Are Rooftop Tents Waterproof?

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Camping can be a blast - but not if you run into a huge rainstorm and get soaked. It's a real hazard that campers have to navigate, but it can be very unpredictable. That's why the best thing you can do is prepare for the worst with waterproof equipment.

Rooftop tents are exceedingly popular choices for campers around the nation. They're easy to set up, provide adequate shelter, and keep you off the ground.

But are rooftop tents waterproof?

The answer is yes - as nearly every rooftop tent on the market is waterproof. Granted, some have more effective waterproofing than others. Yet, rooftop tents almost universally use poly-cotton material that's waterproof by nature. Beyond that, many models come with thick waterproof covers or hardshell tops.

You've come to the right place if you want to find the best waterproof rooftop tents available today. Read on to discover some top-rated rooftop tents that have renowned waterproofing.

KingCamp Rooftop Tent (Hardshell)

If you plan on camping in an area that sees severe rainstorms and hail, the KingCamp Rooftop Tent is your best friend. It has a hard shell top which provides added protection from hail and harsh winds. The entire tent also contains a 3,000 mm waterproof coating to make sure you stay dry no matter what.

The base features reinforced aluminum alloy with an ABS base. That means fierce winds and rain won't stand a chance of disrupting your camping experience.

If the rain hits unexpectedly, it will only take 60 seconds (or less) to set up your tent so you can take shelter inside. You'll be able to wait out the rain while taking in a gorgeous view of the scenery surrounding you.

This tent comfortably accommodates two people and works with most conventional roof racks. The queen-size mattress is spacious and has comfortable high-density foam 2-inches thick. Other features of this tent include:

  • A lightweight design that's only 116 pounds
  • 2-sided mesh windows for optimal ventilation
  • A hydraulic lever for speedy, automatic set up/breakdown
  • An adjustable and collapsible ladder

The waterproofing will ensure that you enjoy your trip instead of fighting the rain. The mesh windows also provide stunning views - enhanced by the fact that you're elevated.

Smittybilt Overlander XL Rooftop Tent

Are you traveling with your spouse and a couple of kids? If so, you'll need more space than the average camper. That's why the Smittybilt Overlander XL Rooftop Tent is an ideal choice. It can comfortably fit three full-sized adults and a few small children.

It's also fully waterproof and contains built-in mosquito screens. That will keep you safe from the rain and the mosquitos that come with it. The screens will also keep out other unwanted critters like flies and gnats.

It features a 60 mm high-density foam mattress with a removable, washable cover. The heavy-duty 600D polyester will keep you dry and won't rip. As such, the Overlander can withstand severe thunderstorms with ease.

Other features include:

  • Mounting brackets
  • Telescoping aluminum ladder
  • A 770-pound load capacity
  • LED strip light for the interior
  • Anodized aluminum frame poles
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Coyote tan color

This is the rooftop tent to get if you're traveling with a large group. The last thing you want is to wind up on the road with a tent that's too small for everyone.

Dithoko Rooftop Tent

The Dithoko Rooftop Tent is another model with exceptional waterproofing and storm-proofing. It comfortably fits two people and comes with a rainfly for added protection. There's even a sunroof for amazing views of the sky. Not only that, but the extended pull rods create a small balcony off the top of your vehicle. It's perfect for snapping photos of the beautiful countryside.

It features a robust Oxford PU waterproof coating with a reinforced aluminum alloy base. It can easily withstand severe thunderstorms. In fact, the main cloth features 280TC 2,000 waterproof lattice. It's a highly durable tent that's near impossible to break.

Other essential features include:

  • Double doors and sun-shading
  • A sunroof
  • Heavy-duty PVC cover that's waterproof and UV-proof
  • A hardshell roof for added protection
  • Transparent window screen

With this rooftop tent, you can embark on a camping road trip on short notice. Once it's on your roof, you're ready to go wherever the road takes you.

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Closing Thoughts: Are Rooftop Tents Waterproof?

If you plan to camp in areas that see a lot of rain, a waterproof rooftop tent is necessary. By nature, nearly every rooftop tent has waterproof fabric. 

Yet, the tents on this list take that a step further with reinforced aluminum frames, waterproof covers, and mosquito screens. You can have an unforgettable and safe camping trip with any of these rooftop tents.

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