Rain of Roof Boxes on a car

Having a roof box on top of your car gives you the extra room to pack your pieces of stuff and increases the space in your car making it more comfortable. Roof boxes come in different materials some people go for the soft materials and others prefer a hard, shell-like case.

Whichever you choose will serve the same purpose of providing the extra car space you need. The underlying question here is “are roof boxes waterproof?” Depending on when you want to travel you should ensure that your roof box is weather friendly.

Some people get their roof boxes because they want to use it during their summer vacations while others get the box because they want to head out for a skiing or snowboarding trip.

It is important to note that not all roof boxes are waterproof, if you are going for snowboarding or skiing you should ensure your roof box is waterproof. If it starts to rain or snow, you don’t have to worry about the items inside your roof box getting destroyed.

It is also important to understand the difference between various options in the market as well as choose the one that makes you happy.

This article will guide you on what look for in a waterproof roof box and also how to determine if a roof box is waterproof. Read on!

What to look for in a waterproof roof box

As stated earlier not all roof boxes are waterproof, depending on what you want the roof box for. Some people will purchase the box for summer vacations while others will buy it for the snowing seasons.

They are brands that manufacture waterproof roof boxes while others do not. Before purchasing a waterproof roof box you should research the brands that offer that type of a roof box. Generally, most manufacturers offer nice and tight waterproof roof boxes that fit on top of your car roof.

They also provide zippers that keep the box airtight so that no rain or snow gets inside of them. This does not mean that you will always have to use the zipper. There also hard-shell roof boxes that are watertight they are many in the shops that could fit your budget.

When purchasing a waterproof roof box, you should also look for some indication in the product description to confirm that the item is waterproof. If you purchase without looking out for such you might end up being disappointed that your roof box cannot withstand the rainy or snowy weather.

It is also important to note that some hard-shell roof boxes only fit certain cars. Before getting a hard-shell roof box you should ensure that it is compatible with your car to avoid incurring any extra cost getting the right one for your car.

For you to determine where the roof box will fit your car, you will go through the product description. Many waterproof boxes could easily fit your car model as they have straps that allow them to be tied onto the vehicle thus they can fit any car or truck.

The hard, shell-like roof boxes come in various sizes and space, usually indicated in cubic feet they vary from 10 cubic feet to 30 cubic feet in size. If you like to carry a lot of luggage, the larger boxes are more convenient for you.

However, most large roof boxes may destroy and reduce the mileage of your car, so if it is not necessary you get a large roof box the smaller boxes would be more convenient.

Why a waterproof roof box is important

The most obvious reason why your roof box should be waterproof is to ensure that your luggage stays nice and dry while you are traveling. When your stuff gets rained on they become damp and they may start decomposing and others end up rusting.

A waterproof roof box especially the ones that you will use a zipper, help keeps your items secure and safe as you drive. They prevent your luggage from flying out of the box as you drive at high speeds.

It is important to note that you don’t have to be traveling during the rainy and snowy weather for you to grab yourself a waterproof roof box which is both reliable and secure for any weather.

What is the difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant roof box?

It is important to take note of the difference between the two when purchasing a roof box. The difference between the two is not difficult to learn.

A waterproof roof box means that it will survive any amount of water it comes into contact with, thus heavy downpour cannot damage it. On the contrary, a water-resistant roof box can take rain up to a certain extent.so if you are traveling to areas with heavy downpours it more convenient to go for the waterproof roof box instead of the water-resistant one.

This does not mean that you can get yourself a water-resistant box, they are very good at repelling water when they are slight rains. For people living in less rainy regions, this would be the best type of roof box to get for yourself.

It only means that getting a waterproof roof box gives extra assurance that items are safe and secure from the weather elements, giving some extra peace of mind as you travel.

Top roof box safety tips


You should ensure that your roof box is properly installed to avoid any accidents that may happen along the way as you drive. Ensure your car rack is properly fitted and well secured before placing the roof box.


A roof box raises the center of gravity of your car, thus reducing the stability of your car. The load often shifts from side to side as you drive at high speeds. This may also be a result of an incorrectly secured roof rack. Thus ensure your roof rack is properly secured.

It is also important to avoid storing liquids in the roof box, this is because it shifts as you drive causing the car to lurch creating a difficult and dangerous driving situation.


It is important to take note of the roof box weight limit, before packing everything up and exceeding the weight limit. This may also have a great impact on the mileage of your vehicle. This is because of the more the weight the more the pressure on the engine.

In conclusion

Now that you know whether a roof box is waterproof or not, it is going to be much simpler to make a good purchasing decision. They are many waterproof roof boxes in the market, you should not find trouble finding one that will suit your needs and fit within your budget.

Roof boxes are very secure, convenient, and easy to use. They help free up space in your vehicle so that everyone can ride comfortably as you go for that family road trip.

As long as you get yourself a high-quality roof box, you will have nothing to worry about as you drive. But you should also ensure that it is properly installed. Get a roof box that works best for you.

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