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You're out camping, hiking, or just traveling and you need to carry your stuff with you. A problem arises when there's not enough space in the backseat of your car for all of those items that are necessary for getting from point A-B without breaking.

The Rightline Cargo Bag Review gives you everything you need to know about this product including how much weight it will hold, what size of the vehicle it fits on, and if there are any downsides.

Key Features of Rightline Gear Car Top Cargo Bag

When buying a cargo bag for your car, you should look at all of the features and advantages. The following guide will help explain what it takes to find just the right one!


The Rightline Gear company has created a car bag that protects your belongings from rain and snow. The durable PVC material on the outside of this cargo tote will not allow water to seep inside, while also being coated with an anti-UV coating for added protection against fading in sunlight exposure!

The weatherproof nature of luggage is important when traveling by vehicle since these types of targets tend otherwise be at risk; however, some may consider themselves lucky if they don’t end up having any issues during their trip due to either excessive amounts of precipitation or high temperatures.

Three Size Options

The Rightline Cargo Bag is the perfect way to store your car's cargo in style. With three size options available, depending on how big a vehicle you have and what type it is - whether small or not so much of an average passenger car-, there will be one that's just right for whatever situation arises!

Aerodynamic Corners

The Rightline Gear Cargo bag is designed with aerodynamic corners, making it stable even when driving at high speed. So you won't be worried about the bags falling during your trip and on both sides, there are sturdily fastened straps that keep everything in place no matter what happens outside!

The cleverly crafted cargo carrier features an airflow-optimized design that reduces drag for reduced wind resistance while keeping its shape so it doesn’t shift or bunch up under pressure from the turbulence created by passing trucks driving alongside each other--a common occurrence while navigating busy highways where cars often get thrown around like leaves caught in autumn gale winds.

UV Protection

What makes Rightline Cargo Bag special? It has a special coating that prevents the UV lights from ruining its pigments. The coated mesh also helps to maintain sturdiness, and keeps your bags looking young for longer periods of time!

Four Sturdy Straps

Rightline Gear's Car Top Cargo Bag is an extremely versatile bag that can be attached to your vehicle with four sturdy nylon straps. It will securely hold any weight you throw at it, whether on racks or even without a rack! The specially designed design makes sure there are no sharp edges anywhere near where baggage may contact while driving - which would otherwise bring about some dangerous situations if not for this innovative idea from Rightlinegear.


Made of Great Quality Material

The Rightline Cargo Bag is a durable bag that can carry all your gear and still look good on the outside. It's made with high-quality material such as PVC mesh, nylon, polyester for long-lasting features! Although there are other brands out in the market which might offer more appealing quality than this one does but its qualities make up for it by being sturdy enough to last through anything you throw at them.

Easy to Install

Roof cargo bags are one of the most convenient ways to ship items because you don't have to install them. All that's required is connecting straps from vehicle racks, and then place your goods into it! Unlike a standard box or bag where installation can be difficult at best (or both), these things attach like magic onto any flat surface – which means less time spent figuring out how in order for everything to work as expected later down the road when trying to move again without being weighed down with too much gear already present.


The Rightline Gear Cargo Bag is a dependable bag that has many features to make your ride more comfortable. The weather resistance and sturdy build will keep you safe from wet or windy conditions, while the aerodynamic system helps reduce drag so overall speed can increase with less effort! You'll love how this product offers convenient storage for all of those extras not usually seen in most rooftop carriers. It also includes an extra-large capacity which means there's plenty of room left over if needed!

Works well for Cars with or without Rack

A unique feature about this bag that makes it stand out from other roof-top bags on the market is its versatility; whether you have racks in your car already installed or not at all - this type of product will work perfectly well as long as there are two anchor points (one near each end) where straps connect them together tightly enough so nothing shakes loose while driving down Highway during the rush hour traffic jam.

Large Capacity

The Rightline Cargo Bag is a must for any family or group of friends traveling with carry-on luggage. With its large size, you can pack enough clothes and other belongings to last the whole trip!


The advantages Rightline Gear Car Top Cargo Bag can offer overshadowed its slight disadvantages. But, they can still help find your best cargo bag or cargo carrier.

A Bit of Noise

Most cargo bags are noisy, but the Top Cargo Bag is designed with aerodynamic corners to reduce unwanted sound. You'll want your vehicle's insulation level high enough so that it doesn't make a difference when driving fast and this will depend on what type of car you're in!

How To Install Rightline Cargo Bag

Here’s a video generalized installation guideline:


With Rightline Cargo Bags, you can be assured of a rugged and durable bag for your vehicle. The company offers various features that are perfect for all types of cars or trucks like their lightweight design as well as an easy installation process- making this the best option if safety concerns come up while driving on roads with other vehicles around!

Their materials also last long so no need to worry about replacing them anytime soon either. If getting yourself some new gear is something on sale at present then get it now because these things sell out fast!"

If you're ready to get your very own Rightline Gear Car Top Cargo Bag, you can click on this link! You can also visit us here to check out other best-quality cargo bags, boxes, and carriers.

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