Can You Put A Roof Box On A Discovery Sport?

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Are you planning to go on a fun getaway with your family or friends in your Land Rover Discovery Sport? Even though it is very spacious and comfortable, you may want to increase its storage capacity for added accommodation. Provided how popular Roof Boxes are when arranging trips, have you ever asked - can you put a roof box on a Discovery Sport?

Your Discovery Sport is perfect for fitting a roof box! But, if you want to do so then there are some accessories that will come in handy and make it easier on yourself. You can buy an adjusting kit or have one installed at your local auto parts store easily enough though with these helpful tools available online on amazon as well.

As sleek and beautiful as your Land Rover is, the roof boxes will only add to its majestic beauty. With the accompaniment of this must-have accessory, this beast will now be an even better companion to your expeditions. So, without further ado, let’s see how the Sport can be paired with its roof box partner.

Why Get A Roof Box?

The SUV is extremely spacious and comfortable in comparison to its counterparts but the storage space provided is simply inadequate. The Discovery Sport only has an area of 6.8 cubic feet for storage when the third-row seat is added.

Due to the significant decrease in storage space, it’s not only worthwhile but also essential to invest in roof boxes. The convenience of nearly doubling the cargo capacity is astounding, especially during vacations and moving houses.

For an elegant machine like the Discovery Sport, a roof box doesn’t damage its majestic appearance. Rather, it enhances its functionality and essence to its owner.

How To Equip A Roof Box?

Gone are your days of lamenting for overpacking – again. After installing your perfect partner in crime, you will be all set to pack at your heart’s content.

The first thing that you need before fitting your roof box is a roof bar. Roof Bars or Roof Rails are crossbars that are fitted on the roof of your car. They facilitate in fitting any form of roof carrying that the owner might require. It is recommended that you get the Roof Bars from your car manufacturer directly.

A few key things need to be kept in check when equipping a roof box:

The overhang should be minimized as much as possible. It not only makes the setup look unpleasant but it is also dangerous.

The weight should be distributed as evenly as possible to ensure safety. Overloading your carrier can cause accidents.

Assembling the Roof Bar and the Roof Box should be done carefully after following the instructions.

Roof Boxes vs. Roof Bags - Which to Choose?

A very good alternative to the Roof Box on your Discovery Sport is a Roof Bag. When it comes to choosing your favored roof carrier you need to consider a few things.

If security and durability are your top priorities, then a Roof Box is a good choice. Due to the hard exoskeleton, they provide very good protection to your commodities. However, they are madly expensive. In addition, the hard outer shell is not malleable so it is harder to stow it away after usage.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a Roof Box, you can opt out for a Roof Bag. They are comparatively less expensive than Roof Boxes. Because of the relatively softer material they can easily be stowed away. But they do not provide as much protection. Because of their soft material they are not ideal carriers in bad weather – your stuff may get damaged.

5 Best Roof Boxes For Your Discovery Sport

There are myriads of options when it comes to choosing a Roof Box. So to make things simpler, we have jotted down the very best Roof Boxes you can find in the market -

1. Thule Force XT

Thule Force XT is one of the bigger boxes available. With a capacity of up to 22 cubic feet, the box has a weight limit of 165 lbs. to load your belongings. Its dimensions are also in favor of carrying a decent portion of your possessions.

Its ergonomics are very sleek, to the point that it accentuates the outlook of the SUV as well. Because of its design, it is very aerodynamic too.

The Force XT is compatible with most Roof Bars whether it is round, aero, factory, or square. It can also be mounted at the top of your Sport very easily. The mounting feature is also very secure where four clamps are attached with the bar.

2. JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The JEGS is the cheapest alternative on this list. Its storing capacity is 18 cubic feet with a weight limit of 110 lbs. It lacks the hefty built of the Force XT but at this price point, it is a lucrative option.

It is also compatible with most Roof Bars but they need to have a distance of 24 inches between the two handles. The body is made of 4-season HDPE plastic materials making it suitable to use in any weather and situation.

The locking system is rather disappointing on the JEGS Rooftop. It is advised to get it replaced after a few weeks of usage.

3. SportRack Horizon Cargo Box

The 16 cubic feet capacity SportRack Horizon is a perfect fit for carrying long gear for a fun outdoor expedition. It is 217 cm in length making it ideal for storing fishing rods, skis, snowboards, and most belongings imaginable.

The ABS material provides an impact-resistant solution along with its dexterously aerodynamic design. The SportRack won’t cause any issues if your Roof Bars are properly spaced for mounting the box. Make sure that the crossbars are adjustable.

The locking mechanism could be better in all honesty. It is advised to get it replaced after a few weeks of usage like the JEGGS.

Even though it is less popular than most of its counterparts it is an excellent Roof Box.

4. Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box

The Pulse, like the previously mentioned Force XT, is also very attractive and fancy. It is even sleeker than the previous one. It is the perfect lavish accessory to add to the repertoire of your Land Rover. The modern design gives it an edge ergonomically. Its top-tier quality is also a bonus.

Although it is more elegant, the Pulse has a slightly decreased space for storage, standing at 16 cubic feet. Even so, it is likely to fit most of your belongings at ease with an easily mountable system seen in the Force XT. The central locking system provides maximum security to the contents stored inside.

It is also compatible with most Roof Bars that the Discovery Sport owners equip on their vehicles.

5. Malone Auto Racks Cargo16 Rooftop Box

It is an elegant Italian-made Roof Box with a mid-sized body having a capacity of 16 cubic feet and 165 lbs. The dual Gas spring struts are a cool feature along with its aerodynamic build.

It is also easily mountable to the Roof Bar with a 25”-40” distance between the two bars. The locking system is highly secure for safe travels.


The Discovery Sport is capable of providing you with a sublime experience, especially with the addition of a Roof Box. Now that you know that you can put a roof box on a Discovery Sport, hopefully, you will never have to worry about luggage space ever again!

Thanks a lot for reading till the end. Have a nice day!

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