Audi cargo Box vs Thule

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Is Thule a good brand? Now, that’s a question we see circulating the internet continuously. Because of this, we’ve created a cluster of comparison posts that’ll identify the answer.

One battle many are questioning is against Thule and Audi cargo boxes, so which is the best?

When comparing a Thule and Audi cargo box, both could be favorable depending on the purchaser’s circumstance. For instance, an Audi owner might like to purchase their cargo boxes to match the vehicle. However, when it comes to variety, Thule could be more beneficial.

As you can see, each cargo box is considered “good”, but this depends on your situation. If you’d like to learn more about whether an Audi or Thule cargo box is for you, we suggest becoming knowledgeable on the below post.

Here we’re going into detail about both companies and their cargo box solutions.

Audi Cargo Box vs Thule? The Face-off

The above explains why one person might purchase an Audi cargo box over another. However, it doesn’t go into depth about why. Therefore, we will break down this comparison into five vital areas to help you determine which is the best. To see this, read the following:

Company overview

When comparing the company Audi and Thule, there’s a clear difference. Thule is primary a cargo carrier company that designs, manufactures, and sells different storage solutions that can attach to vehicles. Their key focus is building, creating, and offering innovative vehicles with Audi.

Despite Thule having a long heritage dating back 75 years, it still isn’t older than Audi. Without question, it’s still impressive, and they maintained such a long establishment sticking with their company culture. When Thule was developed, its primary goals were to create eco-friendly, safe, accessible, smart, and high-quality products for avid adventurers.  

Audi first hit the automotive market in 1909 in Germany. Now they have over 87,000 employees worldwide and sold almost 1.7 billion vehicles in 2020 alone. These figures are impressive, and the company turns over a lot more profit than Thule on an annual basis. However, because this is their primary motive, cargo carriers aren’t the focus of innovation.

Product Range

With Audi and Thule, their admissions are different. Because of this, their product ranges aren’t similar whatsoever. Audi focused on vehicles and accessories (such as a cargo box) are only upsells or additional extras for those who own this brand.

Therefore, the product range from Thule is much more extensive. Undoubtedly, when asking yourself, “is Thule a good brand” compared to Audi’s options, yes. It’s a tremendous brand that offers a more extensive range of products that consumers can select between. The primary product ranges that Thule offers are below:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)

Thule Vector

360L – 430 L

Thule Motion XT

300L – 610 L

Thule Force XT

300L - 500L

Thule Ranger

260L – 280L

The incredible thing about Thule, which makes them the best is their product range. Within each range are two or five choices of different sizes, weight capacity, and load size. Unquestionably, this is way more than what Audi offers:

Product Range Name

Loading Capacity (Litres)


250L – 430L

As you can see, Audi only offers the one cargo box range. It doesn’t have a name and looks remarkably similar to others on the market, but with an Audi label.

Product Quality

When it comes to comparing the product quality of a Thule and Audi cargo box, both are considered excellent. However, many adventurers suggest Thule is better. The reason beyond this varies. But we can assume it’s because of their business goals and focuses. Audi is primary a car brand, and they don’t specialize in cargo boxes, whereas Thule does.

The Audi cargo boxes are good quality, but it’s unlikely they manufacture them. Because it’s an “additional” accessory for Audi vehicles, consumers aren’t sure whether they control the design, quality, and entire manufacturing. Unlike Audi, Thule is the designer and creator of its products. From being highly engaged with this market, they can then manufacture a product that consumers find beneficial.

With Audi, this isn’t possible. They only sell a rooftop cargo box because they know people who purchase the Q-model SUV will likely want to buy one. Therefore, it’s only an additional upsell product that could increase their company’s per-person order value. Because of this, Thule could have better-quality products because they control everything from design to creation.


After reading the above, you should be able to identify whether Thule is a good brand. It undoubtedly is, especially when compared to Audi’s cargo boxes. But apart from the above, I wanted you to develop a better understanding of the availability. To understand this, see the below:

Purchasing Options for Thule

Purchasing Options for Audi

Online retailers

Official online store (USA)

Many third-party retail sellers online/offline (Global)

Audi dealership or partner

Online marketplaces (Amazon)

Pros and Cons of Audi Cargo Box and Thule

To finally determine the winner between Thule and Audi cargo boxes, I thought the most optimal way to achieve this is to discuss the pros and cons between each. Here’s what you need to know:

Audi cargo boxes



It comes from a large car manufacturer that has an excellent customer support and returns policy

Only has one model option for a cargo box, limiting consumer choices

It can be purchased anywhere in the world from a local Audi dealership

With their boxes, you’re paying for the name, not the product

Thule cargo boxes



Largest roof rack brand in the world

Are considered an expensive option for cargo carrier

It comes with various options ranging from 260L to 610L

Can be purchased from practically anywhere worldwide from themselves or a third-party seller


Now you’ve read the above, you should understand whether Thule has better cargo boxes than Audi. If you’re still struggling, I recommend the following. For those wanting an Audi cargo box, it’s highly likely you already have an Audi Vehicle. If not, Thule will undoubtedly be the more desired option.

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