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The Ultimate Driving Machine!” This BMW tag line is more than a marketing ruse—it epitomizes what the German car manufacturer stands for. It defines the subtle yet brilliant details of the BMW ingenuity that power each vehicle in their extensive lineup; including sports cars, SUVs, executive limos, and family sedans. But all cars (even BMWs in all their elegance and glory) have their limitations—especially when it comes to cargo/luggage space.

Sure, BMWs are sleek, performance beasts that are built with luxury in mind. However, most models tend to have a less-than-generous storage capacity, which is somewhat of a trade-off to their superior driving experience. And we can really fault BMW for that. But for most adventurous BMW owners, there will come a time when you’ll try to cram your BMW’s trunk with everything but the kitchen sink.

Regardless of your best packing skills, you just can’t seem to get it done. But before you force people in the back seat to scooch over in uncomfortable positions to accommodate extra luggage, consider getting yourself a BMW roof box.

The right roof box provides vital extra storage when you’re running into space and weight limitations. It is safer, more comfortable for you and your passengers, and kind of aesthetic (depending on what tickles your fancy).

This brings us to the underlying purpose of this article; to help you pick out the best roof box for your needs and to teach you how to install a BMW roof box. This includes considerations for the roof bars, the size/shape of the roof box, weight considerations, capacity, and even locking mechanisms.

Types of BMW Roof Boxes:

So, which BMW roof boxes are available—and how do they tie in with the different BMW models? When it comes to choosing roof box for your BMW (or any vehicle for that matter) your buying decision can be divided into two main parts;

  • Does your car support the roof box?
  • Does the roof box support your cargo needs?

Roof Boxes from BMW:

As the saying goes; “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” With this in mind, it’s only logical that the best roof boxes would come from BMW, right? i.e., a vehicle manufacturer would get the best fit when it comes to accessorizing your car. Well, this depends on your needs and preferences (budget etc.).

Whether you’re looking for additional space of your beloved BMW 4 series of BMW 6 series vehicle, the Thule Rooftop Cargo Box (medium) is a great choice—especially if you’re on a budget. As an industry leader in car storage solutions, you’re assured of practicability, durability, and a sleek design with every Thule product.

Some of its amazing features include a secure central locking system, rugged textured ABS shell, single-side access from the passenger side, easy loading/unloading, a low profile, enough space for 3 outdoor enthusiasts/travelers, and a quick-mount system. And all this is available for a rather pocket-friendly price tag.

GoPlus Cargo Box

Planning to go camping? To the sports field? Or maybe you have a family beach day scheduled for the weekend? The GoPlus Cargo Box is the way to go! The 14 cubic feet of storage space is more than enough to house your luggage without forcing passengers to sit uncomfortably.

Like the official BMW roof boxes, it has a dual-sided opening for convenience. It’s made with high-quality ABS for durability and protection against the elements (UV, water, etc.). It’s also worth noting that the GoPlus Cargo Box for BMW has metal lid stiffeners at the bottom and 4 quick connect anchors for seamless installation.

Thule 682 Sidekick

If you own the smaller BMW 4 Series and a bulky roof box isn’t on your cards, then maybe a low-profile sidekick will do – i.e., the Thule 682 Sidekick. The compact roof box is designed for conserve space on small cars with a volume of 8 cubic feet. It’s perfect for a road trip or a visit to your local golf club.

With the help of Thule’s U-Bolt mounting system, installation on your BMW is as ABC. When done, you can access your cargo from the passenger side. And don’t fret; your items are safe thanks to the secure locking mechanism and strong ABS material.

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box Alpine

If you want a rugged, secure, and durable roof box that neither too big nor too small, your best bet is the Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box (Alpine). It’s 11 cubic feet of cargo space is ideal for the needs of most users. You can’t go wrong with this BMW roof box.   

Don’t believe us? Then maybe the hundreds of positive ratings on Amazon will convince you. According to one user, “After looking for months for a rooftop cargo box, I finally chose this one., mainly due to the brand as well as free shipping. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. It is very quiet on the road, and has not affected the fuel efficiency on my vehicle. It fits tents, sleeping bags, etc. I was able to install myself in about 10 minutes with no problems at all.”

If you own the compact range of BMW 2 Series coupes and convertibles, you likely face a dilemma between squeezing everybody inside or ditching some luggage before every trip. But there’s another solution…the INNO BRM665WH Wedge Cargo Box.

From just a glance, the sleek roof box oozes elegance that perfectly matches your classy BMW 2 Series road machine. And even if you own a BMW 5 Series or a BMW 6 Series, you’re still covered – i.e., the INNO BRM665WH Wedge Cargo Box is designed to fit most factory racks (round, square, aero, etc.).

It’s aerodynamic to cut down on noise and drag, has a dual-sided opening system, a rather useful safety feature (you have to lock it before pulling out the key), a generous capacity of 14 cubic feet, a durable shell construct, fits like a glove on most BMWs, and best of all…it’s budget-friendly.


SportRack Vista XL

Stapped for cash, yet you need a quality roof box for your BMW X4 or similar models? Look no further than the SportRack Vista XL. Sure; it’s not the best, but it serves its functional purpose at a fraction of the cost of most competitors. At 18 cubic feet and a payload of 100 pounds, it’s big enough to meet the cargo needs of casual (or even fanatic) adventurers.

Unlike other BMW roof boxes on this list, the SportRack Vista XL is rear opening. This allows you to unload/load safely away from traffic and it allows for better aerodynamics—which is great for fuel economy. It’s also worth noting that the roof box is made with a tough ABS shell that is resistant to most elements, including heavy downpours, unforgiving snow, or even the scorching sun.

Other BMW Roof Boxes that are only available in Europe and UK:

BMW Roof Box 320

The BMW Roof Box 320 is a modern and sleek roof box with 320-liter capacity and a payload of around 50 kilograms. While this volume is not generously large, it’s more than enough to meet the needs of casual adventurers. For reference, you can seamlessly haul 5 pairs of 180-cm skis.

The sturdy shell is made of ABS that UV-stabilized and able to absorb high-impact from the occasional bumps and rough handling that accompany cargo packaging. Other features worth noting include a triple central lock for security and a two-sided opening system for convenience.

BMW Roof Box 350

Just like the 320L variant, the BMW Roof Box 350 boasts of an innovative two-sided opening system with anti-theft locks of each side and an impact-resistance shell. It has approximate dimensions of 140 cm (L) x 90 cm (W) x 39 cm (H) and a maximum payload of 50 kgs.

BMW Roof Box 460

The BMW Roof Box 460 is generously dimensioned (L x W x H – 91" x 32" x 15") to swallow all your typical outdoor gear and leave room to spare. Like the smaller BMW 350 Roof Box, it has a maximum payload of 50 kgs.

According to most users, you will barely notice the BMW Roof Box 460 as it’s well-deigned to go on top beautifully and it’s streamlined for improved driving dynamics. You can hit speeds of up to 80mph with little-to-no wind noise.

BMW Roof Box 520

The BMW Roof Box 460 is generously dimensioned (L x W x H – 91" x 32" x 15") to swallow all your typical outdoor gear and leave room to spare. Like the smaller BMW 350 Roof Box, it has a maximum payload of 50 kgs.

According to most users, you will barely notice the BMW Roof Box 460 as it’s well-deigned to go on top beautifully and it’s streamlined for improved driving dynamics. You can hit speeds of up to 80mph with little-to-no wind noise.

How Do You Install a BMW Roof Box?

First things first; your car must have a roof rack before you consider installing a BMW roof box – i.e., you need to bolt the roof box on the roof of your car. If your BMW doesn’t have factory-installed roof bars, consider finding a reliable installer first.

Next, you need to take size, shape, capacity, weight, and roof rack compatibility in deciding the best BMW roof box for your car. As mentioned earlier, this depends on your preferences and what the model and fitting of your car can handle.

 Assuming, you’ve installed a roof bar and our guide has helped you narrow down on an awesome/functional roof box, the next question that follows is; how do you install a BMW roof box?

  • Install anchor points inside your BMW roof box (could be U-brackets/bolts). Push the sliding block screws from the bottom of the roof box and thread the clamp plates from the top. Screw the bolts loosely. Repeat for each of the 4 anchor points.
  • Place the roof box on the roof rails (PS: It’s advisable to find help).
  • Slide the roof box to the left of the carrier rails and the sliding blocks into the roof bar carrier. Repeat for the right side.
  • Align the roof box centrally and tighten all clamping bolts on the sliding blocks.
  • Done! Pack your luggage and drive off.

Here’s a video generalized installation guideline:


A BMW roof box is a must-have for anyone who lives for the road. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a family guy who can’t help but visit folks across state lines, or an adventure junkie, you need a secure, efficient, sleek, and practical roof box by your side. We’ve done the heavy lifting on your behalf by creating a dependable shortlist and highlighting how to install a BMW roof box; the rest is up to.

Adventure awaits!

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