Rooftop Cargo Box for A Dodge Caravan: A Complete Buying Guide

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I've put together this buying guide to help you determine what you need in a roof  cargo box and which ones are ideal for your Dodge Caravan.

I'll start by addressing the most obvious question on everyone's mind: 

I'll also provide you with some of our favorite options to better understand what to look for when browsing the market for the ideal roof cargo boxes for Dodge Caravan.

Do you need a cargo box for your Dodge Caravan?

It is dependent on your requirements. A cargo box is a fantastic choice if you want to transport a lot of items. They give a large amount of storage capacity and are simple to install.

It's never an easy task finding the ideal storage boxes for your Dodge Caravan. After all, these large automobiles come with various features that can make it challenging to find one that suits your needs.

Do Dodge Caravans Have Roof Racks?

There are factory roof rails and racks that are cheaper than the aftermarket ones, but since you didn't get the roof rail when you bought the Van, The factory racks are nice in how they stow away but are limited in what you can carry and don't accept many of them as one for carrying things like roof box, skis racks, kayaks, etc. So, although expensive, the aftermarket racks should work better for you.

So to find the roof rack that best fits your dodge caravans, I'd recommend double-checking by using this Roof Rack Fit Guide. And You can find the exact parts discounted online from amazon for a reasonable price.

Dodge Caravan Cargo Roof Boxes:

The first thing to consider when looking for a cargo box for your Dodge Caravan is the size of your automobile. The Caravan is a large automobile, meaning it has a large cargo area.

This is generally between 14 and 18 feet long and 6 and 10 feet high, which means you have a lot of space to work with. Most storage boxes are around 14 feet long, making this size recommendable.

1. JEGS 90098 Cargo Carrier

This Cargo Carrier is the first selection on our list. It has an 18-cubic-foot storage capacity. This roof box has a weight capability of 137 lbs. It may be assembled and installed without the use of any tools. It has a streamlined make and looks fantastic. This cargo box needs a rack installation and is only functional with rooftop racks.

The cargo box is packed with all of the essential mounting hardware and two lock keys. It also includes a warranty. It will fit on both the block and disc-like rail tacks. It is suitable for all types of harsh weather. The outside clutch and holding covers are pretty convenient and simple to hold.


  • This is a vehicle cargo carrier with an 18-cubic-foot HDPE plastic hard shell that secures and protects your belongings; max-volume indoor measurements of 57 L x 38 1/2 W x 17 3/4 H in. Streamlined make for reduced fuel consumption.
  • Waterproof backpack storage with four-sided locks, front hinge, and damp-proof lock for maximum rooftop protection.

2. Goplus Cargo Box

The dimensions of this roof cargo box are 63" x 31" x 15". There will be no protrusion when installing this roof cargo box on top of your Dodge Caravan. It is light. It barely weighs 25 pounds. This Goplus roof cargo box has a storage capacity of 14 cubic feet. It also has a dual-sided opening function and comes in three colors: white, titanium grey, and black.

The metal lid studs at the bottom of this roof box make it exceptionally solid and secure when driving. It is made of ABS and plastic. As a result, it is pretty sturdy and will last for a significant duration. This roof box is suitable for all-weather situations. It comes with four fast-attach clamps to make installation simple. It also has ultra-latch security, protecting your belongings by keeping the lid tightly attached to the base.


  • The roof of the cargo box is suitable for use in all weather conditions. The metal lid includes a double-lock for extra safety. It has a rigid linear bottom to increase the box's safety and stability.
  • The cargo box has a capacity of 14 cubic feet, enhancing storage space while maintaining comfort.

3. Thule Force XT Roof Box:

This cargo box has a large amount of interior room. It has a capacity of 21 cubic feet, making it ideal for those looking to purchase a cargo box for their vacations. Skis and other long objects will be able to be transported. Force XT weighs 165 pounds as well. It has a power gauge linked to the clicking strength system, making the installation of the roof box simple. All one needs is steadily hold it down in place, and you're done.


  • An adaptable cargo box may be put on the roof and used daily.
  •  Dual-side entry from either side of the car allows for simple access to all sections of the box.
  • It provides an additional 18 cubic feet of packing area. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of automobiles with optimal space economy.
  • The quick-mount mechanism " clicks when the roof box is securely and correctly placed, and the quick-mount mechanism "clicks."

4. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Box

The Thule Motion XT is an excellent example of a contemporary, sleek, aerodynamic roof box. It is ideal in terms of size and storage capacity. This roof box unit is available in two sizes: 16 feet and 22 feet. It measures 79 x 31.5 x 15 inches on the inside. The 22-foot-long model is the more extended type of roof box; it will fit easily on large car roofs. The Motion XT can easily support 165 pounds.

It is compatible with the One Key System, making it considerably easier to secure your roof box and keep your belongings safe. If you plan on taking journeys with your roof box regularly, this one might be a good choice for you.


  • A spacious roof-mounted cargo box adds 22 cubic feet of packing capacity. Designed for maximum space economy, aerodynamics, and automobile fit.
  • The quick-mount mechanism " clicks when the roof box is securely and correctly placed, and the quick-mount mechanism "clicks."
  • Handles that are easy to grip and lid-lifters that support the lid make it simple to open and close.

5. Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Box

The Yakima RocketBox Pro has dual-side access and is opened with two sets of keys. It is also available with SKS locks and a push-button lock mechanism to secure this roof box. If you want to open it, hit the button, and if you want to close it, press the top of the cargo box. It comes with a matte black finish. It can repel air, which means reduced drag and better gas mileage. This rooftop freight box can handle items up to seven feet long.


  • Because of its streamlined form, which lowers the tow and increases the flap level, it is suitable for small automobiles.
  • Ideal for tiny automobiles, hatchbacks, and SUVs. It can haul two individual camping gear.
  • Most aerodynamic bars are compatible with quick-dial mounting hardware.

6. Thule Vector Roof Box

The Thule Vector has a sleek, attractive design with seamless lid integration, and the base offers a distinct look to any automobile. The Vector offers felt-lined storage, motion-activated LED lighting for improved visibility at night, a flush-mount closing for added security, a dual-side opening to access gear from either side of the car, and a robust lid. It has a sleek, streamlined design and can hold up to 165 pounds of weight.


  • The utilization of bright, motion-activated LED lighting and a white interior allows greater night visibility.
  • A sleek, streamlined cargo box with quality features that complement the standard car's appearance.
  • The unique flush-mount latch and strengthened lid allow for easy dual-side access.
  • Internal felt-lined foundation for increased gear protection.

Final Verdict

When selecting a cargo box to buy, there are a variety of alternatives on the market. However, you must select a cargo box ideal for you. You want to be autonomous anytime you are on the road. When it comes to the room, you must make a reasoned selection when ordering your cargo box.

Furthermore, after selecting a suitable product, utilizing your tour fully is guaranteed.

Choose one of these cargo boxes for your Dodge Caravan if you would like the ideal cargo box for your car. Upon owning either of the cargo boxes, plan to travel with pleasure and go on a vacation guaranteed your storage space is catered fully. Each cargo box featured here is one-of-a-kind, with its own features. So, each item is ideal for a particular need. Once you've decided, choose the storage product that favors your luggage size.

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