Are Rooftop Tents Good for Families? Here are 3 Choices Works Great for families.

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Taking your kids on their first camping trip is an exciting and memorable experience. They get to see what it's like to sleep outside, sing campfire songs, and discover the country. 

Of course, safety should be at the top of your mind when camping with your children. As such, you want to be able to keep them comfortable and safe when sleeping outside.

Rooftop tents are exploding in popularity and make weekend road trips a breeze - but are rooftop tents good for families?

some models are more family-friendly than others. In particular, extra-large hardshell rooftop tents tend to work best for families. They provide plenty of space for everyone, and the hard shell will protect your kids from wind, hail, and rain.

You're in the right place if you want to discover kid-safe rooftop tents you can find online. Stay tuned to learn more about our top picks for rooftop tents that work the best for families.

Tuff Stuff Ranger Rooftop Tent & Annex Room

Families tend to need space more than anything else, so the Tuff Stuff Ranger Rooftop Tenton amazon is perfect. It's a 65" rooftop tent that can comfortably fit up to 3 full-sized adults. If you have young children, you can fit even more.

An added benefit is the included annex room you can set up. It's a fully protected room that goes underneath your tent on the opposite side of your vehicle. It's a spacious room that you can set up next to a grill or have the kids turn into a playroom.

You can transport the thick foam bedding inside the tent on the roof of your car - freeing up valuable cabin space. The tent also comes with:

  • A waterproof rainfly
  • PVC cover
  • A sliding ladder
  • A shoe bag that slides into the railing for outdoor storage
  • Installation hardware and essential tools
  • An annex room with a floor
  • Storage hammock under the tent

Your kids will never feel too claustrophobic or cramped with this rooftop tent. If they get bored with the tent, they can spend time in the annex room underneath.

Campoint Hard Shell Rooftop Tent (All-Season)

Are you going camping in an area that sees hail and harsh storms? If so, you'll want the Campoint Hard Shell Rooftop Tent on amazon. Its protective hardshell roof will protect you and your family from the elements. Should a severe storm hit, you can pass the time inside your tent, knowing you're fully protected.

It has a stainless steel frame for exceptional durability. It can comfortably fit up to 3 full-sized adults, perfect for a family with a few small kids.

The mattress contains comfy 2-inch thick foam. There are also built-in zippered mosquito screens to keep your family safe from pests. It also contains:

  • A telescopic ladder that's easy to install
  • Three adjustable crossbars that fit up to 49-inch wide roof racks
  • Breathable mosquito net
  • Waterproof Oxford fabric exterior and interior
  • ABS hardshell roof
  • Shoe bag

It has a 700-pound maximum load capacity, perfect for a small family. With this protective rooftop tent, you can travel anywhere in the country without any worries.

TRUSTMADE Nomad Hardshell Rooftop Tent

If it's only two adults and a small child, the TRUSTMADE Nomad Hardshell Rooftop Tent on amazon will work perfectly. You can fully set up this tent in 2-minutes or less, and it's effortless to transport. The hardshell cover features a stainless steel frame, and it has a waterproof and UV-protected canvas. You'll always stay nice and dry when camping - which is a plus if you're in an area with a lot of rain.

A hydraulic lever does all the hard work for you during installation. There are built-in mosquito screens and a comfortable high-density foam mattress. Not only that, but you can light your way through the dark with its included solar lantern.

Inside the tent, you'll find detachable storage pouches you can use for whatever you want. That way, you'll never misplace your shoes, phone, keys, or other personal items.

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Closing Thoughts

Camping with your family is a joyful experience, but it can be stressful without the right equipment. You can rest easy with a high-quality rooftop tent, knowing your family will stay safe from the elements. You'll remain elevated away from dirt, mud, and unwanted critters. Any of the rooftop tents on this list will work perfectly for a family camping trip.

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