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Since the Tesla Model Y was released in 2019, there's been a long anticipating weight for a roof box. Many worldwide have been eager to obtain additional storage for these electric vehicles, which brings us to this post: can you put a roof box on a Tesla Model Y?

Since Tesla developed their own roof rack system for the Model Y, they've allowed owners of this vehicle to attach a roof box. Using their branded crossbars/roof rack system is the only practical way to add a roof box to a Tesla.

For Tesla owners, that brief explanation above is a breath of fresh air. Finally, they have access to adding even more additional storage on their environmentally-friendly vehicles. To find out how you can achieve this today, we recommend you become familiar with the following:

How to attach a roof box on a Tesla Model Y

Great, you now know that it's possible to attach a roof box to a Tesla Model Y. However, becoming knowledgeable on something and doing it are two different topics. Therefore, we've developed this comprehensive guide to attaching a roof box to your beloved Tesla. Here's what you need to know:

1. Purchase the right equipment

Firstly, you need to purchase the right equipment. Currently, it's a mandatory requirement to buy the Model Y Roof Rack.

There are two different options to obtain a roof rack suitable for the Model Y. The primary way is by heading over to a Tesla dealership. However, you can purchase it online and fit the roof rack yourself.

In addition, you'll need a roof box. Most cargo boxes are one-size-fits-all roof rails. Therefore, many different types you can consider. We've mentioned some further down the post that are recommended for Tesla owners.

2. Install everything adequately

If you haven't purchased the roof rack from a dealership, then the likelihood of you fitting them yourself is remarkably high. Luckily, it's a straightforward process that consists of the following:

  • First, clean around the installation areas. Wiping down the entire roof and upper door frames is more than adequate.
  • Next, utilize the rubber footpads and anti-abrasion tape to identify the correct installation locations on your vehicle and proceed to attach them. Top tip - Tesla has added arrows onto the roof to show where these need to be installed.
  • Afterward, install all attachments based on the instruction manual by using the tool given upon purchase.
  • Now the basic fittings are in place, grab another pair of hands and install the roof rails.

Once this is installed, attaching a rooftop cargo box is self-explanatory. Usually, you can place these on top of roof rails, hook the attached straps around the bars, then tighten.

3. Go for a test drive

After everything is installed and looks/feels tight, it's always best to go for a quick test drive around the block. Doing this will ensure that the cargo carrier is fixed securely and that your goods will be safe during transportation.

Now you have a fundamental understanding of installing a roof box on a Tesla Model Y; it's time to make the cargo box purchase (if you haven't got one). There are many available nowadays, but the most recommended for Tesla owners are below.

What are the best roof boxes for a Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y is an incredible piece of machinery. They've done a tremendous job at developing a superior electric car from the concept to the fabrication. Because of this, you don't want to slap on any old roof box; it'll also want to match the car's quality. To achieve this, we suggest the following:

Thule Motion XT Cargo Carrier

The first option we want to discuss is the Thule Motion XT Cargo Carrier. Undoubtedly, this box ticks all the requirements you expect from the additional storage area. It's has a sleek, aerodynamic design that looks incredible, complementing your Tesla Model Y perfectly.

With a load volume of 18 cu ft, you'll rightfully be able to utilize the large capacity of the Tesla rail bars (165 lbs). This means winter sports, camping, or practically anything, is made accessible with your electric car.

  • Volume – 18 cu ft
  • Opening – Dual Side
  • Dimensions – L: 84.5" W: 36" H: 17"
  • Weight – 46 lbs

Thule Pulse Cargo Box

Sticking with Thule, the following recommended option is their Pulse Cargo Box. It follows a similar concept as the Motion range, meaning it's has an excellent, performance-friendly design. However, it's a much cheaper alternative, depending on what type of budget you assign to this addition.

Undoubtedly, Thule is the prominent option for many wanting to add a rooftop cargo box. At this current time, they're market leaders by a long shot. Therefore, you can guarantee a quality product that'll last a lifetime.

  • Volume – 14 cu ft
  • Opening – Dual Side
  • Dimensions – L: 67" W: 35" H 16"
  • Weight - 34 lbs

INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Carrier

If I asked why you purchased the Tesla Model Y, the primary two responses would be: because it's electric or it'll be due to speed. Therefore, this cargo carrier called the INNO Wedge Plus is a superb option to reduce the negative impacts on mile economy and speed. Within the cargo box market, it's one of the most aerodynamic storage units you can select. Including this, it looks fantastic and won't ruin the general aesthetics of your Tesla Model Y.

  • Volume – 13 cu ft
  • Opening – Dual Side
  • Dimensions – L: 80" W: 33" H: 13.75"
  • Weight - 44lbs


Product Name





Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Box

18 cu ft (500 L)

Dual Opening

L: 84.5" W: 36" H: 17"

46 lbs

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box

14 cu ft (396 L)

Dual Opening

L: 67” W: 35” H 16”

34 lbs

INNO Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box

13 cu ft (368 L)

Dual Opening

L: 80" W: 33" H: 13.75"



 After reading the above, you should have a general idea about whether you can put a roof box on a Tesla Model Y. As you can see, you can. However, it does require you to purchase their branded roof rails. But, luckily they are generous enough to allow you to attach any rooftop carrier you wish.

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