Can I Store My Roof Box Outside?

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Rooftop cargo boxes are excellent for transporting goods. They offer you a unique, effective, and manageable storage unit that doesn’t require additional licenses to transport. But what should you do with your roof box when you’re not using it? This is a question we continuously see online. Therefore, can you store a roof box outside?

Most rooftop cargo boxes are made from plastic or fiberglass. Because of this, ideally, you don’t want to store them outside. Both of these materials can become damaged from UV and temperature fluctuations, meaning storing your box inside is much more beneficial for the longevity of the cargo carrier.

After becoming knowledgeable on the above, you can quickly determine that storing your roof box outside can be extremely harmful to its durability. The UV can weaken the material, and the variation of temperature can crack the outer shell. Due to this, you’ll want to consider storing your roof box inside, like a garage. To learn more about storing your rooftop cargo box, you’ll want to become familiar with the below:

How to store your rooftop cargo box

Purchasing your dream-like rooftop cargo box is very exciting. However, storing it incorrectly can quickly turn this excitement into absolute misery. Roof boxes aren’t cheap, and maintaining them should be a priority. Although you can’t increase their longevity during transportation, you can enhance this by keeping the storage unit in a practical area.

We mentioned the best storage place for a cargo box is inside. Anywhere inside is excellent, but realistically you’ll want to locate this somewhere in your garage if you have one. This is because there’s a ton of innovative equipment you can purchase to help store cargo boxes in areas that aren’t commonly used.

Although that sounds somewhat confusing, let me explain. With storage equipment that’s specially designed for cargo boxes, they’re typically attached to the ceiling. This space is apparent in most garages as hardly any vehicle owner needs this type of storage. However, for a cargo box, it’s perfect for the following reasons:

  • Allows for easy detachment and attachment from your vehicle
  • Due to its size, it’s an ideal space that’s hardly ever used
  • Keeps the cargo box in a safe area that isn’t at risk of falling objects.

Now you understand the type of equipment used to store cargo boxes, are there any fan-favorites? Below we mentioned the best storage equipment for this specific purpose.  

Best storage equipment for rooftop cargo boxes

Understanding where you can and cannot store cargo boxes is essential. However, something more critical is having storage facilities that accommodate this type of situation. Here are some products you can use to enhance the way you store your cargo carrier inside your garage.

Racor ceiling storage lift  

If you’re looking for a simple storage unit that’s easy to assemble, doesn’t look unpleasing to the eye, and is inexpensive, then this storage lift from Racor on amazon could be the perfect option. With this type of system, you can effortlessly attach and detach the cargo box using the pulley-like mechanism.

  • Attaching and detaching your cargo box has never been easier with this storage lift. The pulley mechanism used reduces the weight of the cargo carrier by eight times.
  • It’s universal and can be used to store roof boxes, bikes, and various other pieces of bulky equipment
  • The storage lift can be used on an array of different garage types as the unit can adjust for all ceilings below twelve feet high

Thule multilift storage system

Without a doubt, if you’re a cargo carrier fanatic, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Thule. They’re a leading brand within the industry and are well-trusted by thousands. This multilift storage system on amazon they manufacture is the most secure of its kind, with four areas of connection.

  • Small, compact, and doesn’t disturb the overall appearance of your garage.
  • It’s the most robust option within its category because it can effortlessly hold up to 220lbs (100 kg).
  • Can be used to install and de-install a cargo carrier by radically reducing the overall weight, turning this process into a one-person job.

Fleximount overhead storage rack

Moving away from the pulley systems is this overhead garage storage rack from Fleximount on amazon. The rack itself doesn’t come with any additional features that’ll aid you in attaching or detaching the cargo carrier. However, it’s the most solid option out of the suggested.

With this storage unit, you can comfortably place up to 600lbs of equipment without worrying. It also isn’t only designed for cargo boxes in mind, it’s much more universal than that. With this system, you can store many household or seasonal goods in a dry, safe, and secure location.

  • The storage unit itself is huge, with lengths of either 96” or 48” and a width of 22” or 40”. Therefore, it’s clear that this rack is much larger than the others mentioned on the list.
  • Additionally to the large surface area you’ll obtain to store various goods, including your roof box, you can place up to 600lbs of equipment on this mesh rack.
  • Unlike other racks that follow this type of system, they have included more support points to ensure that your goods are safe and secure

StoreYourBoard Cargo box system

The last storage unit I have to suggest is this one from StoreYourBoard on amazon. They follow a similar concept to the pulley systems mentioned above, but this has recently received a lot of good press. The brand itself is known for creating innovative storage equipment, and they’ve followed through with this product. Two pulleys control it, but one leaver, meaning you have optimal stability during the lifting or setting down process.

  • Has perfect pulley adjustment to ensure that both the rear and front of the cargo box is lifted or set down equally
  • It can hold up to 60lbs, which is considered reasonable for most rooftop storage boxes
  • When not in use, the pulley system is hardly detectable because of its minimalistic appearance


After reading the above, you should have a better idea of storing your cargo box when it’s not in transit. With the innovative equipment above, users can easily attach and detach the box in a matter of minutes. 

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