Choosing and Installing The Best Cargo Boxes for Kia Telluride Buying Guide

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While the Kia Telluride's 21 cu. Ft. trunk space may be enough for daily use; you'll probably not find it sufficient when you have to toss in a duffel full of your vacation clothes, a sleeping tent, sleeping bags, cooker, pan sets, skis, snowboards, or other outdoor adventure gear.

When heading out of town for a holiday, this trunk capacity really limits what you can pack, and therefore you have to get a bit creative and think beyond the trunk to really make use of your car's available space.

The roof of your Kia Telluride is one place you can utilize to store and transport extra gear. There are various roof cargo boxes you can fit on your vehicle's rooftop. 

Here is a look at the best cargo boxes for a Kia Telluride. Take a look:

Thule Vector Roof Box

The Thule vector features an elegant, sporty form made of multiple layers of ultra-strong, engineering-grade acrylic, which is frequently used for vehicle molding applications due to its lightness and shock resistance.

This material makes the box durable, waterproof, UV-resistant, and stable even when hauling camp stoves, snowboards, or deck benches. It has a 13-cu ft. capacity and internal dimensions of 73.2 inches long by 25 inches wide by 11.6 inches tall.

This makes it big and long enough to swallow long skis and snowboards, fishing rods, tall strollers, and other high-profile stuff.

The cargo box features a strengthened lid with a both-sided closing and opening style that makes it easy to access your stuff from either side of the vehicle.

The side lock system also features independent locking and opening actions to secure the cover in place, ensuring the cargo box is securely closed.

It also has brilliant, motion-activated LED lighting and a white interior with excellent nighttime visibility.

This box comes with the Power Click rapid-install system, which includes an incorporated torque indicator that snaps when correctly positioned, ensuring a quick and secure fit.

Overall, this hard-shell cargo box is ideal for transporting up to five 200cm-long skis and fishing equipment, a small suitcase, or even firewood. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Sport Rack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

If you prefer a rear-opening cargo box, the Sport Rack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box is also compatible with Kia Telluride roofs.

It has an 18-cubic-foot capacity and is taller than most roof cargo boxes, so you're not limited to low-profile items; camping gear and a compact luggage bag will fit easily.

ABS plastic is used to make this cargo box, which provides all-around protection and long-term durability. Because of its design, it fits on circular, square, and most factory-built racks. It also includes tool-free installation gear, which makes installation a joy.

In terms of security, the back opening contains a lock cylinder that secures your belongings while also locking the box in place. Last but not least, when you acquire this cargo box, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty.

The only con is that this cargo box won't swallow your massive skis and snowboards as it is only 160cm long. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

2020-2022 Kia Telluride Cargo Box Attachment

This cargo box, designed just for the Kia Telluride, has 15 cubic feet of storage to free up space in your vehicle. You can securely store extra stuff on the roof and make additional room in your Kia for extra passengers.

The Kia Telluride Cross Bars for 2020-2022 swiftly attach to your car's factory-installed side rails and stay snug in place, preventing flexing even on bumpy roads. The box is sturdy and ideal for transporting equipment.

It also includes two factory bars as well as simple installation instructions. you can purchase it at kia stuff here.

INNO PHANTOM 466 Cargo Box

The INNO Phantom 466 is a heavy-duty three-layer ABS plastic design with an 18-cubic-foot storage capacity that can hold almost anything except a kitchen sink.

The heavy-duty thermoplastic provides all-around protection while keeping the cargo box light enough to transport and install on your own. It connects to the roof rack thanks to an integrated memory mount feature.

If you desire complete trunk access while loading or unloading, the attachment mechanism allows you to effortlessly modify the box's position on top of your Kia.

This is INNO's largest cargo box. It has a streamlined design for a comfortable ride, less noise, and better fuel efficiency, and it looks great owing to a glossy white exterior finish.

It also has one of those remarkable lock systems that won't let the key out until all of the locking points are fully closed. You won't have to worry about whether or not you closed your cargo box properly with this device. You'll never lock your keys in the box, either.

Four anchor points and two supplied straps are provided in the box, allowing you to tie down items and prevent wobbling while on the road.

Overall, the Phantom 466 boasts a classic sporty design that appeals to those who like sleek stuff. The box measures only 50lbs and installs easily on the car rooftop so that you won't have any problems there. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Thule Motion XT Cargo Box

Thule Motion XT is a 55-pound wind-cheating aerodynamically shaped box that you can use to free up space inside your Kia Telluride too.

The Motion XT roof boxes come in 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet sizes and black glossy and titan glossy color options and sit further on your vehicle's roof, minimizing the possibility of touch with the car's tailgate.

The size 16 box will work just fine for a family of more than two. This trunk is big enough to fit three carry-on bags, one small suitcase, a small tent, and fishing gear for an out-of-town adventure.

It comes with modern features like a secure side-lock system, dual-sided openings for easy cargo access, and a pre-mount Power Click fast-install system with an embedded torque pointer that snaps when it's properly mounted, helping to ensure a fast and tight fit.

A Thule T-track adapter also makes it compatible with Thule WingBar Evo, ProBar, SquareBar, and WingBar Edge sidebars. Above all, the box is designed to be aerodynamic to reduce drag.

The Thule Motion XT measures 91.5 inches long by 18 inches tall and weighs only 55 pounds. The slightly narrower and lower frontal area completes the aerodynamic design. This box fits tightly on the crossbars and won't flex even on bumpy roads.

Thanks to its durable construction, the Motion XT will provide you with years of on/off-road utility. The only downside has to be the cost; however, it's a small price to pay, considering all the top-notch attributes the carrier is endowed with. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The JEGS 90098 Cargo Box is an inexpensive alternative to the above cargo boxes if you are on a budget. It is not a hard-shell carrier but still, for the $50 price, you get an 18 cubic foot box made of HDPE plastic hard shell to secure and safeguard your gear.

The design is waterproof and UV-resistant, too, so you don't have to worry about weather elements.

For optimum luggage protection on top of your car, this cargo box comes with a four-corner locking mechanism, front clasp, and weather-proof seal.

It mounts and unmounts easily on your vehicle's rooftop without the need for any tools and opens on either side, granting you convenient access to your stuff.

The internal measurements are 57 L x 38 1/2 W x 17 3/4 H inches, which means this box can hold everything from a travel bag to kid's toys, a small storage bin, camping gear, skis, and snowboards.

The main disadvantage is that the U-bolt attachment system is not very reliable, therefore double-checking that the box is properly secured on the roof. Furthermore, the locking method appears to be fragile and basic. you can purchase it at Amazon here.

Final Verdict

There are various cargo boxes that you can use to free up space in your Kia Telluride. Ultimately, when shopping around for one, keep in mind factors such as:

  •  Durability: pick a roof box built to last
  •  Protection: the best roof boxes boast materials that offer all-round protection
  •  Ease of installation using a fast-grip quick-mount system
  • Make sure the box fits all the things you want to pack based on your adventure: an eight-cu ft box will fit two people for a weekend getaway; for a camping trip involving a family of 4, get an 11-14 cu ft cargo box.
  • Impact on your car's fuel efficiency and noise: while capacity matters, you have to keep in mind the fuel efficiency; you don't want a cargo box that increases your fuel costs and makes the ride noisy and uncomfortable.
  • Price: You can select between a small, mid-size, or large cargo box, depending on your budget. Extra security features, construction material, and warranty are all factors that influence the price.


It's not difficult to choose the ideal roof cargo box for your Kia Telluride and lifestyle if you know what to look for.

Try one of the roof cargo boxes listed above, or use my guide to choose from the many options available.

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