Choosing the Best Fishing Rod Roof Rack for Your Vehicle

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It must be a matter of concern for you if you are a fisherman by hobby or trade and do not have any fishing areas nearby. Transporting your fishing rods via vehicles can be a real problem to you, right? So, when storing and traveling with your valuable fishing rods, having a safe, trustworthy, and simple rod carrying system makes it easier for you and puts you at ease.

But you must be a little bit confused about which fishing rod roof rack to buy. This is not something you purchase daily. As a result, you might not be well informed. That is why you are here.

In this article, I will talk about the best fishing rod roof rack that you can get for your vehicle. Make sure to read through the article for detailed information.

Best Fishing Rod Roof Racks to Choose from for Your vehicle

Your fishing rods can easily get damaged during transportation if there are no racks. As a result, it can lead to your expensive fishing rods breaking. So, it would be best if you took proper precautions before transporting them using vehicles.

For this, you would require fishing rod roof racks. Roof Racks would ensure that you can transport your expensive fishing rods safely.

We have analyzed and created a list of the best fishing rod roof racks based on different budgets and qualities. These rod roof racks will be able to protect your fishing rods from breaking via adverse conditions or bumpy roads.

Choose any one according to your liking. Make sure to check out all the features, pros, and cons before deciding on your final purchase.

1. Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount

One of the most sought out and renowned options for fishing rod roof racks is the Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount. It is among the most durable and effective holders available. Moreover, it is highly rated as it provides you with versatility and excellent value for money.

It has a universal mounting system that allows it to be quickly and easily fastened to practically any vehicle's roof rack. This versatile roof mount can also be used for a variety of different products. It can be used to transport skis, snowboards, and other recreational equipment throughout the year, making it a must-have item for every season.

This roof rack is water-resistant, mold-resistant, and dustproof because it is made of long-lasting materials. It is also protected from UV rays. As a result, it can withstand heat for a more extended portion of time. This makes it an excellent option for you to travel a long distance in the heat during summer season.

The design of this roof rack is functional, cost-effective, and downright aesthetically pleasing. It's available in a sleek black color and weighs less than six kilograms when fully assembled. It also has a good amount of width, meaning that it will fit into most vehicle models. It's even lockable with a key, so you do not have to worry about it getting stolen by thieves.


Brand: Rhino-Rack

Vehicles You Can Use it on: Trucks, Sedans, and SUVs

Colors Available: Black

Dimensions of the Item: 34 X 6 X 6 inches

Weight: 9 Pounds


Universal Mounting: Universal mounting to most roof racks with a simple installation process is provided. All types of vehicles are compatible with this product.

Hardware easy to use: For gloved hands, this hardware is both simple to release and simple to lock. Skis, snowboards, and fishing rods are all protected by a rubber grip profile. It is also compatible with the Master Key.

HEAVY-DUTY: Rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum construction with a heavy-duty finish. Approximately 20" internal and 25" external dimensions.

Good Capacity: The product comes with a good kit that contains four keys and one set of 2 lockable arms with mounting hardware. Furthermore, it has a good capacity and can carry up to 8 fishing rods safely at a time.

Easy to Install & Use: With the included Universal Mounting Brackets, this is a straightforward installation. There is nothing complex and it takes very less time. Also, because of the simplicity of Rhino-Rack engineering, you can easily get on with your adventure at any time of year.


Gear is kept safe by a locking mechanism.

No need for extra hardware to install on vehicles.

Quite versatile and you can also use it to carry other necessary elements.


It makes some whistling noises if you cross a certain speed.

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2. YAKIMA Rooftop Fishing Rod Mount

If you are in the market to get a fishing rod roof rack that is lightweight in nature and also compact, then definitely the best option for you is the Yakima fishing rod mount. Furthermore, it is extremely safe and reliable, as you can carry almost 8 large sized fishing rods of any types on your vehicle’s roof rack.

Not only is it safe and reliable for fishing rod transportation, but also it has a very easy procedure to load and unload your fishing rods.  As a result, you do not require to go through any sort of trouble.



Vehicles You Can Use it on: Trucks, Sedans, and SUVs

Colors Available: Black

Dimensions of the Item: 23.5 X 5 X 7.5 inches

Weight: 7.85 Pounds


Lifetime Warranty: The product provides a lifetime warranty to its customers. This ensures better customer satisfaction and peace of mind to the customers.

Installation is safe and straightforward to use:  Installing and removing the clamp is a pleasure because of its tool-free construction. Furthermore, there is no complex function to the product, meaning every vehicle owner can easily set it up and use them.

Loading is straightforward: You can easily load and unload fishing rods using a single button. This fish holder also has an additional security measure, A System that can be unlocked with only a specific key, making it extra safe from being stolen.


It safely transports up to 8 fully strung rods of any length or type.

The device is lockable for additional security.

The tool-free clamp design makes installing and removing the clamp a breeze.


Some customers have complained about water leakage during rainy seasons.

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3. Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier System

Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier System is of good quality and is intended to be fastened to the inside upholstery – a unique feature among products of this nature. Because it takes up a significant amount of room, it may not be the greatest choice for someone who only fishes now and then.

It can, however, be attached and detached with relative ease, so you won't mind taking it off and putting it back on after a few minutes. This fishing rod holder is specifically designed to hold fishing rods to distinguish it from many of the other multipurpose racks.

However, while it will not carry your other equipment as readily as a more expensive model, it is an excellent solution for those on a tight budget. The fact that it is intended explicitly for fishing equipment makes it more robust and secure.


Brand: Rod Saver

Vehicles You Can Use it on: Trucks, Sedans, and SUVs.

Colors Available: Black

Dimensions of the Item: 11.14 X 6.1 X 2.05 inches

Weight: 0.75 Pounds


Versatile Spring Clips: It is a very versatile system and you can equip and fit it with any type of vehicle. It has straps that range from 40 - 72 inches, making it a great option.

Easy to Remove and Install: You can easily install the device on your vehicle and remove it when necessary. You do not require any extra tools to install it on your vehicle.

Good Capacity: This fishing rod roof rack is an excellent budget buy.  You can easily store 7 fishing rods safely in your vehicle without having to worry.


Affordably priced option

It has been specifically designed to hold fishing rods, making it extremely secure.

Excellent storage capacity for its significantly cheap price point.


It does not provide you with the benefits of a multipurpose holder

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4. RodMounts Sumo Suction Rod Carrier

The RodMounts Sumo Suction Rod Carrier is made of high-quality materials and is exceptionally durable. It lets you properly fasten your poles to the outside of your vehicle and can be quickly and easily installed and removed in minutes. Furthermore, it provides you with an excellent storage facility, making it a strong option to consider for purchasing.

This Rod holder can be used for all types of vehicles, ranging from Trucks to Sedans and SUVs. Each type of vehicle requires different installation, due to varying configuration of the vehicles. If you are a Sedan user, you will have to install both of your suction cups on your vehicle’s roof.  On the other hand, it is different for trucks, which have one on the roof and one on the hood.


Brand: RodMounts

Vehicles You Can Use it on: Trucks, Sedans, and SUVs

Colors Available: Black

Dimensions of the Item: 14.21 X 10.51 X 5.12 inches

Weight: 2.65 Pounds


Suitable for speedy roads and adverse weathers: You can easily travel in adverse conditions without worrying about your fishing rods. Plus, you can drive at 60km+ per hour speed due to its strong adhesion.

Good Durability: Since it is made of high-quality materials, it is quite durable, making it a better option for long roads.

Easy to Setup and has Excellent Storage: You can easily install it and remove it. It has a strong build, so it won't come off that easily. It can carry up to 6 fishing rods of any type safely.


Suction mounts have superior adherence to magnets

Several mounting options are available for practically any vehicle

It has a higher grip strength than the other magnetic alternatives.

It can bear Adverse conditions and high speed without any issues


It is comparatively higher priced than other alternatives.

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5. Organized Fishing Camo Horizontal Ceiling Rack

Anglers that drive custom vehicles with vast quantities of inside space may find the Camo Horizontal Ceiling Rack from Organized Fishing to be an excellent choice. It has a very easy setup process and comes with an included kit.

Moreover, this simple rod rack can hold up to seven rods and they can be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. This is an excellent alternative if you want to put it into the top of a truck cap or the ceiling of a van or hatchback.

A more practical application for this rod rack would be to incorporate it into the roof or sidewalls of a larger recreational vehicle or trailer. Overall, it is an excellent choice due to its top-notch finish and excellent storage facility.


Brand: Old Cedar Outfitters

Vehicles You Can Use it on:  Trucks and SUVs

Colors Available: Camo 7 Rods

Dimensions of the Item: 17.71 X 1.41 X 2.45 inches

Weight: 1.43 Pounds


Easy to Assemble: You can easily assemble it yourself. Hardware is provided along with the product kit. No need to buy anything extra.

Strong Durability: It possesses good strength and can withstand a lot of adverse weather. Thus it is another great option to choose for large vehicles and long road travelling vehicles.

 Great Capacity: Not only is it easy to install, but it also has a great storage capacity. It can easily hold seven fishing rods at a time.


Good price point, making it a popular choice and excellent value for money

Excellent Camo finish

It has a simple screw system, making it easy to assemble.


You will need to drill holes into your truck cap or vehicle ceiling to complete the installation.

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6. ATeamProducts Window Suction Cup Fishing Rod Holder

If you are in the market for a fishing rod rack and you do not own a Sedan, then the Window Suction Cup Fishing Rod Holder of ATeamProducts is a straightforward solution that is simple to install and uninstall. It can be used in almost any vehicle with a conventional length wheelbase.

With this one, you get exactly what you see. It's just two suction cup mounts and has slots for about four rods which can be placed as far apart as you want on the wall. You will likely need to cut the segmented rods by half for sedans and shorter vehicles. However, longer cars and hatchbacks will most likely be able to leave the rods at their entire length.

Because the rod slots are tiny, you will most likely fit four rods on here. The astonishingly simple nature of its deployment and use, as well as its portability between vehicles, will appeal to you. Overall, it is excellent value for the money.


Brand:  ‎ATeamProducts

Vehicles You Can Use it on: Trucks, SUVs, and Large Sedans

Colors Available: Black with red suction cup

Dimensions of the Item:  13.15 X 6.77 X 3.27 inches

Weight: 0.62 Pounds


Powerful Suction Cups: The suction cups have good power. It can easily hold four fishing rods at a time against the glass.

Good Design: The product has a good design with the black and red color infusion at the suction cups. It is also designed in a way to use it around households for other activities.

Installation time is less: The installation process is simple and you require no extra tool/hardware. You can easily install it in a matter of a few minutes.


It comes at a reasonable price point

Suction cups connect and remove easily within a matter of seconds.

Easily transferable from one vehicle to another.

You can use it as a multipurpose rack as well, providing you with extra benefits.


Not the best option to choose for Sedan Users who have a smaller vehicle.

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7. RiverSmith 2-Banger Rooftop Fly Rod Holder

If you do not have any budget constraints and are looking for a rooftop fly rod rack with a solid build, then you should undoubtedly choose the River Smith 2-Banger Rooftop Fly Rod Holder without a second thought. For its high price, it certainly provides you the benefit of being one of the safest systems.

One of the most unique features of this fishing rod holder is that it is lockable, adding to its security value. This high security feature allows the fishers to move freely or go to other nearby places without having to worry about any sort of theft of their valuable fishing rods. It also gives you the option to store fishing rods that are comparatively bigger in length.

Furthermore, it has a strong custom Aluminum build. Moreover, there are closed high profile rod tubes to act as an extra coverage. This build ensures that no sort of harmful outside elements or adverse weather can cause damage to your expensive fishing rods.


Brand: ‎RiverSmith

Vehicles You Can Use it on:  Trucks, Sedans, and SUVs

Colors Available: Black

Dimensions of the Item: 68 X 9.5 X 8.5 inches

Weight: 24 Pounds


Strong Built: It possesses a custom Aluminum build, providing a sturdy build and ensuring the safety of the fishing rods even in adverse conditions.

Lock Feature:  You will be able to rest easy with the extra lock feature that this product provides. It ensures that no one can steal it during transportation and fishing rods remain 100 percent safe.

 Good Storage: It is able to store all types of rods, from large to smaller ones with ease. You can easily transport your long fishing fly rods without having to worry about breaking them.


You can fit up to 10 feet fishing rods.

Compatible with the majority of regular and aero roof rack bars.

It has a strong and light 6063-T5 aluminum build.


Not every customer can afford this premium product due to its high price range.

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8. Tight Line Enterprises Magnetic Fishing Rod Racks

Tight Line Enterprise's Magnetic Fishing Rod Racks are indeed a fantastic alternative for fishermen who desire a simple method for transporting their rods on and off the outside of their car. You can easily accommodate four rods of any sorts. All you have to do is connect the magnetic rod racks to your car in the position that you want your rods to be in.

The magnets are incredibly powerful, allowing them to be driven at high speeds and on uneven roads without breaking down. This level of grip power is not seen in many other magnetic rod holder options.

One of the most significant aspects of this design is that you can place the magnets virtually anywhere you want and that you can take them on and off and swap them between vehicles in a matter of seconds.


Brand:  ‎Tight Line Enterprises

Vehicles You Can Use it on: Trucks or SUVs

Colors Available: Black

Dimensions of the Item: 16.14 X 8.42 X 4.96 inches

Weight: 4 Pounds


Steady and Good for Long Roads: You can easily travel at a high speed of around 70+Km without having to worry about your rods breaking apart.

Easy Installation & Removal: It is easy to install on your vehicle. You can also easily take it on and off your car.  The magnetic aspect makes it easy to remove without any problem.

Good Capacity: It has an injection molded nylon construction alongside a 0.25 inches bungee cord. This allows us to easily transport 4 rods at a time.


Strong magnets hold ferrous metal hoods and roofing in place.

It fits all types of Rods.

Adverse conditions do not influence the grip strength of the magnets.


It is comparatively costlier than other alternative fishing rod holders.

Only suitable for users who have ferrous roofs on their vehicles.

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Bestselling Vehicle Fishing Rod Roof Rack on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
Rhino-Rack Ski and Fishing Rod Carrier with Universal Mounting Bracket
Rhino-Rack Ski and Fishing Rod Carrier with Universal Mounting Bracket
TAKE THAT TRIP - The large capacity makes it perfect for a trip with family or friends.
Bestseller No. 4
Yakima, ReelDeal Rooftop Fishing Rod Mount, Carries Up to 8...
Yakima, ReelDeal Rooftop Fishing Rod Mount, Carries Up to 8...
Easy to install: Tool-free clamp design makes install and removal a breeze; We’ve got your back guarantee: Covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 5
Booms Fishing VRC Vehicle Rod Carrier, Car Fishing Rod Holder, 2 Nylon...
Booms Fishing VRC Vehicle Rod Carrier, Car Fishing Rod Holder, 2 Nylon...
[ INCREASE ROOM ] Hold rods in place, plenty of room for your other gear and dogs; [ SAFELY STORED ] Keeps rods up out of the way, no tangles and interference
SaleBestseller No. 6
Tight Line Enterprises Magnetic Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicle (Truck...
Tight Line Enterprises Magnetic Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicle (Truck...
Open-ended Design allows convenient mounting & removal of the rods
Things You Should Know When Buying a Fishing Rod Roof Rack

Things You Should Know When Buying a Fishing Rod Roof Rack

It would be best if you looked out for many factors when buying a fishing rod roof rack. These features can be additional features that might benefit you in other activities too. Otherwise, you should consider choosing the rack with the best durability.

Furthermore, buy fishing rod roof racks that are easy to install on your vehicle roof and easier to fit.

Installation and Configuration

When looking for a fishing rod holder for your car's roof rack, one of the most significant factors to keep in mind is looking out that is easy to install and configure in your vehicle. Installing a fishing rod holder on your roof rack should not necessitate making expensive and time-consuming changes to your vehicle.

Choosing a roof rack fishing holder that will fit inside your vehicle is not necessary; there are numerous fish rod holders for car roof racks that do not require you to drill or dent your vehicle in any manner.

So, if you are unwilling to make any dents on your vehicle, then look for the ones that are magnetic and adhesive in nature.

Multi-Purpose Features

You can easily use some fishing rod roof racks for multiple other purposes. This extra feature is a significant plus. Apart from using them to transport your fishing rods using your vehicle, you can use them for other activities.

You should know the fact that these sorts of fishing rod holders are typically a little more expensive. But if you consider the benefits they provide, they may be well worth the additional expense.

Long Lasting and Having Stability

When it comes to fishing rod holders, one that is not robust and secure is not worth the money. Look for a fishing rod holder constructed of durable, damage-resistant materials, such as stainless steel to maximize your fishing experience. If you have a strong rod, you will need something equally well built and secure to hold it in place.

Some have rust-resistant coatings, while others are magnetic, allowing them to stick to your car with relative ease. In addition, stability is vital. Most manufacturers would advise you not to drive faster than 50 miles per hour.

This is because if you drive past the recommended speed, then there is every chance of the rack holders losing their stability, causing damage to the rods.

Price and Quality 

While the price of a product should not be the primary consideration in your ultimate purchasing decision, you should aim for a product that does not sacrifice quality for the sake of a lesser price value.

 You do not require to spend your entire life savings on this type of purchase. Instead, seek products that have received positive reviews and come with appropriate warranties to assess if you are getting a fair deal for the money. Be sure to buy branded goods.

As branded goods have more extended longevity, they can provide service for a reasonable amount of time.


It is necessary to have a fishing rod roof rack for your vehicle to transport your expensive fishing rods safely. Choosing the best fishing rod roof rack for your vehicle can be pretty troublesome.

Hopefully, you have gained all the information you need to purchase the best fishing rod roof rack for your vehicle. Thank you for reading the article. Also, don't forget to check us out at The Roof Boxes. Take care.

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