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When the winter sports season comes around, it's an exciting time of year. The landscape changes, new terrain arrives, and most importantly, you finally have a chance to ride your skis. However, due to their long-shaped design, transportation can be somewhat problematic, and that's where ski racks become beneficial. But can you put a ski rack on any car?

Here's what you need to know:

You'll need specific components to fit your car if you want to use a Ski Rack. Because Ski Rack works on approximately 98% of vehicles, you'll just need the right parts. Many automobile manufacturers include all of the necessary components in their cars, making installation easy. For example, any rain gutter-mounted roof rack will work if your vehicle. You might need to change bar width and foot height, though.

In other words, to install a ski rack on any car, you must have crossbars. Luckily, you can purchase crossbars that don't require roof racks and can be fitted without modifying your car. These are superb, but when considering investing in ski racks, remember you'll also need to purchase crossbars.

To gain a better insight on the right crossbars and ski racks available on the market, you should become knowledgeable on the below:

Top Rrated crossbars (Roof Rack) for ski racks 

As mentioned, before you even consider purchasing a ski rack, you'll need a crossbar system installed. There are two primary options: with and without a roof rack. Obviously, this highly depends on what your car already has installed. Once you've identified this, you're able to select one of the below crossbars.

1. Auxmart Universal 48" Adjustable Cross Bars

This adjustable crossbar by Auxmart on amazon is suitable for most vehicles. Due to its adaptable nature, you can equip this crossbar to any car with 122cm (48") or smaller roofs. Along with this, it also doesn't require you to modify your car. Instead of drilling into your roof, this crossbar is secured via your door's arch. This is superb for winter sports holidays, as you can remove this crossbar during the summer seasons.



This crossbar can be fitted on all vehicles that have a roof of 122 cm (48") or less

It's inexpensive, and the quality of the product shows

It doesn't require you to make modifications to your car

Other bolt-down crossbar models are much more secure

2. Cargoloc Adjustable Cross Bar

Additionally to the above, you can purchase crossbars that utilize roof racks. This crossbar unit is from Cargoloc on amazon, and they're a much more robust option, but you'll need a roof rack installed to fit them. Again, this crossbar is completely adjustable from 117cm (46") to 132cm (52"), allowing a multitude of vehicles to install this crossbar mechanism. It's easy to install via their clamp system and is locked into place with a key ensuring optimal security.



Extremely sturdy and secure

You're required to have a roof rack installed

It can be locked onto your roof rails to reduce theft

After several uses, the materials used start to deteriorate

Depending on if you have a roof rack or not, we recommend the above crossbar mechanisms.

Top 3 Ski Racks Circulating the Market 

Once you've finalized your decision on your crossbars, you can then consider making the initial investment in ski racks. Here are our top 3 recommendations:

Can You Put a Ski Rack on Any Car

1. Rhino Rack Ski Carrier

The most prominent option of ski racks available is this one from Rhino on amazon. This company is solely dedicated to making more space for your adventures. Since their establishment in 1992, they've delivered impeccable rack solutions, which avid travelers have recognized.

This ski carrier is the pinnacle of all racks currently on the market. They're high quality, straightforward to install, come in an array of sizes, and can easily be locked to ensure your skis are safe. For the price you pay, it's undoubtedly worth every cent of investment.  



Rhino is well-established within the industry

There are cheaper options available on the market

They come in several sizes – 10, 13, 20, and 27 inches

In icy conditions, it's been reported that the lock freezes

2. Apex 4 Ski Roof Rack

Another superb option of ski rack you're able to opt-in for is the Apex 4 on amazon. This racking solution can hold up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards, depending on your preference. It comes with everything you desire from a ski rack. You'll receive a high-quality rack that is lockable, easy to install, and is highly secure.

All in all, it's an excellent ski rack, which you should consider. It's very similar to the above Rhino rack. However, they're not heavily known within the community. But, a plus-side this rack has over the above is that it's much cheaper by around $50.



It's the cheapest option mentioned on this list

Cheaper isn't always better, and it may show in the material and longevity

It has a vast number of positive reviews

The release button can become stuck after freezing temperatures

3. Thule Snowpack

If you're looking for a ski rack that will last you a lifetime, this one from Thule on amazon may be the perfect solution. Although it's the most expensive option on this list, the quality provided is immense. Thule is a well-known brand that produces the highest quality of travel equipment such as roof racks, bike trailers, and backpacks. The reason for their success mainly comes down to quality, but their prices do show with this.

However, if you can overcome the price or have the budget available, you'll be providing yourself with a ski rack that'll last an eternity. It comes with everything you look for in a ski rack, such as design, style, durability, usability, and easiness of installation.   



Comes with premium feature such as anti-theft locking systems

For a ski rack, it's costly

It can be used on almost all crossbars

Sizing is slightly off if you're transporting snowboards

After reading the above, you should be able to identify several of the leading brands of ski racks. During our research, we tried to include racks that accommodate everyone. This included pricing, capacity, style, and versatility.

We understand that not everyone will have the same budget or requirements when searching for a ski rack, but hopefully, the above have narrowed your options. But always remember that you must purchase crossbars before you consider investing in a ski rack.


Once you've become knowledgeable on the above, you should understand that all cars with crossbars can install a ski rack. Although this can seem somewhat disheartening for some, crossbars are relatively cheap and don't require you to make any physical modifications to your car. With the crossbars mentioned above, you can either attach them to your roof rails or purchase one that grips onto your door's arches.

Depending on what your car currently has installed, you'll want to select one or the other. So, now you understand you can install a ski rack on any car with crossbars, what are you waiting for? Get transporting!

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