Rooftop Cargo Boxes for VW Tiguan

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Are you searching for the perfect cargo box for your VW Tiguan? Are you unsure about which brand or size is perfect for your vehicle?

If you plan on traveling or going on a road trip and require a cargo box you could use to store your luggage, you are on the right page.

If you've been on the road before, you've probably experienced the inconvenience and downright frustration that comes with not having enough space in your vehicle.

You never get to experience the ultimate fun and happiness that comes with being out on an open road if you're constantly worrying about where, in your vehicle, you should place which item.

Cargo boxes are highly practical for individuals that struggle with their vehicle's capacity.

They are a great way to store bulky but precious possessions out of sight, which comes in handy, especially during road trips and family vacations. Such trips often require more space than your vehicle is designed for.

Thus, rather than sacrificing or compromising on useful items for the trip, you can fix cargo boxes to your VW Tiguan's roof and get a lot more extra space you can use to store various items.

The cargo box provides you with extra space without any practical drawbacks. For instance, you don't need to pull them around like you would with trailers.

Roof boxes are easy to store, highly portable, and compatible with vehicles that have roof rails. T

hey are less likely to cause accidents and are less expensive than trailers; they are more convenient since you won't have to rent an RV if your VW Tiguan has a roof rail.

Best cargo boxes for your Volkswagen Tiguan

1. Thule Motion XT Large Roof Box

Thule, a Swedish brand, is well known for its high-quality outdoor and adventure products. Their Products are highly durable, fitting, and competitively priced. The Swedish brand has a long-range of products, and its quality standards come second to none. Their cargo boxes are optimized for better storage and outdoor travel.

Thule's cargo box is designed for maximum internal storage, easy installation due to its auto-connect system, and an aerodynamic design for better transportation. Additionally, they have integrated torque displays for proper installation, ensuring that they'll fit your VW Tiguan's roof rails.

Thule's cargo box also has a slide lock system and is constructed with strong ABS materials that ensure excellent security. They are long and wide, allowing you to fit awkward objects or any other objects that are 75KGs or 450L. The product has a 2-year warranty for discoloration resulting from the sun's UV rays.

  • Mounting mechanism: Quick connect system.
  • Dimensions: 77 x 36 x 17 inches
  • Capacity: 165 lbs


  • Thule specializes in vehicle accessories
  • Their cargo box has a huge capacity and space
  • Has an integrated quick-connect design that has in-built displays that show accurate fitment
  • Has a strong locking system and is made with strong materials for maximum security

you can purchase it at Amazon here.

2. Thule SideKick Rooftop Cargo Box

This cargo box from Thule also has a high-quality design, is highly durable, and fits. The cargo box is highly affordable and designed for individuals on a budget; however, it still has a premium look and design.

The SideKick looks good from the outside and is designed for maximum capacity despite its smaller dimensions.

While the narrower dimensions limit its maximum internal storage, it provides enough roof space for you to mount extra items like bike carriers, etc. It's also equipped with front hinges convenient for allowing access from the rear.

It also maximizes the opening aperture, which helps you easily store awkwardly shaped items.

Like the Motion XT, The SideKick is made from strong materials and an inbuilt locking system that maximizes security. Additionally, it has a deluxe black paint finish covered by a 2-year discoloration warranty.

  • Mounting mechanism: U-bolt
  • Dimensions: 54 x 25 x 15.5 inches
  • Capacity: 75 pounds Volume: 8 cu ft


  • Has a gloss black finish
  • Has compact dimensions good for any vehicle
  • Made from strong materials for additional security
  • Has front hinges that allow for quick and easy loading

you can purchase it at Amazon here.


DNA is a Chinese brand that's relatively not young in the market; however, their products have an excellent design, are high quality, and have long-term durability.

Their range of vehicle accessories spans from roof boxes and bike racks and features innovative designs that meet crash tests and regulations.

Currently, DANA operates, in more than 15 countries and sells durable, high-quality products across the US, UK, and Europe. DANA's products are smaller than other companies; however, it is compatible with smaller vehicles and individuals carrying lighter loads.

Additionally, the smaller cargo box makes for easy storage when not in use.
The cargo box is held securely with an inbuilt lock system and can be installed effortlessly using supplied U-clamps.

Some could consider it a budget option; however, it's designed from strong, lightweight plastics coated with a UV protective layer. The cargo box also comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Mounting mechanism: U-clamps
  • Dimensions: 53" L x 34" W x 15" H
  • Capacity: 110 lbs and 11 cu. ft.


  • Has a high weight capacity for its size
  • Its relatively cost-effective
  • Has an in-built locking system
  • It's compact and suitable for smaller vehicles

you can purchase it at Amazon here.

‎4. Auto Dynasty heavy duty roof box

Menabo groups' M-way roof boxes are designed from tough and durable ABS plastic tested through strict city crash and TUV regulations. Auto Dynasty has specialized in producing vehicle accessories more than a decade.

Their cargo box is the narrowest of all boxes listed; however, this doesn't mean that it lacks sufficient capacity. It has a 400L capacity, and its minimum width allows you to store other items on the roof, including skis, bike racks, etc.

It has multiple fixing holes on the bottom and is supplied with U-clasps designed to make it fit with several vehicles and roof racks.

It also has in-built locks meant to maximize security and is designed with strong and durable ABS plastic, perfect for extreme weather conditions.

It also has a black, UV-stabilized coating designed to prevent discoloration when exposed to the sun. The M-Way comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Mounting mechanism: U-Clamps
  • Dimensions: 53" L x 34" W x 15" H
  • Capacity 11 Cubic Feet and up to 110 LBS


  • Has a large capacity despite its compact dimensions
  • Made from a company that specializes in vehicle accessories
  • Suitable for most roof rails and vehicles
  • Made from strong materials that improve durability

you can purchase it at Amazon here.

5. Sport Rack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo box

The Sport Rack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo box boasts a rear opening instead of side openings, just as its name suggests. If you prefer that design, then this is it.

It has a capacity of 18 cubic feet and is taller compared to most roof cargo boxes, so you're not confined to low-profile goods; you can comfortably fit camping stuff and a small suitcase in there.

This cargo box is likewise made of ABS plastic, which provides all-around protection and long-term durability.

It also fits on a square, circular, and most factory-built racks thanks to its shape. It also comes with tool-free installation hardware, making mounting a breeze.

In terms of security, the back opening contains a lock cylinder that secures your belongings while also locking the box in place. Last but not least, when you acquire this cargo box, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Mounting mechanism: U-Bolts
  • Dimensions: 62.5 x 19 x 39 inches
  • Capacity: 110 lbs


  • Has a metallic paint finish and a sleek design
  • Is competitively priced
  • Has an in-built locking mechanism and two extra locks for added security
  • It is simple to install

you can purchase it at Amazon here.


Although cargo boxes are necessary for people that love to travel, there are a few things you'll need to consider before purchasing a cargo box for your VW Tiguan. They include:


You'll need to purchase a cargo box that has enough room to store your property with some leftovers, just in case. The amount of room needed depends on the individual; however, you should remember that you may need to save some space on your roof rails to store other items like skis.

Roof rails and mounting type

You'll use provided mounting clamps to secure your cargo box to the roof; however, some roofs may be too wide or narrow.

Such oddly shaped roofs may require you to buy additional equipment to secure the cargo box to the roof firmly. However, this will only differ slightly due to a standardized roof rail system.


Purchasing a heavy cargo box can affect your roof's structural integrity, especially if you add heavy cargo to the box. Therefore, you'll need to evaluate your cargo box selection and determine which of them may be perfect for your vehicle.

However, they are likely to have a max-load rating, which won't make the decision that difficult.


There is a chance that you may store prized possessions on your roof while on your trip, and as such, there is a chance that someone may try to steal them. Therefore, you must choose cargo boxes with a secure locking mechanism to secure your property.

Cargo boxes are inexpensive, durable, and transferable between vehicles, making them a great investment for people who love going on road trips.

They help people travel efficiently and stress-free without needing to buy bigger vehicles or rent RVs. Additionally, they can be detached and stored when not in use.

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