INNO Cargo Box vs Thule

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Given the size of the automobile industry and market, it’s not surprising that there are virtually countless options for cargo boxes to go with them. Knowing which brand is right for you can be challenging.

Thule has been doing the most business in this area for a long time, but we are constantly hearing about the newer brand INNO—so which is better? Well, here’s what I think:

While both are high-quality products and will do you well, if you’re looking for a premium option, Thule is the best choice. INNO is not poor quality by any means, though—they offer sleek, high-quality designs without the premium price tag.

The only definitive answer in the INNO vs. Thule cargo box debate is that it depends on your needs. Both have substantial advantages over the other, meaning neither is considered inadequate or unworthy. Therefore, let’s break this down in more detail and give you the best chance of making an informed decision.

Is INNO a good brand or is Thule better? The Face-off

It’s never easy to say whether one brand is better than another with much certainty. Both companies offer premium products at reasonable prices on the face of it. The differences can seem subtle, so let’s look at a few essential metrics to help you decide on a cargo box.

Company overview

If you’ve researched your cargo box options already, you have probably heard of Thule. Thule is one of the oldest players in the industry and has provided high-quality, premium products to its customers for almost eight decades. They can undoubtedly boast the most significant market share of any company selling such products.

By comparison, then, is INNO a good brand? Well, in short, yes. They may not be as old or well-established as Thule, but they have had a fairly meteoric rise since their more recent starting years. Their name tells you everything they strive for in a nutshell: INNOvation.

They first appeared on the market back in 2003, beginning in the U.S. and since expanding to Europe. So, although they’re a newer company, it’s still far from young.

Product Range

One of the first things you’ll need to think about in your decision-making process is the range of available options. Both companies have proven track records, but this won’t be much good if their cargo boxes don’t suit you. Both have a wide range of products, though Thule’s is bigger:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)

Thule Vector

360L – 430 L

Thule Motion XT

300L – 610 L

Thule Force XT

300L - 500L

Thule Ranger

260L – 280L

Each of these names relates to a line of cargo boxes varying in size. Most lines have two to five options within them. INNO’s range is not quite as extensive, though still considerable:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)







Ridge Trunk


INNO has the same number of ranges offering different solutions for different needs but does not boast as many individual products. So, if you need a wider choice, Thule is probably the way to go.

Product Quality

Now, we’ve looked at both companies and their product ranges. The next thing on your mind is probably the actual quality of the products themselves: This is obviously very important in the INNO vs. Thule cargo box debate.

Most would say that you cannot go wrong with Thule. There is certainly a reason they have achieved and maintained the highest market share in this industry over the years. Their product is quality and premium, and the best on the market for a reasonable price.

That said, INNO is not interested in a subpar product. Again, the fundamental question, is INNO a good brand? Though it can be harder to gauge, purely because Thule is a much bigger company with a high volume of reviews, I can see most INNO customers are pleased with their purchases.


If you think you might have decided by now, what we’ll need to turn to now is how easily you can buy these products. Thule, again, are the leaders in this category—as a benefit of their age, they’ve achieved much greater reach:

Purchasing Options for Thule

Purchasing Options for INNO

Online retailers

Online retailers (Self and third-party sellers)

Many third-party retail sellers online/offline (Global)

Online marketplaces (Amazon)

Online marketplaces (Amazon)

Both companies have global reach, though Thule may be easier to get hold of depending on where you are.

Pros and Cons of INNO and Thule

With all of these details out of the way, let’s look at a breakdown of each option’s most essential pros and cons. This bitesize look should help you make your final decision.

INNO cargo boxes



More affordable, budget option

Less widely available than Thule

Wide range of products

Cannot boast the reputation or market share of Thule

Sleek, stylish designs

The lower range of cargo box volumes

Thule cargo boxes



Highest quality, premium crates on the market

Much higher cost, often double the cost of an equivalent  INNO box

Massive range of choices to fit any needs, from the smallest to the largest box

Available anywhere in the world, whether online or in-store


At the end of the day, you have a great choice in both of these companies. The final decision will depend on exactly what you’re looking for. Thule will be the way to go if you need the premium quality, the best product on the market, and you need a good range of options. As I said, you cannot go wrong with these industry giants. But if you are operating on a more limited budget, INNO is clearly also committed to the same quality of service and product without the hefty price tag.

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