Can Roof Rack Go Through A Carwash?

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It's a question that has been debated for years – can roof racks go through a carwash? As it turns out, the answer is that there are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to whether or not roof racks can go through a carwash, With mixed results after searching.

Note that it's not safe to go with a roof rack through a car wash this may cause severe damage to your car; the car wash; in addition, dirt might get under the pads of your rack system and scratch the car's finish. However, some stock roof racks with the stock crossbars can go through the car wash, but The only issue is the car does not get cleaned very well where the rack and crossbars interfere with the brushes.

However, To clean away any water stains or debris that may have snuck behind your pads, you'll need to remove the rack. You'll also be able to inspect your contact points for wear this way.

If you want to learn how to wash your car with a roof rack safely, stick around as we dive into this issue.

The bottom line is that you need to use your best judgment when taking roof racks through a carwash. If you have any concerns, it's always best to err on the side of caution and remove the roof rack before going through the carwash. This will help ensure that your car, the car wash, and the roof rack stay safe and in good condition.

How To Clean A Car With A Roof Rack

Removing the roof rack before taking your car through the carwash is always the safest option. So you can avoid potential damage to your vehicle, the car wash, or the roof rack. Otherwise, it would be safe to do it manually and pretty gently. Then, of course, there are hand washing options or touchless car wash.

If you decide to wash your car with a roof rack attached, you should keep a few things in mind to do so safely.

  • Make sure that the car wash you're using is touchless. Also, these car washes don't use any brushes or other abrasive materials that could potentially damage your roof rack.
  • Go slowly through the car wash. This will help ensure that any debris or water doesn't build up behind the pads on your roof rack and cause scratches.
  • Ensure to inspect your roof rack for any debris or water after going through the car wash. Remove it and dry the area off to avoid rust or other damage if you see any.

How Safe Is It To Wash My Car With a Roof Rack? 

A car wash can cause some minor harm to your car due to the chemical interaction of water and metal components.

That's why it's not recommended to wash your car so often. But mechanical damage is aggravated if you go through an automatic washer with aggressive or abrasive equipment.

That being said, it could be unsafe for your roof rack to go through a car wash. The lack of control with the roller brushes and the strips of rags can throw off the entire cleaning process. In addition, your roof rack can get tangled with these materials or sustain some scratches at the end.

On the other hand, a manual car wash is safer for your roof rack. You can ensure that the process is gentle enough to unscathed the roof rack with this operation.

How To Take Care of Your Roof Rack? 

A roof rack is an excellent addition to your car if you frequently transport cargo or go on long road trips. But like any other car part, it requires proper care and maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your roof rack:

  • First, inspect the roof rack before each use. Ensure that all the parts are secure and no loose bolts or screws.
  • Clean the roof rack after each use. This will remove any dirt, grime, or salt that can cause corrosion.
  • If you notice any damage, be sure to fix it as soon as possible. This includes anything from loose bolts to cracks in the frame.
  • Store the roof rack in a dry and clean place when not in use. This will help prevent rust and other forms of damage.
  • Regularly check the roof of your car for any signs of leaks. If you notice any, fix them immediately to avoid damaging the roof rack.
  • Don't forget to lubricate the bolts when you clean the roof rail. This way, you can prevent corrosion which could severely damage the foot mount and crossbars.
  • Driving your car is pretty troubling, and the roof rail is wobbly. It can fling off your stuff or have the entire rail system flying out of the roof while on the road. The dangers can be unimaginable, so you must ensure that the knobs and fastening system are tight.
  • Every car has a weight limit. While most roof rails are not heavy at all, the items loaded on them can cause a significant strain on the crossbars and the car itself. Therefore, make sure you don't put things that are just way too heavy for the vehicle to transport.
  • With any car accessories, your goal should be its longevity. Therefore, you must ensure that additional parts such as the roof rail can last for a long time to truly get the most out of your investment.

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Final Thoughts 

If you decide to go through a carwash with your roof rack, make sure to remove any loose items from the rack beforehand and keep an eye on the progress of the wash to make sure that everything stays in place.

It is also essential to regularly check the roof rack for any signs of damage and ensure that all the bolts are tightened correctly.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your roof rail will serve its purpose for a long time.

It's always good to have your cargo through a proper wash. But with the addition of a roof rail, you will have to reconsider the impact of an automatic car wash on the accessory.

Generally, a car wash does not pose any critical harm to the roof rail. You can wash your car on your own or have someone else do it.

But it is, the setup in an automatic car wash could tip off the benefits of a car wash. The mechanical component of the car wash system can cause damage not just to the roof rail but even to your car's exterior paint.

So, before you head to the nearest car wash, remember how it can affect your car's roof rail and other accessories.

Be safe, thanks for reading, and bye for now ;).

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