MC Yukon Roof Box: A Complete buying Guide

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The GMC Yukon is the ideal family car!

While it is a massive and spacious vehicle, the 25 cubic feet of space in the trunk is barely enough when going on an adventure like camping or snowboarding.

To create additional space, you should get a cargo box, this way; you won't have to leave anything behind or sacrifice your passengers` comfort.

Here are the eight best cargo boxes for GMC Yukon:

1. Thule Motion XT XL

Beating every cargo box on this list, the Motion XT XL is our top pick for perching on top of your Yukon. This cargo box is highly convenient and user-friendly, with among the best, most sensitive mounting mechanisms on the market. Typically, it lets you set it up within 5 minutes.

Furthermore, the Thule Motion XT is a secure and durable cargo box featuring a locking system that hinders you from leaving it unlocked by mistake. It has an incredibly sleek and visually appealing build and comes in 2 colors to better suit a wide array of vehicles.

On the other hand, this roof box is more on the expensive side, but it's worth it if you intend to utilize it often. If you're on a budget, consider saving cash and go for a more affordable one like the JEGS cargo box. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

2. Thule Force XT XXL

With Thule gradually improving its cargo boxes, the Force XXL roof box is among the most accomplished. Perhaps, the best thing about this roof box is the generous 22 cubic feet of space, which is ideal for accommodating a wide range of smaller or even larger cargo.

The dimensions stand at 90.5 by 35.5 by 18.5 inches. It's roomy enough to hold five huge snowboards or seven skis and still leave you with some space for placing other items. Besides, it comes with modifiable roof racks, allowing you to place it somewhat forward to allow for the complete opening of the trunk.

This comes in handy to prevent damage to your roof box and trunk. Finally, it sports a double-sided opening that lets you effortlessly access your cargo from either side of your Yukon. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

3. Thule vector

The Thule vector is the rooftop cargo carriers and should be your choice if you're searching for the best. This sporty and sleek roof box has a handful of premium features.

Besides, you can easily install it alone, and it has plenty of room, even with its compact build. That said, this is among the priciest boxes, though it will be hard to find a cargo box that matches its quality. The Thule Vector is an engineering genius in terms of storage and appearance, though it doesn't compare to the Thule Motion XT. It is also highly functional with its wind-cheating construction that guarantees fuel efficiency.

However, the Vector cargo box offers smaller accommodation than other premium models like the Force XT XXL and Motion XT XL, with its space standing at 13 cubic feet. Therefore, this might not be the most suitable choice if you have plenty of gear or longer skis to carry. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

4. INNO PHANTOM 466 Roof Box

The INNO Phantom roof box is the way to go if you're in search of a spacious and elegant cargo box. It offers 18 cubic feet of space to hold eight snowboards and ten skis. Besides, it is made of sturdy ABS plastic, though the outstanding glossy finish is the center of attention. Setting up is relatively easy thanks to the INNO memory mount mechanism and compatibility with multiple roof racks.

Moreover, you can slide it forward to reduce the risk of touching the hatch. The included lock cylinder guarantees that your items are safe, and the roof box is locked onto the rack before you embark on your trip. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

5. SportRack Vista XL

Next is the SportRack SR7018, an excellent cargo box that remains quiet throughout your trip. The durable construction ensures longevity while the aerodynamic build lets the wind glide effortlessly. It calls for simple installation on multiple crossbars.

It offers plenty of space, thus a great choice when traveling with a lot of gear. The waterproof form keeps your items safe even when it's raining, and the back opening allows for swift access to your cargo. Also, the swift-release mounting mechanism facilitates fast evacuation.

You can easily install this cargo box, thus saving you energy and time. It has a U-bolt mounting mechanism that's extremely user-friendly. All the same, it needs the robust and ergonomic grasp of the premium-quality cargo boxes, but it's still easy to close and open.

With the Vista XL cargo box, you get what you buy. The lid overlays the box's underside; thus, you'll not have any issues installing it. And while it might not be as good as the top-rated cargo boxes, it will serve you for a long time. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

6. MENABO Cargo Box

Having been in the industry for a long time, MENABO is well-known for working hard to meet its clients` needs. Their products can be found worldwide and are explicitly designed to please their customers.

When it comes to their cargo boxes, they are simply a blend of safety, aptness, and creativity, which is why they can go head-to-head with the top-rated cargo boxes. Besides, Menabo has been improving the quality of its products for a long time, and the result is this magnificent roof box.

It comes with seven diamond roof box options from the 450L to 580L option; you will pick the most suitable option. Nevertheless, they all come in one color; black. So, if you don't mind having a black cargo box that'll hold all your gear safely, then the Menabo cargo box is the way to go.

The Diamond cargo box is designed to be sturdy, long-lasting, and waterproof and is made using plastic, ensuring a lightweight construction. You can easily install it alone, though you might need some assistance due to its large size. The easy-to-install hardware is easy to control; thus, you can set it up in confined spaces.

Lastly, the dual-opening feature allows you to open the cargo box from either side of the vehicle, making it easier to pack and unpack. Overall, this is a spacious, versatile, durable, and sleek cargo box. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

7. JEGS rooftop Roof Box

While this cargo box is not meticulously built compared to the Thule roof boxes, it doesn't sacrifice functionality and quality. It offers 18 cubic feet of space and can carry plenty of luggage; however, you shouldn't carry more than 110 lbs.

Furthermore, it sports rather incredible security features for such an affordable roof box. The latch at the front perfectly matches the four-corner locking mechanism for unmatched security. The fastening holes are pre-drilled so that you can swiftly fasten the roof box on the rack.

Again, it is waterproof, and you can access it from either side of your vehicle, thanks to the dual-open feature. So, this roof box is the ideal choice for a functional budget option. Besides, it's spacious enough to hold most of your cargo. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

8. JEGS 90098 Roof Box

The JEGS roof box ensures you have a more comfortable trip as it accommodates most or all of your items, so there's no need to make your passengers uncomfortable. A magnificent design, impressive aerodynamics, user-friendliness, and durability are the essential features of the most efficient roof box, and the 90098 checks all these boxes.

All the same, it offers average performance with its lightweight and flexible plastic construction. It is strong enough to handle your luggage and works fine, though it might be rather flimsy.

Overall, the JEGS 90098 is an average rooftop box, though it won't fetch a hefty chunk of your budget, as it is affordable. It will be ideal for several occasions and won't disappoint. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Things to consider when purchasing a cargo box for your Yukon

Now that you know the best cargo boxes for Yukon, the next thing is to cover the features you should look for when buying a roof box. The market is flooded with quality cargo boxes that claim to be the best, so here's what you should look for;

  • The durability of the cargo box
  • The security and safety it offers
  • How easy it is to attach it to your car
  • Ease of access to your items
  • Whether the lid is built to remain open easily
  • If it's waterproof
  • The size
  • Maximum storage space
  • Ease of storage
  • How secure the locking system is
  • Aerodynamics

Final word

With many fresh brands and a broad scope of roof box versions accessing the market daily, the cargo box industry is becoming more and more competitive. Fortunately, I've narrowed the options down to the eight best cargo boxes for your GMC Yukon, including two budget-friendly options.

You'll find multiple suitable options when selecting the perfect cargo box for your Yukon. All the same, you should choose one that meets your needs. For instance, you can choose the Thule Vector if you don't need a lot of space or the Motion XT or Force XT XL if you need a lot of space. Making the right choice will ensure you enjoy your trip.

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