Rooftop Tent on a Toyota Corolla

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 For the many people that do not love camping in one place for long, rooftop tents could be the ideal option. Some, however, find it traditional and classic to pitch their tents on the ground.

It is also a great option, but the rooftop tent is more lucrative in overnight sleeping scenarios and uncertain weather conditions.

Can you put a rooftop tent on a Toyota corolla?

your Toyota corolla could easily house a rooftop tent as long as the load limit of the vehicle's rooftop is more than 165 pounds. Most trucks, SUVs, and other large automobiles are perfect for rooftop tents, but sedans and smaller cars could not have the structural capacity to support a camper and rooftop tent.

Typically, rooftop tents can work with any vehicle, including a Toyota corolla, but it does not mean this car is perfect for the rooftop tent. The rooftop tent can have various impacts on the small vehicle.

That is because, as you may know, the rooftop tent will add weight to the roof. Again, these tents are not aerodynamic.

Keep in mind that the lightest rooftop tents weigh 120 lbs, and you will have to install them on roof racks. Typically, if your car is small such as a Toyota corolla, and has less power, it will be affected by the extra weight on top.

You will experience a massive change in speed, power, and acceleration.

You may be lucky and come across tents perfect for a sedan like the Baja series, but they are not easy to come by.

Installing A Rooftop Tent on My Toyota Corolla

If you are considering a rooftop tent in your small car, there are two crucial things you ought to consider. These are the weight and measurements of the tent. If this tent is bigger than your roof, it is probably not good to install it.

Ensure you check the maximum weight limit for your Toyota corolla so that you do not exceed this weight while looking for a rooftop tent.

Also, note that this weight limit is different for every car, so you need to know your car quite well.

Picking the Right Rooftop Tent

As mentioned earlier, the rooftop limits for your car are different from other cars. That means you cannot pick a rooftop tent the same as your neighbor just because they have a small car like you.

Assess your rooftop limit to know which tent is perfect for your Toyota corolla. If you cannot find this information on your own, The FrontRunner Feather-Lite on Amazon is only 330mm tall when deployed, which is the lowest profile of any rooftop tent. As a result, you won't feel much wind resistance when carrying it on your Corolla.

Know your car's measurements

Before buying a rooftop tent, you need to know your car's measurements. Getting a bigger rooftop tent will only be problematic since it is not safe and will affect the driving performance. Even mounting the tent will be a problem. 

Make sure you know your car's measurement, which is the roof's measurement. Usually, you will discover that the rooftop tent is bigger than the car's regular size. However, it should not be much bigger than the size of the vehicle to give you a pleasant driving experience.

Maximum Weight Limit

You should also consider the maximum weight of your Toyota corolla before purchasing the rooftop tent. Understand that the weight limits are different. Look for the maximum weight limit of the car in the manual, even though most driver's manuals will have a dynamic weight limit. Usually, that is the maximum weight limit while the vehicle is in motion.

That means that weight is lower than what the car would experience while in park mode. That is something you should take into consideration. The weight limit for the vehicle while in stationary mode, like on a camping site, is known as the static weight limit.

The dynamic weight limit is usually lower since the car is in motion for safety reasons. The low weight ensures the rooftop elements do not affect the performance of the vehicle.

Most companies say that the static weight limit of a car is typically 4 or 5 times its dynamic weight limit. This difference comes about due evenly distribution of weight while the vehicle is still.

The car can hold much more weight with the weight distributed all over the frame. Most typical vehicles have a dynamic weight limit of around 100 lbs to 165 lbs.

Mounting the rooftop tent on the Toyota corolla

Whether your car needs a roof rack or crossbars to mount the tent will depend on the rooftop tent you want and the type of car. The majority of these tents are easier to install when using crossbars. The most important thing to remember is that the crossbars or roof rack will support the dynamic weight limit. 

For example, if your car's maximum dynamic weight limit is about 165lbs, you could get a rooftop tent that weighs about 143lbs. That means you will have about 22lbs margin to carry stuff in the tent, such as the beddings.

With that, you will have more free space in the car since some items will be carried in the tent.

Selecting the Appropriate Rooftop Tent 

Picking the right rooftop tent can be overwhelming. However, if you know the right places to look, finding the perfect rooftop tent for your Toyota corolla should not be a problem. To help you find the ideal rooftop tent, here are a few things you need to consider:

You've probably heard that rooftop tents come in a variety of styles, such as softshell like the Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent on amazon or hardtop like the TRUSTMADE Nomad Hardshell. Before purchasing a rooftop tent, you must decide whether you want a softshell or hardtop

Hard rooftop tents are easier to set up and could only take seconds. They may weigh more on a smaller car, though. The soft shells are lighter but will take more time to set up.

Number of people

Do you travel as a couple, or are you a solo traveler? Do you travel as a family? The number of people using the tent will determine the type and size of tent you want to buy. Most of the tents you will come across accommodate four or three people.

Kind of mattress

If you are traveling for a long time, you need to get a quality mattress to get you through. Make sure the rooftop tent you choose comes with a high-quality mattress. Make sure you get a thick mattress that will make you comfortable as you enjoy peaceful nights.

Wrapping Up

The answer to whether you can put a rooftop tent on your Toyota corolla is yes, you can. However, there are several parameters covered in the guide that you have to consider, such as the number of people for the tent and the maximum weight of the car roof.       

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