Can I Install a Roof Rack Myself

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The installation of a roof rack on your car is not as complicated or difficult to complete. There are many tasks that need attention, but they can all easily be handled by yourself in just minutes with very little knowledge in order for things to go smoothly without too much difficulty

Installing a roof rack is easier than you think. All it takes are some simple steps and within less than an hour, your car will be able to carry all of the gear needed for adventure!

Roof racks nowadays are designed for maximum convenience and efficiency. As more people turn to these hauling devices, manufacturers have simplified their installation process so that it's easy as pie!

You can get a roof rack for your car no matter what type of vehicle it is. Plus, if you have an option with different shapes and sizes to choose from then there’s always something perfect!

The process of installing a roof rack is not as difficult or dangerous when you know what to expect. Here are some helpful guidelines for doing it yourself!

How Easy Is It To Install a Roof Rack?

Putting up a roof rack on your car is relatively easy, but you must satisfy several conditions first.

More importantly, while installing a roof rack is pretty straightforward, you have to make sure that you bought a compatible product for your car and the type of load you intend to haul.

For example, if your vehicle comes with roof rails, you can go for universal roof rack crossbars. But while there’s nothing wrong with installing a one-fits-all roof rack, it is still best to look for one designed specifically for your car’s make and model.

Let’s assume you own Subaru Crosstrek. It would do you more favor to install crossbars made for the said model. In another case, if you have a Jeep Wrangler TJ, you may want to consider installing a roof rack with heavy-duty brackets and steel tubing.

If you are planning to use the roof rack for transporting sports equipment that requires vast space, such as a kayak or a snowboard, crossbars often suffice.

On the other hand, if you intend for the roof rack to hold multiple luggage, you would want a roof rack with a cargo carrier. But you can also add a roof box if you wish.

How Do You Install a Roof Rack?

Roof racks are easy to install! I'll show you how in 5 steps.

1. Make your car roof spotless

Make sure there are no visible debris or dirt on the surface before installing your new roof rack. Once attached, it may be more challenging to clean this area than when you first cleaned up after yourself!

2. Lay down and inspect all roof rack components

A factory roof rack comes with three standard components: crossbars, towers or feet mounts, and fit kits. Inspect each item and check for any damage.

3. Simulate the position of the crossbars

Note that the positioning of your crossbars will depend on where you want them to rest. Unscrew any mounting towers first so they can be inserted into place once set up properly, then measure from inside edge or foot mount for length needed based off car size desired

4. Attach the pads and caps.

To keep your roof in optimal condition, be sure to put on a pad and cap every crossbar with an option for extra protection. These components will help preserve whatever paint was applied when you first got it!

5. Adjust the roof rack.

Once all the components are joined together, it’s time to finalize the position of the roof rack. Make sure it’s not too close to the windshield. If the placement is already at its optimum state, screw the bolts in.

As you may have already figured out, the installation is pretty much streamlined. But despite the simple steps, you should still consider some critical points when installing the roof rack, such as the following.

  1. Make sure the attachment points take after the shape of the car.
  2. Center the roof rack on the car.
  3. Install the pads and caps correctly to protect the roof.
  4. Lubricate the screws and bolts to prevent corrosion.
  5. Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can You Put a Roof Rack on a Car Without Rails?

If you don't have any rails on your car, the roof rack is still possible. You can attach padded clips or hooks that are commonly found in stores like Walmart and Amazon to increase their cargo-carrying capacity.

With these simple modifications done by installing them onto one’s own vehicle's exterior, without having anything attached directly underneath where they would naturally weigh most heavily.

The versatile roof rack offers a safe and stable platform for carrying all your outdoor sports equipment, from bikes to kayaks. It can even fit on cars without rails!

Do Dealerships Install Roof Racks?

Dealerships are always looking for ways to make money, and roof racks might be one way. After all; when you buy a new car from them there's an excellent chance that they'll offer installation as well!

Dealerships are more likely to install roof racks on your car than you might think. They often do it for customers who request that one of their employees go out and get the job done while he's still there waiting around with all those other nice things dealers have going on in-house!

Why Should You Install the Roof Rack Yourself?

The decision to install your own roof rack is an important one. There are multiple reasons why you might want this done, and some of them may apply depending on how much time or money there isn't enough in the budget for professional installation services- but at least within capacity it can be DIY'd!

Moreover, if you do install the roof rack yourself, you can reap several benefits.

First: you save money by not paying someone else for the roof rack installation for you. While the task is simple and can be done in less than an hour, you will still have to pay whoever takes the installation process off your hands.

Second: you can take pride in your own work. For example, installing a roof rack on your car is a productive use of your time.

Likewise, you can ensure that all pieces are mounted tight so you won’t have issues when you put your canoe, teepee, or other equipment.

Final Thoughts

Roof racks are handy. That’s why you’ve probably seen more and more vehicles with racks of their roofs for luggage and expansive cargo.

What’s more impressive with newer roof racks is that you can install them yourself. Whether it’s universal or car-specific, there’s no trouble putting the roof rack yourself, and the components are assembled and mounted through a straightforward process.

But, despite this innovative and convenient solution to roof rack installation, it is still crucial to perform the procedure with care and adequate knowledge.

Also, make sure that the roof rack you got is compatible with your car and the type of load you mount in terms of weight and form.

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