo-hauling capabilities. If your truck has a topper, look no further. The roof rack for pickup truck reviews for the AA-Racks Model-DX36 are overwhelmingly positive for a reason.

vii. ROADFAR Roof Rack for Tacoma Trucks

If you have a Tacoma double cab truck and wish to install a roof rack for some additional cargo-hauling space, look no further. The ROADFAR Roof Rack on Amazon has been designed to fit in Tacoma Double Cab trucks from 2005 to 2019. The roof racks are lightweight (made of aluminum) but strong enough to carry 165 lb.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 65.35 by 9.84 by 5.71 inches
  • Weight: 17 lb.
  • Max cargo weight: 165 lbs.
  • Roof Rack material: Made of Aluminum
  • Mounting: Fits Tacoma Double Cab truck

Tacoma truck owners attest to this roof rack's benefits. Having been specifically designed for Tacoma Double Cab trucks between 2005 and 2019, the roof racks fit perfectly. Customers love the lightweight but strong aluminum construction that saves on weight but doesn't compromise strength.

The cargo capacity is also ideal for typical cargo-carrying applications. You can carry roof boxes, bikes, kayaks, skis, surfboards, and more within the 165 lb. limit. The design also stands out in reviews. Customers love how the aluminum bars look great and add functionality. Their aerodynamic design has also been praised. Installing this roof rack will increase your car's cargo capacity, improve aesthetics as well as fuel consumption.

viii. The DEE ZEE Invis-A-Rack dz951550

If you want a rack that offers superior cargo-carrying capacity, consider the DEE ZEE dz951550 on Amazon, which is described by the manufacturer as cargo management system for pickup trucks. Unlike most roof racks for pickup trucks in this list, the Dee Zee Invis-A-Rack can be folded down when you aren't using it. Other notable features include the lightweight but strong design, sleek look, and durability.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 34 by 12 by 6 inches
  • Weight: 43 lb.
  • Roof Rack material: Made of Aluminum
  • Mounting: Universal

Customers love that you can have a heavy-duty pickup rack that is functional and foldable. Reviews also attest to the lightweight and strong design. The DEE ZEE dz951550 is made in America which is known for high-quality products that come as advertised. Customers also love the aesthetics coupled with the black powder coat finishing that prevents rust and other damage (like scratches). The DEE ZEE dz951550 is easily the best foldable roof rack for pickup truck owners today.

ix. Rhino Rack Ski & Snowboard Carrier

Pickup truck owners looking for the best roof rack for carrying skis and snowboards should buy the Rhino Rack Ski Carrier on Amazon. This roof rack is reasonably priced and functional. The Rhino Rack Ski & Snowboard Carrier is a simple way of attaching skis and snowboards on top of your pickup truck. This specific rack has been made for carrying two skis and a snowboard. However, you can get a universal kit that works with most crossbars.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 18 by 6 by 6 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 lb.
  • Rack material: Made of Aluminum, rubber, and plastic
  • Mounting: Several styles

Pickup truck owners who love skiing and snowboarding love this roof rack for many reasons ranging from the key lock system that ensures cargo is safe to the sleek design and weather resistance. This roof rack won't rust, scratch, or form mold.

What's more, the rack's quality is so good you get a 5-year warranty. Customers also love the universal mounting brackets that make installation easy on just about any pickup truck. The numerous sizes also allow varied ski and snowboard carrying applications. You can carry up to four snowboards and six pairs of skis for a fun family outing.

x. Thule Xsporter Pro Roof Rack for Pickup Trucks

Lastly, we have the Thule Xsporter Pro on Amazon that stands out for its innovative and aerodynamic design. The rack works as a bed system with adjustable height making it perfect for a variety of applications from carrying a rooftop tent to baskets and other cargo weighing up to 600 lb.

Main Features/Specification

  • Dimensions: 71 by 16 by 29 inches
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Max cargo weight: 600 lb.
  • Rack material: Made of Aluminum
  • Mounting: Universal

There's a lot to love about the Thule Xsporter Pro rack for pickup truck. The adjustable bar height stands out for offering cargo-carrying versatility. Customers who own this rack love it for making it easy to load, store and carry cargo.

Customer reviews also praise the unique aerodynamic design dubbed AirTrip Bar Technology that redirects airflow offering superior aerodynamics. There's more. Customers attest to the fact the rack's WindDiffuser technology doesn't drag or produce noise. What's more, you don't need to drill or cut your truck to install the rack, and you can secure it in place using special lock cylinders.

Bestselling Off-road Roof Racks on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
Apex UPUT-RACK-V2 Universal Steel Over-Cab Truck Rack
Apex UPUT-RACK-V2 Universal Steel Over-Cab Truck Rack
Add additional storage space above the bed and cab for ladders, conduit, wood, and more; Over cab design prevents damage to cab from cargo with 5" guard rails for added security
Bestseller No. 4
AA-Racks Model ADX32-C Aluminum 2 Bar (60') Universal Drilling Truck...
AA-Racks Model ADX32-C Aluminum 2 Bar (60") Universal Drilling Truck...
Mounting base is made of Gauge 7 (3.5mm actual) aluminum
Bestseller No. 5
SaleBestseller No. 6
Vantech Universal Pickup Topper M1000 Ladder Rack w/ 60' Bar Steel...
Vantech Universal Pickup Topper M1000 Ladder Rack w/ 60" Bar Steel...
Maximum weight capacity 500 lb; Will fit onto toppers (drilling required); 3mm thick steel mounting base

Concluding Thoughts

There you go. Our best roof rack for pickup truck list covers ten roof racks that will be ideal for a pickup truck owner depending on their special needs.

Whether you want a foldable roof rack, one that is aerodynamic, reasonably priced, or one that can carry up to 800 lb., you can't miss a suitable rack above.

All the roof racks for pickup trucks above are tested and proven to stand out in a special way.

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