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The Chevrolet Traverse has plenty of room for cargo and passengers than the Ford Explorer and its predecessor, the Chevrolet Tahoe. This is quite a spacious vehicle with 98 cubic feet of cargo space, including the third and second rows.

Its genius design makes it appear rather small from the outside than other vehicles in its category, though intelligent construction has made it roomy on the inside. While this magnificent beast will meet your storage needs, it will sacrifice seating capacity.

Hence, it would be best to purchase a cargo box, as it lets you travel without giving up your passengers' comfort. Fortunately,

I've reviewed the eight best cargo boxes for the Chevy Traverse, followed by a summarized buying guide.

Here's the review:

Thule Motion XT Roof Box

The Motion XT cargo box is deliberately designed to be user-friendly and offers convenient storage space while boasting a wind-tricking aerodynamic construction. It weighs 55 pounds, making it the ideal choice for your Chevy Traverse.

Something else to love about the Motion XT is that it can be placed somewhat forward on the roof of the vehicle, and this way, it doesn't pose any risk of contracting the car's tailgate. Besides, this cargo box comes in six different sizes and two colors.

Want the best weight-rated Thule cargo box? The Motion XT is the way to go. With 165 lbs weight capacity and 22 cubic feet of space, you can see why it is the best option for your Chevy Traverse. Again, this choice has a width of 37.5 inches, 91.5 inches in length, and 18 inches in height.

Considering its size, its 55lbs weight is on the lightweight side. Overall, the Motion XT is exceptionally constructed for significant space capacity and aerodynamics. Plus, it is versatile enough to be compatible with different cars. Regardless of its size, it will remain quiet throughout your trip. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

YAKIMA SkyBox Pro Roof Box

Yakima is among the best manufacturers in this industry, and with good reason. It has one of the most versatile and durable builds, ideal for all-year-round utilization. The YAKIMA SkyBox Pro cargo box came close to beating the Motion XT to the first position. This choice will comfortably hold huge camping equipment, including sleeping pads, sleeping bags, a spacious tent, and a stove.

While you might require to pack strategically, it offers plenty of storage, especially for accommodating compressible and soft items. Moreover, it has a flexible design that makes it compatible with most cars. On top of that, you can throw in your child's strider bike.

This cargo box can hold your snowboards and skis conveniently during winter travel. The Yakima SkyBox Pro is 185 cm long, thus can easily accommodate a 182cm long ski, and with that much space, you can also carry a snowboard.

With over 18 cubic feet of space to offer, you can rest assured that this beautifully-designed cargo box will solve your space problem. With the Yakima SkyBox Pro cargo box, you can comfortably carry eight pairs of skis or four snowboards. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Goplus Heavy-duty Cargo Box

As the name suggests, this Goplus cargo box is the option to choose when looking for a heavy-duty product. Made using PC and ABS material, this box is designed for longevity and all-weather use. The water-resistant construction ensures your items don't get rained on, and the dual-lock mechanism keeps all your cargo safe.

While the Goplus is a heavy-duty roof box made using robust materials, it weighs a mere 25 lbs. With 14 cubic feet of space, you can be sure that this roof box will accommodate even the larger luggage. Again, you can easily install it alone on your Chevy Traverse, thanks to the four swift link anchors featured.

The double-sided opening feature allows for convenient access to your cargo from either side of your vehicle. At the same time, the aerodynamic construction offers it a fetching appearance as it sits on top of your Chevy Traverse. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Thule Force Roof Box

Perhaps you would like a roomier cargo box to hold all your snowboards, skis, or camping gear. The Thule force roof box is an excellent option; it sports a sleek black design that would look magnificent on any vehicle.

This roof box is highly effective, and it comes in various sizes. So, if you need something a bit compact, you can go for the 11 cubic feet model or the medium-sized 13 cubic feet version. However, if you're looking for more space, the 17 cubic feet version is the most suitable option, as it will conveniently hold multiple large items.

This variety lets you choose according to your luggage capacity. Overall, the Force roof box is among the most reliable, spacious, and functional cargo boxes. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Thule 682 sidekick cargo box

Here is yet another excellent product from Thule; the 682 sidekick. It's fittingly named sidekick since it offers entry from one side, while the passengers' side features an opening lid. The two locks on the opening side keep your contents safe.

This is the product to look for if you only need a compact roof box for your vehicle. It has a space capacity of 75 lbs, with its dimensions standing at 54 by 25 by 15.5 inches. While assembling it is demanding, you can install it alone as it only weighs 16 lbs. The durable and robust U-bolts and the fortified plates hold it securely on the Chevy Traverse rack. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

JEGS Hard Top Cargo Box

The JEGS Hardtop is another great fit for your Chevrolet Traverse. It is made using HDPE plastic, and its construction is not only durable but waterproof as well. The aerodynamic construction is excellent for fuel efficiency, and regardless of the speed you're driving, this cargo box will remain quiet.

This roof box sports a four-locking mechanism for security, which also establishes a watertight closure for the utmost shielding of your contents. Its carrying capacity stands at 110 lbs to hold a fair share of your items.

If you're searching for a cargo box that's easy to install and doesn't call for many fancy tools, this roof box is the way to go. You will find all the tools needed to mount it on your Chevy Traverse, including an easy-to-read instruction manual. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

SportRack Vista XL Roof Box

Here is yet another medium-sized cargo box for your vehicle. Most people are not looking for a spacious roof box as they intend to carry a few items. With a weight capacity of 100 lbs, the Vista XL cargo box gives your Chevy Traverse a sporty appearance. Constructed with ABS, this roof box has 18 cubic feet of waterproof storage.

The most exceptional feature about the Vista XL is the back opening lid, which provides access to your items from the rear of your vehicle. This feature will come in handy precisely when you've parked your car in tight spots. Furthermore, the lid will remain open effortlessly for access, while the lock cylinder keeps your items safe and develops a waterproof covering once locked. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

SportRack Horizon Roof Box

Another product from SportRack. This is a product that will get the job done. Besides, it is an ideal budget option that doesn't sacrifice design or efficiency. It will easily carry your skis, snowboards, and other gear on your vehicle's top.

The Horizon roof box will not disappoint in terms of portability and stability. SportRack has manufactured multiple top-quality products, and the Horizon roof box is no exception. The primary benefit of this cargo box is its affordable price.

Hence if you don't intend to break the bank, this option is perfect. It offers 11 cubic feet of space and can conveniently hold three snowboards or six skis as it is 210 cm long. This makes the Horizon roof box stand out among the rest as it is longer than most top-of-the-line cargo boxes. What's more, it also comes in XL and L versions in the event that your storage needs exceed the medium-sized cargo boxes. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Things to consider when choosing a cargo box for the Chevrolet Traverse

Having reviewed the best cargo boxes for Chevy Traverse, it only makes sense to look at the factors that led to conclude that these eight are the best. Here's what to look for:

  • The durability of the cargo box
  • The security and safety it offers
  • How easy it is to attach it to your car
  • Ease of access to your items
  • Whether the lid is built to remain open easily
  • If it's waterproof
  • The size
  • Maximum storage space
  • Ease of storage
  • How secure the locking system is
  • Aerodynamics

The Chevy Traverse is an engineering work of art in terms of space. The appearance and feel of this automobile are of a medium-sized vehicle compared to other cars in its league, though it has a lot more space thanks to its genius construction. That said, it is only spacious when the 2nd and 3rd-row seats are down. So, when you're carrying more than three people, it'll be less spacious and more uncomfortable; hence buying a cargo box would be a good idea.

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