BMW Cargo Boxes vs. Thule

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Are you thinking about purchasing a cargo box? Then you might have come across two options: BMW and Thule. Without question, each of these options is an excellent storage solution.

However, because they share similar build quality, it’s challenging to determine which option to select. Because of this, I’ve dedicated this entire post to help you figure this out. 

To learn whether you should purchase a Thule or BMW cargo box, see the below:

When comparing a Thule and BMW cargo box, each is manufactured from high-end materials and features. However, the BMW type is more for those looking for a rooftop storage unit for their BMW vehicles. With Thule’s cargo boxes, these can be attached to any vehicle regardless of the brand.

Undoubtedly, both are considered “good” in terms of quality cargo boxes. But they cater to two different audiences. With BMW, it’s their primary focus on BMW car owners. In contrast, Thule is more determined to attract the entire automotive sector.

BMW or Thule Cargo Boxes? The Face-off

The above briefly discusses why someone might purchase a BMW cargo box over a Thule or vice versa. However, it doesn’t go in-depth about why. Therefore, I'll discuss this in further detail for those wanting to enhance their knowledge about these.

Company overview

We always like to start with a company overview with cargo box comparisons. The only challenging thing about comparing the companies is that they’re entirely different. Thule is the leading player in the cargo carrier industry by a long shot. Unlike Thule, BMW isn’t even involved in this sector. Instead, they’re key players within the automotive industry.

Both companies have a long heritage. Thule’s dates back almost eight decades, yet it still isn’t older than BMW. Despite being a younger brand (not by much), they’ve been critical players within the cargo box world for a prolonged period. Thule is mentioned as being of the highest quality in almost all discussions about these cargo carriers.

BMW hit the market over 106 years ago, which is a significant amount of time. They first began business with aircraft engines, then slowly transitioned to vehicles and motorbikes. However, they sell various upsell products like cargo boxes, etc., to BMW enthusiasts. 

Although BMW might not be a cargo box manufacturer at heart (unlike Thule), they still show outstanding quality throughout their products and services. Therefore, although they might not be heavily involved in the industry, BMWs roof cargo carriers are recommended and considered excellent.

Product Range

Another vital comparison we must make is product ranges. Undoubtedly, variety is everything nowadays. The more choices people have, the better product they receive. That’s because no two people are the same, and the reasoning for purchasing a cargo box varies.

There’s a clear winner in product ranges with Thule and BMW roof cargo carriers. As mentioned, Thule’s primary revenue comes from cargo solutions. Therefore, their audience is broad, meaning they can happily manufacture various sizes knowing they’ll sell. Some of the options that are included consist of the following:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)

Thule Vector

360L – 430 L

Thule Motion XT

300L – 610 L

Thule Force XT

300L - 500L

Thule Ranger

260L – 280L

The superior thing about Thule is that there are around two to five different options within their product ranges. By having this, consumers can select a size they want. With BMW, this isn’t the same. Unfortunately, they offer much fewer options than Thule, including:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)


320L – 520L


Unlike Thule, BMW only has three sizes of cargo boxes that range from 320L to 520L in loading capacity. There aren’t many choices for customers to decide between by only having this. The only upside to this is you know they’ll fit BMW vehicles. 

Product Quality

Including the above, product quality plays a considerable role in whether you’ll purchase a Thule or BMW cargo box. Both companies are known for their quality, and it’ll depend on which is the more desired option for you.

However, we will suggest this: Thule could be the better product quality. Now, this isn’t for sure, but it does make sense. Thule is the largest and most successful company in the cargo carrier industry.

Because of this, they have immense amounts of data regarding what consumers want. They can then apply this to their products and keep developing them into something better with this information.

With BMW, this isn’t the same. Although they might share similar data, it’s not as comprehensively dedicated to cargo boxes as they’re an automotive brand. As a result, it could suggest that the BMW roof cargo carries aren’t as “high” quality as the Thule options.


After reading the above, you should better understand whether Thule or BMW has the best cargo boxes. However, something else you’ll need to consider is availability. To better understand how you can purchase these cargo boxes, see the below:

Purchasing Options for Thule

Purchasing Options for BMW

Online retailers

Official online store (USA)

Many third-party retail sellers online/offline (Global)

BMW dealership or partner

Online marketplaces (Amazon)

Pros and Cons of BMW and Thule

To conclude the above, a pros and cons section is mandatory. By showcasing this, you’ll be able to identify the good and bad sides of purchasing from either BMW or Thule.

BMW cargo boxes



BMW is an enormous brand, so you can guarantee they’ll offer excellent products and customer service

They only offer one range and style of the rooftop cargo carrier, limiting choices for consumers

Because they’re a globalized brand, it can be purchased or ordered from BMW dealerships worldwide

With BMW cargo boxes, you’re paying for the brand, not the physical item

Thule cargo boxes



Largest roof rack brand in the world

Are considered an expensive option for cargo carriers

It comes with various options ranging from 260L to 610L

Can be purchased from practically anywhere worldwide from themselves or a third-party seller

Our conclusion 

 You should understand the differences between Thule and BMW roof cargo carriers now you’ve read the above. Without question, both offer immense quality. However, to decide between them, I’d suggest the following: BMW is excellent for those who own BMW vehicles, whereas Thule is superior for any car owner.

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