Choosing and Installing A Ford Explorer Rooftop Cargo Boxes An Expert Guide

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There are various rooftop carriers available on the market, but the chances are that you don't know which of them are perfect for your Ford Explorer. Ford Explorers are large SUVs with ample interior space that can fit passengers and store their cargo.

However, there is a possibility that you may need some extra space if you plan on taking your family and friends on a camping event or weekend road trip.

You may need some extra space to store items like gear, belongings, and various camping equipment that you may need during your trip.

Choosing the correct cargo box requires you to understand your needs and the types of cargo boxes available on the market. Your choice is affected by various factors like shape, size, capacity, etc.

Read on to find out the best cargo boxes for your Ford Explorer!

Five best Ford Explorer rooftop carriers

1. Rhino-Rack MasterFit Cargo Box

Rhino-Rack's Masterfit cargo box is a well-designed option that you could choose for your FOrd explorer. It's a universal fit for any vehicle and can help you carry more cargo conveniently during on and off-road trips. The box can carry 165lbs of cargo, which is 25lbs more than other cargo boxes.

The cargo box can be installed onto your Ford Explorer quickly and efficiently due to its Masterfit technology that uses the revolutionary mechanism that requires you to Twist to tighten and press to lock its clamping mechanism. An added bonus is that the cargo box carrier doesn't use much space.

Its features include a sleek and aerodynamic design that reduces wind drag, a dual-sided opening designed to ease the loading and unloading process, and (as mentioned before) a master fit technology designed to ease and shorten the installation process. Additionally, it has enough capacity to fit most outdoor equipment you may need during your trip.

The cargo box is made from ultra-light and extremely strong materials resistant to U.V. rays and shock, making it perfect when traveling in extreme weather conditions or offroad environments. The cargo box also comes with a warranty with exclusive guarantees, including a refund or replacement resulting from major failure and compensation for reasonably foreseeable damage or loss.

2. Yakima SkyBox

Yakima SkyBoxr is designed with a gloss-black finish and a modernistic secure, reliable, and aerodynamic structure. It's the perfect cargo box for carrying your family's luggage during vacations and road trips.


  • External dimensions: 14 by 76 by 32 inches (H x L x W)
  • Internal dimensions: 12 by 74 by 30 inches (H x L x W)
  • Locking points: 3
  • Load rating: 165lbs
  • Weight: 37.5lbs
  • Volume: 400L
  • Opening: Dual

The Yakima SkyBox has a modernistic and elegant design that's aerodynamically structured to reduce drag and noise due to wind resistance. The design helps improve your Ford Explorer's maneuverability and fuel efficiency more than other cargo boxes.

It has a metallic paint finish that's U.V. resistant and ABS materials that are durable and impact resistant. Thus, you can trust the Yakima SkyBox in extreme environments and poor weather conditions. It can be opened from both sides of the vehicle, increasing efficiency, and has a secure, three-point central locking system.

It would be best to remember that you must not exceed the amount of load specified by your vehicle's manufacturer when transporting cargo on your rooftop cargo box. The total weight should be a combination of the cargo box and the weight of the cargo contained therein. Additionally, Yakima-Rack provides accessories and quality roof racks to help you meet your load carrying requirements.

The cargo box also comes with a warranty with guarantees that can not be excluded. For instance, you are entitled to a refund or replacement due to major failure and compensation for other reasonably foreseeable damage or loss. Remember to read the fine print to find out more about what their warranty covers.

3. Thule- Pulse Roof Cargo Box

Thule's Pulse Roof Cargo box is another great option for people that want more space for their Ford Explorers at a great value. It has an easy-grip mounting system that helps attach the cargo box to the vehicle's round bars, including various factory racks tool-free in less than 10 minutes.

�The box is designed to be unlocked from the passenger's side to avoid any accidents and is lockable for maximum security. It also has a durable and rugged ABS construction that ensures your gear remains safe during transit.


  • Weight limit: 110lbs
  • Cargo volume: 311L to 453L
  • Max ski length: 155 to 210cm
  • Ski or snowboards capacity: 3 to 5 snowboards or 5 to 6 pairs of skis
  • Installation time: 10 minutes
  • Access: Passenger-side
  • Weight: 30 to 36 pounds


The Thule box is designed from a rugged but durable ABS material that helps protect your contents during transportation. It has an easy-grip

the mounting system that can be easily attached to the rack in a short time and can only be opened from the passenger side. It's also equipped with an oversized secure lock that's easy to grasp even when wearing gloves, ensuring the box closes securely and adequately before driving.

Thule's cargo boxes also have an aerodynamic design meant to reduce drag and nose due to wind resistance. The aerodynamic design also helps reduce the amount of fuel wastage due to the added weight. Thule's Pulse cargo box also has three variants depending on your needs (XL, Pulse L, and Force L).


TUFFIOM is a well-respected global company active in the automotive industry and specializes in aftermarket products. They are known for their high-quality and dependable products and have an impressive product line covering major vehicle applications globally. Some of these products include their high-quality rooftop cargo box.

It has a fantastic cargo box with a 110-pound storage capacity. It's designed from rugged but durable ABS plastic with additional aluminum crossbars to make it sturdier. The aluminum crossbars install on your Ford Explorer's OEM roof rack, necessitating no other purchase.

The cargo box's generous dimensions allow you to store lots of luggage, including fishing gear, recreational equipment, camping gear, etc. You won't have to leave anything behind. Additionally, the cargo box is made secure since it has a lock mechanism that you can secure with keys.


  • Crossbarrs material: Alluminum
  • Cargo box material: Durable ABS plastic


This cargo box features an expansive interior space designed to fit various types of cargo comfortably, allowing you to make more room for your pets and family or friends. TUFFIOM 's System includes mounts and crossbars, and the cargo box is attached with knobs and U-bolts.

It can support 110 pounds of evenly distributed cargo and keep it secure from the elements and rough terrain due to its heavy-duty ABS plastic and strong aluminum construction. It's also equipped with strong support arms that ensure that it stays open during loading. You can also lock it with keys to keep your property safer.

5. Goplus Cargo Box

The Goplus Cargo Box is a stylish, budget-friendly, and decent cargo box that could be your vehicle's ultimate cargo transport solution. The cargo box helps free up your vehicle space by storing various types of cargo like camping and fishing gear, allowing you to dedicate the extra space for other purposes.

The cargo box is designed with heavy-duty materials and is durable enough to be used daily in good and bad weather conditions and off-road terrain. The cargo box requires a roof rack system for installation; however, it doesn't require extra tools.


  • Color: shiny grey
  • City crash: Yes
  • Material: P.S. U.V. protected
  • External fixing: U-lock
  • Spring jack: Yes
  • Pre-assembled: Yes


This cargo box has a 5-year warranty and is designed for durability and longevity. It has a dual opening system that makes it more accessible and efficient. It makes it easy for you to load or unload items, which is helpful, especially when you have other items installed on your rooftop.

The cargo box is different because it's sleek, durable, has U.V. protection, and has a central lock system. It's also pre-drilled for easier installation. You only have to choose which predrilled holes align perfectly with your roof rack, use a provided tool to punch the hole plugs and install the cargo box using the supplied mounts.


These are some of the best cargo boxes for your Ford Explorer, but (as mentioned before) you should take some time to determine what features you'd like your cargo box to have. You should factor in the amount of cargo you'd like to transport, your vehicle's roof rack, and (most importantly) your budget.

However, you should remember that purchasing a cargo box is an investment and should be treated as such. You are better off paying a little bit more to get a better product than paying less to get a less reliable and durable variant. Have fun shopping!


Looking for the best 2022 rooftop cargo box for your Ford Explorer? Look no further. Here are 5 of the best 2022 cargo box carriers perfect for your vehicle.

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