Do Thule Roof Boxes Fit Any Roof Bars?

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One of the best brands for any rooftop cargo is Thule. Thule is a superb manufacture of roof boxes, and the quality shows throughout their entire range. Although you pay a pretty price, you’re guaranteeing that your purchasing quality. However, they need to be installed onto crossbars (aka roof bars) to fit any roof box. That being said, do Thule roof boxes fit any roof bars?

Thule claims that its roof boxes are universal, but there have been cases in which third-party roof bars haven’t adequately supported the box. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to purchase Thule-branded roof bars alongside your roof box.

After reading the above, you should understand that using third-party crossbars with a Thule roof box may not secure each other. As a result of this, you may want to consider purchasing Thule’s roof bars to save yourself the hassle. But, with Thule they have a vast range of different rooftop equipment to suit a ton of unique needs. Therefore, which one do you invest in? To find this out, see the below:

What is Best Thule Roof Bars

Thule is one of the top brands in rooftop cargo equipment, and their boxes are included with this. To complement the cargo box perfectly, you’ll want to attach it to Thule’s own-branded crossbars. When each is installed, you’ll receive a durable, remarkably looking, and fantastic piece of equipment that accompanies each other perfectly. There are many different roof bars in the Thule catalog. Therefore, you might want to consider the below recommendations. 

Thule WingBar Edge

The most innovative, stylish, and well-known roof bar they sell is the WingBar Edge on amazon. These crossbars are the definition of precision. They’re easy to install, secure, and guaranteed to support your Thule rooftop cargo box throughout the entire journey.

Including the above, it has a low-profile and aerodynamic design. Roof bars can generally be noisy from time to time, from the air rushing against them. However, noise is dramatically reduced to ensure you and your passenger have a comfortable journey with this design. More features that you’ll find with the WingBar Edge include the following:

  • Come equipped with simple-to-install load carrier fixtures, which can be tightened for extreme security  
  • Noise, drag, and much more aerodynamic-related problems can occur from traditional roof bars. However, with the WingBar Edge, it comes with WindDiffuser technology to decrease noise and fuel consumption
  • It’s remarkably strong because of its BoxBeam internal structure

Without a doubt, the WingBar Edge is one of the best crossbars ever to be sold commercially. The others available on the market just don’t provide the features and additional benefits this does.

Thule WingBar Evo

In some events, having a low profile like the WingBar Edge could present some issues. The main problem you’ll encounter with a low-profile crossbar is that you’ll lose access to your sunroof. For a vehicle that includes this feature, it could be problematic. However, that’s when the WingBar Evo on amazon comes into play. With this crossbar, you receive all the above benefits as the Edge. But, the only real difference is that the Evo doesn’t have a low profile, which ensures your sunroof can still be used. Here are some features you’ll receive from Thule’s WingBar Evo:

  • Installing the WingBar Evo is simple with their innovative carrier feet attachment process
  • The Evo has their trademarked WindDiffuser technology installed onto the roof bars to decrease fuel consumption and noise.
  • The bars themselves are exceptionally strong because of their BoxBeam internal structure.

 Thule SquareBar Evo

Additionally to the above is Thule’s SquareBar Evo on amazon. These roof bars have been around for years. They have a simple design, yet it’s still prominent in the industry. It’s well-known for its longevity, strength, and secureness. Including all these features, it looks visually pleasing to the eye, ensuring your vehicle still looks outstanding.  Here are some other elements installed within this square roof rack.

  • With their carrier feet, the SquareBar can be installed and fixed in a matter of seconds, which is perfect for any new rooftop cargo carrier enthusiasts
  • Including the above, it’s also layered with impact-resistant polymer. This is specially designed to improve the overall grip of your rooftop cargo
  • The bars are created from galvanized material which makes them corrosion-resistant, enhancing the longevity even further.

Thule SmartRack

Apart from having a unique name, the SmartRack is superb for any beginner cargo carriers.  Purchasing this will ensure you have everything covered in terms of rooftop cargo carrying. You’ll receive the AeroBars, locks, feet, and anything else required to install the complete kit. These are lightweight, aerodynamic, aesthetically pleasing, and durable, everything you look for in a roof bar.

  • The height is adaptable via a simple tool which is included with the bars. This ensures that users can play around with the height to achieve optimal performance.
  • To attach the bars to a roof rail, you’ll tighten soft, rubber-coated straps around the pre-existing rails without causing any potential damages
  • It comes with a remarkable warranty against materials and workmanship, which is highly flexible to guarantee premium customer satisfaction

Thule ProBar

The last crossbars we’d like to mention is the ProBar on amazon, which comes with various features. This crossbar is a lot more unique than the others because of its versatility. With the ProBar, users can attach additional attachments to mount skis, kayaks, and other accessories from Thule. But, most importantly, you can equip all Thule’s cargo roof boxes with this crossbar.

  • Come equipped with a tri-slot design, allowing you to attach Thule accessories
  • It has extreme versatility because it can be used for multiple different transportation purposes

Note – The ProBar doesn’t fit all vehicles. Because of this, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with Thule’s buyer guide, which can be found here.

After reading the above, you should now understand whether Thule’s cargo boxes can be fixed to any crossbars. Although they claim to be universal, there have been some instances that this isn’t true. Because of this, your best bet is to purchase Thule’s roof bars along with your box to ensure they are compatible with each other. Alternatively, if you want to avoid purchasing new crossbars, check out these cargo boxes.  

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