Does A Roof Box Need To Be Central

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Roof boxes are a huge asset when you are traveling because they provide an extra room for you to pack up all your luggage. Whether you are going on vacation or going for a skiing or snowboarding trip you could easily carry your skiing gear.

With a roof box, all your luggage is safe and secured. As you drive down the highway or the countryside you have no worries as your luggage is well protected. Having a roof box is truly priceless, all you have to do is ensure it is properly installed.

Does a roof box need to be central? No, you can fit it on one side if you want however this might affect the stability of your car especially when it is packed with a heavy load. Therefore it is recommended that you mount your roof box centrally unless you have a very good reason not to.

Placing your roof box centrally makes your car more stable than when it is on the side of the car. This also makes it easy and safe to drive your car.

 So if you decide to mount your roof box centrally or not, you should never rush to fitting your roof box, to avoid improper installation that may lead to a lot of issues later on. This saves you a lot of headaches and worries due to the problems that may result from this.

This article will discuss why it is important to ensure your roof box centrally, how to install it centrally and some tips to look into when using s roof box to increase its efficiency. The following will enlighten you on how to make sure your roof box is central.

Why should a roof box be centrally placed?

The main and obvious reason is for safety. When loading your roof box especially with heavy items should be placed as centrally as possible. This ensures the total weight of the load is evenly spread all over the roof box and the vehicle.

The roof box loading weight given by the manufacturer and total permissible weight of the vehicle should not be exceeded as you pack your stuff.

Before driving off, you should ensure that your roof box is centrally placed. You should also check that the roof box is properly locked and the key has been removed. Whether you driving for a short distance it is still important to lock your roof box properly instead of just snapping the lid.

Mounting a roof box centrally ensures your car is balanced when you are driving thus reducing the chances of getting into an accident because of less stability of your vehicle.

 roof box centrally placed

How to fix your roof box centrally

Installing a roof box is quite easy even for a first-timer. It is even easier if you get to learn a few basics first. One of the most common questions asked by most people is whether a roof box should be mounted centrally.

Generally, a roof box does not have to be mount in the very center of the car. It can also be mounted on the side that will be convenient for you to easily open. Most of the roof boxes can be installed from either the passenger or the driver's side, but it is more advisable that it should be on the passenger’s side because it’s way from the traffic.

If you install your roof box from one side it does not mean that your car will tilt or lean towards one side or another. You have to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed.

Depending on the size of the roof box, some may not be convenient to mount on the side of the vehicle especially the large ones. If your roof box can be open form either side it is more efficient to mount the box at the very center of the vehicle.

Usually, a roof box is mounted on a rack and secured using brackets and screws. The brackets and screw create a clamp on to which the box is attached to the crossbars. Installing your roof box should be easy especially if you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Top tips when using a roof box 

There are some things you can do to increase the efficiency and make you drive calmer and safer. Below are a few of these tips:

Most manufacturers do not mention the speed at which you should when having the roof box mounted. But they do emphasize on the weight limit of the roof box. This should be strictly followed to avoid damaging your vehicle.

If the instruction state that the roof box should carry a maximum of 180lbs you should never try to carry a load of 200lbs.This may make it difficult for you to drive.

  • Make sure the rood box is locked properly

The last thing you want to happen is to have your things flying out as you drive along the highway. So it is important to make sure that your roof box is both well secured and locked at all times.

Locking your roof box also keeps your things safe from theft.

Even when your roof box is empty it still adds weight to your vehicle. Which means less gas money in your pockets, removing the roof box when not using it can save you a lot of money over time.

  • Always read the instructions

Most people tend to skip this, but it is very important to read the manufacturer’s instructions especially when installing your roof box. Reading and understanding the instructions before you get started can save you a lot of worry over time.

It is important to always keep in mind the height of your roof box especially when you are driving into a parking garage or driving under the low bridges. Failing to keep this in mind can be disastrous, so make sure you remember the height of your roof box before you travel anywhere.

Some of the roof boxes come with a special type of roof rack that has integral rollers, designed for ease of mounting and unmounting.

Unfortunately, most of these racks are designed to fit vans and commercial vehicles, so even if they fit your car model you may not be able to use all their components as they are designed. you can also check out this article for more tips and advice before buying one.

Top tips when using a roof box

Bottom line

In conclusion, a roof box may be placed centrally or on one side depending on your preference. Although some manufacturers may instruct you on whether to mount your roof box centrally or on the side. If not instructed you can install it anywhere as long as it suits your preference.

It is important to ensure that the roof box weight is evenly spread across the roof rack so ensure that the vehicle is balanced. Remember a poorly installed roof box could decrease the mileage of your car, it could also use a little more gasoline. And also a roof box that is well taken care of serves you longer.

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