How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold?

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Before you run out to buy a roof box for your car, you might want to consider whether or not it's worth it. A roof box for your vehicle is a great way to organize your vehicle and keep your personal belongings safe. However, you need to know how much weight your roof box can handle.

All roof boxes have a maximum weight that you typically should not exceed. Majority of the roof boxes' maximum weight range from 110 to 165 Ibs (50 to 75 kg). 

This article will cover the weight capacity of a roof box for a car and how to mount one on your vehicle securely.

What to Look for in Your Ideal Roof Box

Roof box weight capacity is among the essential factors to consider when you want to buy one. If you exceed the roof box's maximum weight capacity, it might not be able to support the extra weight, and your belongings might get damaged in the process or even the car roof. Here are some features that you should look out for when buying a roof box for your car:


The materials used in building your roof box are significant because they determine how much weight your roof box can handle. The most common materials used in making roof boxes are ABS plastic or aluminum. ABS plastic is lighter than aluminum but not as rigid as aluminum. Aluminum is stronger and tougher than ABS plastic, but it weighs more, meaning it is not ideal for smaller cars. A good quality roof box will have the maximum load capacity written on its label, so ensure that your chosen model has these labels before purchasing.

Locks and Hinges

The locks and hinges of a roof box are also vital because they keep your belongings safe inside the box while you're driving down the road. Most modern-day roof boxes have locking mechanisms that allow their lid to be closed while driving so that no one can open them without knowing how to open the locks. Some of the locking mechanisms also have a security code that you can set up, so if someone tries to open the locks without knowing the code, it won't be able to open.

The hinges are essential because they work with the locking mechanisms and keep the lid closed while driving. You should look for a roof box with strong hinges and locks to prevent your belongings from falling out while you are on the road.


The security features of your roof box are also important since they keep your belongings safe at any given time. Most of today's roof boxes come with security features like anti-theft locks and alarms that will alert you when an attempt is made to break into your roof box. A good-quality roof box will have some security features, so make sure you choose a model with these features.


The size of a roof box is critical because it determines how many things can fit inside at one time. There are different sizes available on today's market, so ensure you choose a size that fits all of your needs.


The initial price of a roof box is also crucial because it determines how much money you'll have to spend on buying one for your car. Different price ranges are available on today's market, but make sure that you don't spend too much money on a typical roof box. It should be made of good quality and able to handle your stuff but not too expensive.

How to mount a roof box on your car

How to mount a roof box on your car

The best way to securely mount a roof box on your car is by using a crossbar. The crossbar is usually made of aluminum and can be easily attached to the roof of your vehicle. It's a great way to safely carry heavy equipment such as bikes, kayaks, and even surfboards without damaging your car's roof. It's also great for carrying extra luggage when you go on long trips.

A crossbar provides additional stability and more room for you to store all your belongings in the trunk of your car while keeping them safe from thieves.

To get the most out of your crossbars, it's highly recommended that you purchase some cargo straps as well. Cargo straps will secure the roof box or other equipment on top of it, thus preventing any accidents or damage due to high winds or sudden braking.

When choosing a cargo strap for your roof box, make sure that it's compatible with the weight capacity of your roof box. If you want to use the cargo straps with your roof box, ensure the maximum weight capacity of your roof box is higher than the maximum weight capacity of your cargo straps.

If you have a hardtop on your car, you should also purchase a hardtop carrier. A hardtop carrier can be easily attached to the crossbars of your car and will provide additional protection for both the crossbars and your belongings when you go for a road trip or camping experience.

How to secure a car-top carrier

Cargo straps are great for securing all kinds of equipment on top of a vehicle, but they can be challenging to install correctly. You need to make sure that they're tight enough but not too tight so that you don't damage any parts of the vehicle or cause any accidents while driving. However, if they're too loose, they won't provide any protection at all.

The best way to install a cargo strap is to first attach it to the roof box or whatever you're going to secure with it. Then, you should run the belt through the inside of your car and tighten it up as much as possible. Once that's done, you can attach the other end of the strap to your vehicle's crossbars.

You can also use additional safety straps to fix your cargo in place. These straps are usually sold separately from a cargo strap and provide extra protection for your belongings when driving on bumpy roads or on windy days.

Take Away

Before installing a roof box, it is crucial to understand how much weight the roof of your car will hold. You should also know the maximum weight the pack will carry to maintain the vehicle's stability even while moving at high speeds.

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