Best Rooftop Cargo Boxes in 2022

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Rooftop Cargo Boxes carriers can be a great way to transport extra items when you're driving. They are available in different sizes and styles and can be attached to most cars. Prices for rooftop cargo carriers vary, so shop around before purchasing.

The average cost Prices for solid rooftop Cargo Boxes carriers are between $250 and $1600 US dollars depending on the sizes, features, and quality. With an average capacity of between 8 and 22 cubic feet.

Roof Cargo Box Price Comparison Table for July, 2022









SkyBox 12

Lo, 12, 16, 18, 21cu. ft

110 lbs

Dual Side

95 x 38 x 14 inches

4-6 pair skis

64 Pounds




14 cu. ft.

110 lb

Dual Side

62.5 x 30 x 15 in.

6-8 pair skis

25 lbs.


SkyBox 18

Lo, 12, 16, 18, 21cu. ft

165 Ibs

Dual Side

94 x 38 x 18 inches

5-7 pair skis

62 Ibs


Thule Pulse

11, 14, 16 cu. ft.

110 Ibs

Dual Side

67 x 35 x 16 in.

4-6 pair skis

36 Ibs


SkyBox 16

Lo, 12, 16, 18, 21cu. ft

110 Ibs

Dual Side

81 x 36 x 15 in

5-7 pair skis

60 Ibs


Thule Motion

16, 18, 22 cu. ft.

165 lbs

Dual Side

84.5 x 36 x 17 in.

5-7 pair skis

55 Ibs


RocketBox Pro 14

11, 12 cu. ft

110 Ibs

Dual side

58 x 36 x 16 in

4-6 pair skis

57 Ibs


Rhino-Rack MasterFit

15.5 cu ft

165 Ibs

Dual side

77 x 34 x 18 in

6-8 pair skis



RocketBox Pro 11

12, 14 cu ft

110 Ibs

Dual side

89 x 24 x  16 in.

4-6 pair skis

38 lbs


SportsRack Horizon

11, 16, 17 cu ft

110 lbs

Rear Open

63 x 38 x 19 in.

6-8 pair skis

28 lbs.


CBX Solar Premium

16 cu. ft

165 Ibs

Dual side

83 x 38 x 15 in

5-7 pair skis

60 lbs


Thule Force XT

11, 16, 18, 22 cu. ft.

165 Ibs

Dual side

74.8 x 33 x 18 in.

5-7 pair siks

52 Ibs


CBX 16 Premium

16 cu. ft

165 Ibs

Dual side

 83 x 38 x 15 in

5-7 pair skis

57 Ibs



8, 11, 13,14, 18 cu.ft.

110 lbs

Dual Side

63 x 38 x 19 in.

4-6 pair skis

42 Ibs


CBX 18 Premium

18 cu. ft

165 Ibs

dual side

91 x 38 x 17 in

5-7 pair skis

65 Ibs


SportRack Vista

18 cu ft

100 lbs

Rear Open

63 x 38 x 19 in.

5-7 pair siks

28 lbs.


GrandTour Lo Premium

15 cu. ft


Dual side

 91 x  37 x 10 in

4-6 pair skis

62.5 Ibs


JEGS Rooftop

18 cu. ft

165 lb

Dual Side

57 x 38.5 x 17.8 in.

5-7 pair skis

28 lbs.


GrandTour 16

16 cu. ft

165 Ibs

Dual side

79 x 35 x 18 in

5-7 pair skis

51.5 Ibs


Thule vector

13 cu. ft.

165 lb

Dual Side

91 x 35 x 12.5 in

4-6 pair skis

59.3 Ibs


GrandTour 18

18 cu. ft

165 Ibs

Dual side

91 x 37 x 17 in

5-7 pair skis

60.5 Ibs


Thule 682 Sidekick

8 cu. ft.

75 lbs

Passenger Side

54 x 25 x 15.5"


19. lbs.


SkyBox Lo 

15 cu ft

110 Ibs

Dual side

92 x 36 x 11 in

4-6 pair skis

52 Ibs


SkyBox 21

21 cu. ft

165 Ibs

Dual side

92 x 36 x 18 in

5-7 pair skis

62 Ibs


Now we know how much the average price is; let's look for more details about these carriers by the information I put together here to help you understand what to look for when choosing one, depending on your needs and budget.

When choosing a rooftop cargo carrier, be sure to consider the following factors:


When it comes to fitting the carrier to your car, you'll want to make sure that it is compatible with the roof rack system on your vehicle. Some vehicles come with rails or racks already installed, while others will require you to get them yourself. If your car doesn't have a roof rack or rails, you can install a bare roof rack or cross bars if your vehicle has a roof rail.

Roof Rails

roof rails are tow parts going by the length of your vehicle roof; they are an essential base for any roof rack system; you will need them to install a cargo box, bike rack, or kayak carrier.

Roof Rack

A roof rack is a system that enables you to transport items on top of your vehicle safely, they come in different styles and designs depending on the activity you want to do with it. If you're going to add a roof rack to your car without a roof rail, I recently wrote an article. You check it by clicking here. I went into detail about attaching a roof rack without roof rails, so make sure to check that.

Weight Capacity

The first thing you need to keep in mind is your vehicle weight capacity and the rooftop carrier. According to most car manufacturers, the average weight capacity for a car roof is between 110 and 165 according to most car manufactures and is 110 to 165 Ibs for most rooftop carriers.

So make sure you meed that weight capacity that your car manufacturer recommends. This is very important to avoid damage to your car roof and essential for safety.


The second thing is to make sure the carrier you choose will fit on your car roof; they come in different sizes, so you need to match it with your car roof size.

You need to measure the heights, the hach and the reason to ensure your rooftop is not too high specialty if you have a garage and easy tailgate access in the back.


Most rooftop cargo carriers are made of plastic Polyurethane and Carbonite, so they are not entirely waterproof, but some come with locks, making them more secure and watertight. And It's aerodynamic, stylish, and practical at the same time. 

In addition, some come with a dual side, passenger, and rear opening, making it easy to access your things without having to unload the entire carrier.


There are many different rooftop cargo carrier brands on the market, so it's essential to choose one that is high quality and will last long. In terms of quality, Below, I'll go over a few examples of the top high rated and well-known brands with different styles and quality to look for in rooftop cargo carriers to get an idea of what others think about the quality of the product.

Roof Cargo Box Price Comparison Table for June, 2022

I've made this table easy for you; I have listed everything you need, including pricing, weights, Price, Volume, Capacity, Opening, Dimensions,and more, I also want you to feel confident when you buy these products.

This comparison is to help pick out the best roof box to buy. It will help get a roof box that will suit your preference and needs.

1: SkyBox 12 Carbonite Skinny Cargo Box

First one on our best rooftop cargo boxes list are the SkyBox 12 models. It's a 12-cubic foot SkyBox model featuring Carbonite. It's not a low-profile model, but it still has a sleek design. The Carbonite ensures superior durability. This cargo box will last you for many years to come. Its design will also reduce drag and wind noise. 

If you've ever used a noisy cargo box, then you know how annoying it can be on the road. Nothing is worse than heading out on a long road trip to realize that your cargo box makes a horrible sound. 

You can sing all the campfire songs you want, but nothing will dampen the wind noise.

You'll never run into that problem with the SkyBox 12. It's as quiet as a mouse when on the road. It also has quick-release mounting hardware for easy installation. With it, you can mount and remove your cargo box within minutes. 

The tool-free installation is also a plus. If you don't like fiddling with tools to install things, you'll love this box. The quick-release mounting hardware is very intuitive to use. It's also very lightweight, so one person can easily pick it up and place it on the roof.

2. GoPlus Cargo Box

This roof box is manufactured from high-quality material (PS and ABS). This material makes it strong and helps protect your luggage from corrosive elements. In addition, it has 14 cubic feet of storage capacity, thus enabling you to tag your extra luggage along.

It has a streamlined shape that significantly reduces the drag effect and noise as you drive along the highway. It weighs 25 pounds and has a dual side opening mechanism; thus can be centrally placed on your roof rack.

This roof cargo box is easy to install and compatible with most aerodynamic crossbars and racks. It also has an advanced security system making sure your stuff is protected.

3: SkyBox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box 

The SkyBox 18 is the third in the SkyBox series, following the SkyBox 15 and 16. It's another Carbonite Yakima cargo box. As a result, wind drag and road noise are reduced. Not only that, but it's a very long-lasting material that won't scratch or fracture. It's waterproof, UV-resistant,t and more. So you won't have to worry about any damage from the elements happening to your things.

The black chrome on this beast is both covert and stylish. It also has SuperLatch security features and SKS locks, making it highly safe. So you won't have any issues securing your outdoor toys for the next journey.

Along the way, you'll go with confidence that your belongings and equipment are safe and secure. You won't spend another sleepless night checking your car in the parking lot in a motel room! 

This style is ideal if you want to minimize hatch interference. It has a unique tapered design, which practically eliminates hatch collision. Yakima's standard dual-sided opening is also included. So, whether you're loading or unloading your goods, you can do so from either side of the truck using this system.

As with the other models, it has a universal fit that will attach to your crossbars or roof rack.

4. Thule Pulse Roof Cargo Box

It is a budget-friendly car roof box, and it offers extra storage at an affordable price. It is made of ABS plastic for a durable, lightweight box frame. In addition, it has a 14 cubic storage capacity enabling you to tag along with your extra valuables.

It also has a central locking system with a key. The best part about this roof cargo box, it only locks after all the edges of the lid have closed together, thus making sure your roof box is properly locked.

The car roof box can only be accessed from one side, the passenger side; it has lifters that automatically hold the lid open, thus offering free hand access to your valuables. It is also straightforward to install, especially after reading the manufacturer's instructions.

5: SkyBox 16 Carbonite Cargo Box 

The SkyBox 16 is the next model in the SkyBox series. It has a capacity of 16 cubic feet, as you would expect. Again, Carbonite helps to reduce drag and wind noise. You may carry more goods, suitcases, skis, and other items with extra storage space. It has similar quick-release mounting hardware to the previous SkyBox model. The installation is also quick and easy, taking less than five minutes.

You won't have to use any complicated equipment to set it up. First, you need to lift it and attach it to your crossbars. Then, you can remove it in seconds, thanks to the fast release.

That's ideal because it allows you to sleep in your car once you've been traveling for a lengthy period. You don't want to bother with a complicated removal procedure when you get home. With this design, removing it is a breeze. So that you can relax and recover from your journey, you may store all of your stuff in this box. The price is also very reasonable, coming in at $599.00.

6. Thule Motion XT Roof Cargo Box

This is a high-quality product from Malmo, Sweden-based giant manufacturers. It is a 16 cubic feet capacity providing the extra storage you need to carry extra luggage for your vacation. In addition, it is aerodynamically shaped to reduce the drag effect, thus reducing gas consumption.

It has a dual side access mechanism and an automatic lid lifter that enables you to access your luggage hands-free easily. In addition, its security system is top-notch as it has a SideLock system that allows separate opening and closing functions.

It locks the lid automatically and gives a clear indicator that it has been closed. With this car roof box, it is advisable to keep the height of the crossbars to 15.5 inches or less.

7. RocketBox Pro 14 Compact Cargo Box

The RocketBox Pro 14 is a tiny cargo box designed for smaller automobiles. It's ideal for family camping excursions and winter adventures. You may store a lot of stuff with 14 cubic feet of space.

It's like having a second roof trunk. It has a dual-sided entrance, a textured black matte finish, and more. No assembly is required, and the shutters include a unique push-button security mechanism.

8: Rhino-Rack MasterFit Cargo Box

Rhino-Rack's Masterfit cargo box is a well-designed option that you could choose for your car. It's a universal fit for any vehicle and can help you carry more cargo conveniently during on and off-road trips. The box can hold 165lbs of load, which is 25lbs more than other cargo boxes.

The cargo box can be installed onto your vehicle quickly and efficiently due to its Masterfit technology that uses the revolutionary mechanism that requires you to tighten and press to lock its clamping mechanism. A bonus is that the cargo box carrier doesn't use much space.

The Maxxair is an inflatable air mattress with a folding design to fold it and store it flat. Its characteristics include a sleek, aerodynamic design that reduces wind drag, a double-sided opening for ease of loading and unloading, and (as previously said) a master fit technology designed to make the installation process more manageable.

The cargo box is made of ultra-light and highly resilient materials resistant to UV rays and shock, making it ideal for extreme weather conditions or offroad excursions. The cargo box also comes with a warranty, which includes unique guarantees such as a refund or replacement due to primary failure and compensation for reasonably foreseeable damage or loss.

9: RocketBox Pro 11 Compact Cargo Box

The RocketBox Pro 11 is our last cargo box. The RocketBox is another small box with 11 cubic feet of storage capacity. This box is appropriate for tiny cars and motorcycles because it is long and narrow. It leaves room on your crossbars for other stuff, making it ideal for skis and snowboards or camping gear while still being compact.

The Garmin Forerunner 645 is competitively priced at $469. It's a good deal for those who go on numerous multi-sport excursions. This box has a long and slim shape with push-button security.

10: SportsRack Horizon cargo

Finally, The SportsRack Horizon cargo is the most affordable rooftop cargo box for sports equipment. The snowboard and ski-carrying containers are custom-made. However, this box can also carry other sports equipment.

I've used this box to transport several sports bats, surfboards, and other items. The box is also suitable for transporting regular luggage aside from sports equipment.

The material is very durable. It's been built to withstand the rigors of everyday driving. As a result, this box may be easily used for excursions over rugged terrain. The box clicks securely into place on your roof.

The procedure is straightforward. The box weighs about thirty-three pounds. As a result, you may easily install it on your vehicle. Furthermore, the fast-release attachment kit makes removing and replacing the box simple. Finally, because of its lightweight, the box consumes relatively little gasoline.

11. CBX Solar Premium Solar Cargo Box 

CBX Solar Premium Solar Cargo Box

The CBX Solar model from Yakima has a solar panel integrated into the top of the box. So why is there the word "solar" in the title? Because it includes a built-in solar panel on top of the box.

You read that right; this is the first-ever cargo box/solar panel combo. 

The team at Yakima paired up with Sunfalre to create a specialized solar panel. It delivers a powerful 36W/5-volt output. So if you're venturing off the grid to find the perfect spot to snowboard, you'll still have power. 

Yakima teamed up with Sunfalre to develop a unique solar panel. It features a solid 36W/5-volt output. So, if you're off the grid looking for the ideal snowboarding spot, you'll still have power.

Not only that, but the side of this device features two USB ports. Both can charge smartphones, tablets, lanterns, and more. While not draining any power from your car. That's fantastic news for vacationers with a lot of gadgets to carry.

You may now go on a journey with the assurance that you'll have electricity. But, even if you venture off the beaten path, the solar panels will continue to supply power to you.

You'll love the easy-grab lid to open and close the box. It's effortless to open, and you can safely lock your gear inside. In addition, you'll love this cargo box's security features if you're transporting expensive equipment. 

It's not just for transporting items! This cargo box is perfect for transporting anything from board games to camping goods. The portable design makes it ideal for weekend getaways or traveling with family and friends, making this one of the most versatile products on our list. It also includes several security options, ensuring that your valuables are safe during transit.

12: Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

The Thule Force XT rooftop cargo carrier is a massive choice for people looking for a lot of storage. The average capacity of a cargo box is 15 cubic feet, as you were unaware.

The XT's storage space is impressive: it has a capacity of 22 cubic feet. You can store up to seven suitcases, 5-7 pairs of skis, or 3-5 snowboards in the basket. For the trip, you'll be able to pack everything you love about outdoor activities.

This is the rooftop cargo box to get if you have a huge family.

At a weight capacity of 165 pounds, you can easily cart all of your vacation necessities. Keep in mind that each vehicle has its roof weight limit. Check your user manual to determine the maximum roof weight for your car. If it can bear up to 165 pounds, you may fill this baggage box to the brim.

It's dual-side opening doors Users love it. Loading and unloading your things from the top is much easier, as two family members can do it simultaneously. Two people may even carry their suitcases at a time.

Locks are included for added safety measures. For example, you can keep your box locked to keep your expensive belongings protected inside.

13: CBX 16 Premium Cargo Box 

CBX Solar Premium Solar Cargo Box

the Yakima CBX 16 cargo box. It's a durable and trail-ready cargo box that can carry everything you need outdoors. If you're ready to go skiing with your closest pals, you'll want this rooftop cargo box to keep your belongings secure. It features Yakima's signature easy-grab handle that will lock your gear inside. 

Yakima spent a lot of time and effort in creating an aerodynamic design. The stylish look of this cargo box is enhanced with premium black chrome badging. The textured surface is tough enough to endure the most challenging weather conditions. Moreover, it's waterproof, so it'll keep your stuff safe. 

If you're searching for an affordable and long-lasting cargo box, this is an excellent option. It's one of the more reasonable cargo box alternatives, with a price tag of $1,499.00. However, this does not imply that they have cut corners in quality. On the contrary, they've utilized only the highest construction materials in their boxes. 

The interior tie-down points will keep your gear secure. In addition, this cargo box easily fits most crossbars and roof racks.

14. INNO BRM864RE Wedge Plus Cargo Box

INNO is a Japanese brand. It's one of the most popular cargo boxes on Amazon right now. While it may be pricey, its outstanding features are well worth the expense. Its glossy red hue is modern and elegant.

At 13 cubic feet of storage space, it's a happy medium between smaller and larger boxes. As a result, it's a very versatile offering.

It can be used on sedans as well as giant trucks and SUVs. It has plenty of space for skis, bicycles, suitcases, and other objects. It will work great if you're transporting a small family's luggage. In addition, you'll have extra room to store emergency supplies and other necessities.

The INNO's inner mat is distinctive. While most rooftop cargo box carriers include anti-slip flooring on the outside, interior mats are uncommon.

That is strange, given that the cargo box's internal mat provides a lot of value. It keeps your gear in place, lowers noise levels, and makes cleanup easier.

The memory mount system makes installation a breeze. It's the simplest to set up all the boxes on this list. If you're hesitant about utilizing a rooftop cargo carrier, we recommend trying it.

Both the top and bottom doors of this van open on both sides, allowing for quick loading and unloading. There's also a safety key lock system to keep your valuables safe.

15: CBX 18 Premium Cargo Box 

CBX Solar Premium Solar Cargo Box

The CBX 18 is for those who require a little more cargo space. Sixteen cubic feet of storage capacity may seem like a lot, but it's even better than that when you consider that there are eighteen in all. This cargo box has 18 cubic feet of interior volume, as the name implies. That should be enough for six suitcases, several sets of golf clubs, or skis and snowboards. The Yakima CBX 18 is one of the most spacious cargo boxes on our list.

If you have a large family or a group of friends, every inch is crucial.

The easy-to-use twist knob makes installation simple. So even though this cargo box is enormous, you won't have any trouble installing it on your car's roof. 

Other cargo boxes have a significant fault because they do not have a flat floor. As a result, you cannot take advantage of the amount of space advertised—for example, a box stating 16 cubic feet but uneven floor results in 10 instead of 16. 

Yakima cargo boxes are designed differently. They're purposefully designed with completely flat floors in mind. You'll be able to utilize every cubic inch of storage space that this allows for. The CBX 18 has a total capacity of 18 cubic feet and no obstructions, allowing you ample room for your goods.

Snowboards, skis, suitcases, emergency kits, and other items may all be carried in the box. The cargo box is secured with a secure lock to keep your belongings safe.

This storage box can carry the equivalent of five camping vans worth of belongings. That's a tremendous amount of room.

The CBX 18 is more expensive at $999.00, but it offers outstanding value for the price. In addition, the cargo box is constructed of high-quality materials, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

16. SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

This is a waterproof rooftop cargo carrier with a rear-opening design that implies it opens from the back. As a result, you can unload your goods without getting in traffic, as long as you have space on the roof. These intelligent features, among other things, earned it an Amazon Choice. It also boasts excellent ratings online, with countless happy customers.

It's no surprise that it's so popular when you look at what it offers.

Its modular design is also adaptable to a wide range of vehicles and racks. For example, it works with SportRack systems, square bars, round bars, and most factory crossbars/racks.

This rooftop cargo box is a fantastic option for people who don't want to deal with a complicated installation. For quick installations and easy removals, it has tool-free mounting hardware.

It includes a key and lock for security. It will keep your valuables secure throughout the trip.

The large capacity of this cargo box space is ideal for families or outdoor gearheads. It's big enough to fit everything you want to bring on your trip in one trip.

It's also incredibly long-lasting, built of UV-resistant ABS construction. It's waterproof, windproof, and highly sturdy. When driving in any weather, this rooftop cargo carrier can endure anything.

17: GrandTour Lo Premium High Gloss Low Profile Cargo Box 

GrandTour Lo Premium High Gloss Low Profile Cargo Box

Do you need a low-profile cargo box? Yakima's GrandTour Lo cargo box is perfect for you. Its small stature ensures that your fuel consumption will not be affected. In addition, you'll be able to slice through the wind like butter while transporting your belongings in this vehicle.

The GrandTour Lo is ideal for taller vehicles that must pass through tight areas. In addition, you'll appreciate the GrandTour Lo if you want a cargo box that won't get in the way.

It's smaller than other choices, with just 15 cubic feet of storage capacity. It can easily accommodate several golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and other items. Likewise, you don't need 20 cubic feet of storage area if you have a smaller family or group of pals.

The torque knob makes installation a breeze. It also stows away in the rear so that it won't take up any room in your garage. It has the same utterly flat surface as the previous models on our list. As a result, you may make full use of all 15 cubic feet of storage capacity.

So, if you're going on a big journey, the GrandTour Lo is the ideal bag for you. Your belongings will be safe and secure in this unique luggage container. The locking mechanism will keep your most valuable assets secure at all times.

18. JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

now, I have the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier. It's a sturdy case constructed of solid materials. It's easy to put together since no tools are necessary. This is the perfect option if you want a cargo box that you can install in minutes without requiring special equipment.

It has an aerodynamic design not to impact your wind resistance or fuel economy. At 18 cubic feet of space, it's one of the more extensive options. You can easily fit six or seven suitcases and many other items and equipment.

You'll love the weather-tight seal that will keep your belongings safe and dry at all times. Due to its rigid design can withstand wind, rain, debris, snow, and more.

19: GrandTour 16 Premium High Gloss Cargo Box 

GrandTour Lo Premium High Gloss Low Profile Cargo Box

The GrandTour 16 is perfect for those who need additional room beyond the low-profile option. It has 16 cubic feet of storage space while maintaining a modest appearance. It's a beautiful model with all of the bells and whistles of a high-end cargo box. The lid stiffeners will aid in the opening and closing of the box. The gas struts make it easy to open the box with one hand.

It's simple to install and is relatively light. So you shouldn't have any trouble installing it on your roof.

It, like the others, has a two-sided opening. It's convenient when loading and unloading your cargo box because you don't want to have your hands complete with things and then discover you're on the wrong side. You'll never run into that problem with these Yakima cargo boxes.

Its distinctive automotive badging is stylish and visually appealing. 

The technicians at Yakima spared no expense in making this cargo box as pretty as possible. As a result, it has a premium, sophisticated look that you don't find in many cargo boxes. 

The latches are large and sturdy, so you can trust that they'll keep your things secure. Of course, it's also wholly locked to ensure that your valuables stay safe. You don't want to find out that someone stole your belongings while on the road. The locking mechanism and easy-grab lid will prevent such awful situations

things tend to move around when getting transported in a vehicle. Yakima has included interior tie-down locations to fix this problem. During transportation, these will keep your goods firmly in place. You'll never have to worry about your gear being damaged or bruised.

It's a lightweight option for a cargo box, weighing 51.5 pounds. It can be installed by one person with ease, as previously said. Because of its broad adaptability, it can be used with any roof rack or crossbars.

20:Thule vector

The Thule VECTOR is the best rooftop cargo carrier on this list because it's lightweight, aerodynamic, and functional. In addition, this sporty and elegant roof box has several premium amenities.

The Thule Motion XT also has an auto-locking mechanism, which means you don't need to worry about the cargo box getting stuck when fully closed. It also comes with a ratcheting strap handle for easy carrying. In addition, it features a built-in lockable storage area and plenty of space, even with its small stature. This cargo box is ideal for those who have limited space but still want to take their belongings with them on the go.

However, the Vector cargo box has less interior volume than other premium versions like the Force XT XXL and Motion XT XL, with a capacity of 13 cubic feet. So if you have a lot of equipment or longer skis to transport, this may not be the best option. You can purchase it at Amazon here.

21: GrandTour 18 Premium High Gloss Cargo Box 

GrandTour Lo Premium High Gloss Low Profile Cargo Box

The GrandTour 18 is an excellent choice. It has a total of 18 cubic feet of available storage room. You may easily arrange all of your golf clubs, snowboards, camping equipment, suitcases, and other belongings inside it. It has an elegant appeal with well-defined branding.

The technicians at Yakima paid careful attention to the shape of this cargo box. They wanted to make sure that it could complement the looks of any vehicle. They've certainly achieved that with this remarkable design. It's aerodynamic, stylish, and practical at the same time. 

The sleek black chrome covering will appeal to the senses. A detachable torque knob is included, making installation as safe and straightforward as possible. Not only that, but you may store the torque knob away so that it doesn't take up any additional storage space.

With Yakima's trademark flat floor, you can take full advantage of all 18 cubic feet of storage space. At $749.00, it's another very affordable option, especially considering all the storage space you get. 

If you're taking many people or family on an extended winter journey, this cargo container is essential. During the trip, the SKS locks will keep your belongings secure. There's more than enough space to preserve eight pairs of skis and 14 snowboards.

22: Thule 682 Sidekick

We want to make a point of mentioning the Thule Sidekick Cargo Box. Although this is not the largest cargo box on our list, it's still fantastic to store your golf clubs or sleeping bags. It's comparable to the Thule Force XT Roof Box.

You won't have to worry about this cargo box moving once it's on your Honda Odyssey's roof. With its solid U-bolts and reinforcement plates, you can be confident that your roof box is firmly fastened.

The Thule Sidekick Cargo Box will be opening from the passenger side. It also opens wide, making it simple to store or retrieve things in your roof cargo box. This item also includes two security locks, ensuring that your roof box will never close inadvertently. In addition, the Thule Sidekick's sturdiness makes it resistant to wear and tear.

A roof cargo box with eight cubic feet of storage capacity and a weight of only 16 pounds is included. It has a 75-pound load capacity. This roof cargo box's length, width, and height are 54 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 15.5 inches tall.

Before purchasing a roof box, there are several things—or often queries—you should consider.

23: SkyBox Lo Carbonite Low Profile Cargo Box

Another low-profile cargo box is next on our list. The SkyBox Lo is perfect for more oversized vehicles with difficulty making a clearance. If you find that it's already a tight fit squeezing through parking garages and underpasses, you'll want one of these boxes.

The specially textured lid of the SkyBox series distinguishes it. Its flexible, stylish, and aerodynamic design is versatile. This cargo box does not affect your fuel efficiency whatsoever. Not only that, but you won't have to deal with annoying wind noise while driving down the highway.

With a secure locking system, the superyacht offers excellent security. As a result, you'll be able to store your valuables safe while on the road. 

There are Yakima's default internal tie-downs. They will keep your gear safe and tight during transport. As a result, you won't have to worry about scratches, dents, or bruises.

If you're searching for an affordable yet high-quality box, this one is perfect for you. It's one of the most reasonably priced cargo boxes on the market, coming in at $649.

With the quick-release mounting hardware, you'll have a quick and easy installation. So if you don't want a cargo box that is difficult to remove, this version is ideal for you. It may be removed in a few seconds to store it at home or attach to another car. It also has a universal fit for crossbars and roof racks.

There are multiple sizes of the SkyBox low-profile model. They include 12, 16, 18, and 21 cubic feet options. If you only need to transport a few pairs of skis, then the 12 cubic feet model is ideal. However, if you're transporting skis for many people, the 21 cubic feet model is for you. 

24: SkyBox 21 Carbonite Cargo Box 

The Yakima SkyBox series follows. The SkyBox 21 is the most oversized cargo box on this list, with 21 cubic feet of capacity. If you have unique storage requirements, it's best to go for the SkyBox 21. It can store ten suitcases and a lot of luggage.

It has all of the features of the other SkyBox versions, including a carbonite design, reduced road noise, quick-release mount, and more. It's priced at $699.00 and offers a lot of storage space for the money.


Now you know what to look for in a rooftop cargo carrier and some of the top brands on the market. When choosing a rooftop cargo carrier, make sure to keep your needs in mind and choose one that is high quality and will last long.

Happy shopping!

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